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Star Trek/Star Wars – Galaxy at War: Part Thirty-Six Revenge of the Sith Part I Attack On Coruscant



Star Wars Dimension – August 19 BBY

In Orbit Around Coruscant

Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin stood on the bridge of his Venator-class Star Destroyer his arms folded behind his back. A squadron of seven starships had dropped out of hyperspace directly adjacent to Coruscant. Six of the seven vessels were of unknown configuration. The seventh appeared to be a heavily modified Malevolence, but he could not be certain. The resemblance could merely be a coincidence. All the ships gave off an unfamiliar purple glow which no doubt was an energy signature of variety.

"They're not responding to our repeated hails, sir." A Clone Trooper reported from his station.

"Did you inform them this is restricted space, that their presence here will not be tolerated unless they provide proper security clearance?" Tarkin asked.

"I have sir." The Clone Trooper answered.

"Very well," Tarkin said. "Inform them that if they do not withdraw from this system immediately they shall be fired upon." He added after a brief pause. "Surely they will withdraw. They must know they are hopelessly outnumbered." Tarkin smiled briefly. The Republic had more than forty ships in theatre. These interlopers stood no chance should they disobey his order.

"Done sir," A second Clone Trooper said.

"Sir, I'm registering some sort of energy build-up from the unidentified vessels." A third Clone Trooper reported a moment later checking then rechecking his sensor readouts.

Suddenly the bridge was engulfed in sparking arches of blue-white energy similar to a massive ionic discharge. Anything which utilized power spurted several times then failed. The bridge was left bathed in the yellow glow of emergency lighting.

"What happened?" Tarkin demanded.

"Unknown sir," A fourth Clone Trooper reported. "I suspect they hit us with a type of ion weapon."

"Impossible," Tarkin snapped. "There wasn't enough time to charge an ion canon large enough to depower a ship of our size." The bridge rocked violently beneath his feet. They were defenseless and clearly being attacked. He had no choice. "All hands abandon ship!"

Chancellor's Suite Senate Building, not long afterward

Supreme Chancellor sat behind his desk enjoying a cup of tea. He faced the panoramic widow located directly behind his desk. His eyes glued to the spectacle unfolding there. From outward appearance, he seemed oblivious to the battle raging outside. Republican starfighters whizzed through the air attacking and in turn being attacked by Vulture Droids in a high stakes game of chicken on a grand scale.

The doors to his office slid opening revealing acting Jedi Grandmaster Shaaki Ti and a group of twelves Clone Troopers alongside four Senatorial Guards. Shaak Ti was flanked on either side by a fellow Jedi Master. These were Foul Moudama a male Talz who stood to her right and Roron Corobb a male Ithorian who stood to her left.

"Supreme Chancellor we must take you to your secure bunker immediately." Shaak Ti said.

Palpatine swiveled his chair around to face the group. He got up then stepped from behind his desk smiling serenely. "But the battle is still so far. I doubt I am in any imminent danger, Grand Master Ti." He said in his usual grandfatherly tone as he stepped toward the group.

"Please, Supreme Chancellor we must observe emergency protocols. Planetary defenses have been breached by an unknown alien attack fleet." Shaak Ti urged trying to impress upon Palpatine the gravity of the situation. "We cannot risk-,"

Palpatine put up his hand stopping Shaak Ti in mid-sentence. "I will not cower in the face of this attack." A strange thumping noise was heard gaining the attention of everyone present including Palpatine The noise then repeated itself several times at a regular interval. "What is, what is that sound?" Palpatine wondered glancing around the room and over his shoulder out the window behind him to no avail.

A warning flashed through the Force. "We have to go, at once!" Shaak Ti exclaimed.

The noise stopped. Palpatine gave the Jedi Grandmaster a humoring look. "See, it was nothing." He said confidently.

From the window, the group facing Palpatine beheld a horrifying sight. The upsidedown head and shoulders of General Grievous! His yellow eyes glared hatefully at them.

"Supreme Chancellor, behind you!" Shaak Ti tried to warn Palpatine.

