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Star Trek/Star Wars – Galaxy at War: Part Thirty-Three Nemesis Prologue



"Feel the river rising. Well, I feel the river rising. Devil is coming up for you. I can't stop the dogs of war."

Dogs of War (2014) Blues Saraceno

Star Trek Dimension - August 2375 C.E.

Deep Space Nine, early evening

"Sorry if I'm wasting your time, Captain Sisko. But, I feel this needs to be said." Kira said

Kira fidgeted in her new Starfleet uniform. Captain Sisko and Admiral Ross had decided Kira was the best candidate to be the Starfleet liaison to Damar's nascent Cardassian Rebellion due to both her guerrilla experience and general familiarity with Cardassian Space. However, Kira's Bajoran past also posed a serious problem. Cardassians would never willingly accept help from a Bajoran Major. As a compromise solution, Kira was award a battlefield commission at the rank of commander. Everyone hoped her new status and outward appearance would dissuade Cardassian misgivings.

"What is Commander Kira?" Sisko said. Kira's new title would take some getting use to he thought.

"Kai Winn," Kira began then paused gathering her thoughts. "She's one of them."

"One of who?" Sisko asked confused.

"The Sith," Kira said dropping a bombshell. "She might even be a full-fledged Darth. I'm not sure."

"With all due respect, you're making a very serious allegation against the present leader of Bajor, Commander Kira. What is your evidence?" Obi-wan asked.

When it was announced Obi-wan would accompany Kira on her mission along with Garak (Garak of all people!) Kira had invited the Jedi Master to this impromptu conference in Captain Sisko's office. She felt his presence might prove useful.

Kira laid bare Kai Winn's confession before she added. "In a recent dream, a Jedi Master named Qui-Gon Jinn appeared. He warned me that we shouldn't trust Winn. He urged me to tell those I trust about her confession and my suspicions. Which is what I'm doing."

"Qui-Gon Jinn was my old master. He died more than a decade ago. He was slain by a Sith Lord named Darth Maul who I in turn slew." Obi-wan said after he recovered from his initial shock.

Sisko paced around the small room for some time before he stopped in front of Kira and Obi-wan. He then again spoke. "Starfleet intelligence has suspected Winn's possible duplicity for months now. Frankly, I'm not surprised by your allegations Commander. I've never trusted Winn. There has always been something dark, unwholesome about the woman. I could never quite put my finger on it."

"Neither I have ever trusted Winn, not fully," Kira said.

"The question is how do we best proceed?" Obi-wan said stroking his beard thoughtfully. Part of him was glad Ahsoka had been temporarily reassigned to the freshly constructed Jedi Temple on Halka IIV for some much needed r&r. He wished he could join his padawan, perhaps bring Satine, but the Council decided this delicate situation required his special brand of aggressive diplomacy.

"What I want to do is challenge Winn for control of Bajor using my position as Emissary of the Prophets. If I do that, however, Bajoran society could be plunged into civil war. A conflict on Bajor is the last thing anyone needs right now. Aside from the Wormhole, I will not oversee the destruction of a people I've come to hold dear." Sisko said.

"I hate this!" Kira said kicking Sisko's desk hard. "Winn has put us in an impossible situation!"

"Commander Kira Nerys, Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi you each have your mission orders." Sisko straight his uniform as became all business. "I'll handle Kia Winn."

"Are you certain?" Obi-wan said.

"I am," Sisko said. "I'll brief the ASCCC (Allied Supreme Command and Coordination Council) and Jedi Council immediately, starting with Admiral Ross. Commander, I'll need a recorded statement before you leave the station."

"Understood," Kira said nodding.

"I wish you both luck," Sisko said. "Dealing with Damar and his cohorts, I fear you'll need all the luck you can get."

Central Command on Cardassia Prime Alpha Quadrant, afternoon

Lord Tyranus stood temporarily frozen before the scowling life-sized hologram of his own dreaded master the original Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. How had Sidious found him? It was impossible!

"To me, nothing is impossible." Darth Sidious spat his lip curling into a snarl. "Mind your feelings Lord Tyranus they betray you." Sidious paused. "I sense a great disturbance in the Force. I sense you have increased dramatically in power since our last chat.