The window explored inward scattering glass everywhere. Palpatine was knocked off his feet from the concussion wave. General Grievous leaped inside. He cut a truly imposing figure his grey cape flapping in the breeze. Four stolen Jedi lightsabers adored his waist. These were the most prized of his trophies taken from four powerful Jedi Masters he had previously slain. Grievous landed inches from Palpatine who stared at him with a mixture of fear and disbelief. Everyone else was flabbergasted. Grievous had been missing for over a standard solar year, along with his master Count Dooku and his fellow CIS acolyte Asajj Ventress. The people of the galaxy had hoped they would never see him again. It would appear those hopes were dashed.

"How dare you barge into my office without an invitation," Palpatine said getting to his feet. He brushed glass shards from his robes. Irritation was clearly detectable in his voice as well as his expression. "Who do you think you are?" He demanded as he pointed an accusatory finger at Grievous.

"Supreme Chancellor, I don't think this is wise." Shaak Ti advised.

"I'll take care of this, Grandmaster Ti," Palpatine said without taking his eyes off Grievous. "I am Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Galactic Republic, and I shall not be intimidated by any spacefaring thug who happens to come along!"

Grievous attempted to grab Palpatine by the throat with one of his clawed metal hands. Grievous intended to teach this uppity old man a lesson in respect before he seized Palpatine and dealt with Palpatine's guards. He would have succeeded if not for Shaak Ti who wisely force pulled Palpatine backward into her waiting arms. Grievous growled his displeasure at being deprived of his prey.

"Sorry Supreme Chancellor, but we have to leave." Shaak Ti quickly backed into the hallway with the other two Jedi and a pair of Clone Troopers.

The remaining Clone Troopers and Senatorial Guards fired on their foe. General Grievous jumped into the air. He pulled his body into a tight ball uncurling when he landed in the middle of the Clones and Guards drawing two of his lightsabers. He activated the weapons with a snap-hiss. With a flurry of motion, Grievous cut down six of the Clones in well under five seconds. He grabbed the ankle of a seventh with his left foot and tossed the screaming Clone out the broken window. With his right foot, Grievous then grabbed one of the Senatorial Guards. Grievous used the unfortunate Guard as a living shield to absorb blaster fire from his surviving opponents. When he grew bored of this Grievous roughly thrusted the Senatorial Guard forward directly into his demoralized foes knocking them over into a heap which he sliced apart with his twin blades like a butcher gone mad.


The three Jedi, two Clone Troops and Palpatine ran towards the elevator. When they reached it Shaak Ti pressed the button, nothing. She pressed the button a second time then hit it a third time. Finally, thankfully the indicator light blinked. They anxiously watched the display while the elevator came up to their floor. The sound of battle abruptly ceased.

"Whatever happens, stay behind me, Supreme Chancellor." Shaak Ti ordered shaving Palpatine behind her.

The double doors they had passed through moments ago blew off its hinges. Grievous bolted towards them on all fours like some crazed animal. Each time the Clones fired at him or the Jedi attempted a force slam he would scramble out of the way up one of the walls or even run across the ceiling. When he was within striking distance of the group Shaak Ti managed, with great difficulty, to snare him in midair with force grip. She positioned him in the middle of the short corridor.

"Now," she said sweating from exertion. Grievous thrashed violently attempting to break free.

The other two Jedi via the Force collapsed ceiling bury Grievous under a pile of debris. Not a moment too soon the elevator arrived. The group piled inside and began their downward trip. None of them saw Grievous' fist punch out of the wreckage a split-second later.

"This way, hurry." Shaak Ti said.

They had reached their destination an open-air loading dock. A ship should have been awaiting their arrival, it was not. Instead at least a hundred B2 Super Battle Droids stood about one hundred feet directly in front of them in a crescent formation cutting off any hope of escape. Grievous landed between them and the Battle Droid formation with a thud. At a signal from Grievous, the Battle Droids lifted their arms, marched forward and opened fire.

The three Jedi pooled their power in the Force. They unleashed a huge force storm that threw the Battle Droids aside like toys. The Battle Droids were sent whirling out of sight. Grievous anchored himself into the metal plating of the dock with his claws and magnetized his feet. He hunkered down until the storm passed. The mentally exhausted Jedi and their companions bolted out into the streets of the capital. Surprisingly, Grievous did not give chase.

Grievous chuckled to himself. He activated his wrist-mounted communication unit, audio only. "Maintain a sensor lock on the group I was pursuing. Beam me back to the ship."

"Yes General," A voice answered. Grievous vanished in a shimmer of purple light.

"Troopers call for support!" Shaak Ti commanded.