"Everything I have done has been for the glory of the Sith Order." Darth Tyranus said.

"Silence," Sidious roared. "I see through your pitiful attempts at deception Lord Tyranus. You are no longer satisfied with being an apprentice you wish to be the master."

"Why should I not!?" Tyranus said finding his courage. "I've brought this galaxy to its knees without your assistance or instruction. I've revived the Sith Order you let slip into a state of atrophy. I'm recognized as the god I am by my loyal followers. I am feared and respected by all here."

"Are you now." Sidious chuckled. "Pride cometh before a fall Lord Tyranus. I sense your fall will be a steep one."

"Perhaps, perhaps not," Tyranus said standing straighter and puffing his chest out. "Either way, we can be partners in service of the Grand Plan but no longer master and apprentice. I'll rule this galaxy you can rule our home galaxy. I am your equal from this point onward, not your footstool Lord Sidious."

"You dare dictate terms to me! I made you!" Sidious again roared.

"Accept my terms or reject them. It is your choice." Tyranus said. "Contact me with your answer when you've calmed down, Lord Sidious." Tyranus swiftly terminated the connection at his end before Sidious could rage any further or possibly retaliate via the Force.

Quarters of General Grievous aboard the retrofitted Malevolence

A blinking green light accompanied by a loud beeping on his right wrist stirred Grievous from his slumber. Grumbling he activated his personal built-in hologram emitter. Expecting Tyranus he was more than a little startled when he saw who had contacted. It was his true Master, Lord Sidious!

"Lord Sidious," General Grievous said his voice filled with reverence. "Long have I awaited this day. How may I be of service, master?"

"Ah General Grievous my most loyal and skilled of servants." The small blue static filled hologram of Sidious said smiling wickedly. "It would appear Lord Tyranus has been compromised. His devotion to our cause has waned considerably since you both were marooned."

"That fool has gone native!" Grievous growled. "I'll see he is removed from power at once, Lord Sidious. I'll then implement in your name whatever orders you issue me."

"Our treacherous ex-ally Tyranus can wait, General," Sidious said. "We have more pressing matters which require own attention. Like this strange new galaxy where you currently reside. Tell me about it, its worlds, its peoples, and its technology. Also, I wish to know more about Tyranus' so-called revived 'Sith Order'."

"Of course, Lord Sidious," Grievous said bowing his head slightly.

Over the next several standard solar hours, Grievous told Sidious everything he knew about the Milkway Galaxy. Sidious soaked up the knowledge like a sponge. By the time they finished speaking in Sidious' devious mind the germ of a plan for further self-aggrandizement had formed.

"General, can you obtain one of these Breen energy dampening weapons?" Sidious inquired.

"Easily, Lord Sidious," Grievous said. "One of these weapons has already been installed on my flagship the Malevolence. In time our entire fleet will have these weapons fitted."

"Good, good," Sidious cooed. "Listen carefully, General. I have a very special mission for you. We're about to make two separate galactic wars into one gigantic intergalactic conflict."

Imperial Senate Building on Romulus Beta Quadrant, morning

Shinzon and his Remen troopers stood over the ashy remains of the Romulan Government. The Thalaron radiation device worked better than he could have hoped. With the intransigent old fools out of his way, Shinzon had gained everything he ever wanted, power. Although not unfettered power. No, that still eluded him. His masters were the Sith. He owed them his allegiance. He knew to oppose them would mean certain defeat.

Shinzon took off his protective helmet after making sure the Thalaron radiation had dropped to safe levels. His Reman followers did the same. Falling to one knee as did they he tossed a hologram emitter disk a few feet ahead of his position.

"What have you to report Shinzon?" Asked a flickering blue hologram of Darth Imera a similar hologram of Darth Vader stood by her side.

"It is done, my mistress and my master. The Romulan Senate has been eliminated in one decisive attack. We are in charge of Romulus now." Shizon said bowing his head respectfully before his betters. "Your most humble servant request you send me Picard so I may destroy him."

"And send him we shall," Imera said grinning.

To Be Continued