"We can't General Ti." One of the Clones said. "We're being jammed. We have no communications. Until the situation changes, we're on our own."

Entrance to Secure Bunker designated for the Supreme Chancellor, twenty minutes later

"We've arrived." Shaak Ti said standing in front of the enormous blast doors. She was thankful to the Force they had done so without further adversity although not without a few close calls. Battle Droids along with strange alien soldiers were everywhere.

Shimmers of purple light surrounded them. A group of ten Jem'Hadar armed with lightsaber pikes appeared. Shaak Ti gasped. The Force had already warned her these strange alien warriors were not to be trifled with.

"Today is a very special day, my brothers. Today we engage Jedi for the greater glory of our gods the Sith." The Jem'Hadar First said. "Remember, victory is life!"

"Victory is life!" The other Jem'Hadar thundered.

With a snap-hiss Shaak Ti activated her blue blade. "Clone Troopers assisted me holding them off." She ordered. She then said to Foul Moudama and Roron Corobb. "Get the Supreme Chancellor to safety." They did so disappearing behind the shutting doors after wishing her luck and saying "may the Force be with you" in their native tongues.

The Jem'Hadar made short work of the Clones. Shaak Ti fended off multiple strikes from the short crimson blades. Although lightsabers crystals were typically white or "clear" for those without Force sensitivity, Tyranus insisted his fellow Sith "process" the focusing crystals all elite Jem'Hadar used so they would have the appropriate red "Sith Hue". Shaak Ti force pushed and pulled Jem'Hadar swirling them around her to create space and confusion. Their lopsided duel raged on for many long minutes Just when it seemed Shaak Ti might lose the Jem'Hadar raised their weapons and withdrew as if by some unseen or unheard signal. They then vanished in a wash of shimmering purple energy.

"No," Shaak Ti said. She had been tricked!. They were a distraction!

Inside the Bunker

All was calm. Palpatine along with his Jedi protectors were at the center of the triple-locked facility. Overhead blue lights activated when the final blast door closed. The two Jedi looked around for any threats. They were at last safe, or so they initially thought. A sickeningly familiar snap-hiss was heard. General Grievous fell from the ceiling. He had crept in while they were distracted at the open doors by the Jem'Hadar. Grievous landed on his feet and engaged the Jedi in a fast-paced lightsaber dual. All the while Palpatine, who had taken several steps back, watched dispassionately from a corner. Grievous easily held off the blue and green blades of Foul Moudama and Roron Corobb respectively. When he caught the pair in a double blade lock Grievous split his two arms into four. He then activated his third and fourth blades eviscerating the Jedi.

Stepping over the Jedi bodies Grievous put three of his four lightsabers away. "You're mine now, old man." He said to Palpatine.

"Am I, do tell," Palpatine said with a smirk.

"Don't try my patience." Grievous snarled getting in Palpatine's face. "I went to a great deal of trouble to capture you."

"I'm not afraid of you, General," Palpatine said pointing his finger at Grievous. "You wouldn't dare harm me. Whatever would your master say?" He added with a knowing look.

"You are lucky he wants you alive," Grievous said. He grabbed Palpatine by the arm. "Come along, we can't be beamed out from here. I'm told the thick walls interfere with the transporter units. Besides, I have one last errand to run before I leave this disgustingly opulent world behind."

Shaak Ti arrived before either party could say or do more. "Supreme Chancellor," She said in alarm. She saw the bodies at her feet. Her mind filled with anger in spite of her best efforts to release her feelings into the Force.

"Shaak Ti my dear. You've come to rescue me and in the nick of time," Palpatine said.

With an uncharacteristic yell, Shaak Ti surged forward. She swung her lightsaber wildly at Grievous who effortlessly fended off her sloppy attack. One of his free hands encircled her throat while another encircled her saber arm. Try as she might Shaak Ti could not break free of his iron grip.

"You look tired Jedi. I think you require a rest." Grievous said coldly. "You won't be needing this anymore. It'll make a fine addition to my growing collection." He plucked her lightsaber from her limp hand. "But don't fret. I have something to show you. A new trick I want to try. I'm sure you'll enjoy my little show. I would kill you if I had my way. However, orders are orders. My master wants a witness left behind. One who can instill fear in the agents of the Republic. I almost feel sorry for you, Jedi. Granting you a warrior's death would be more merciful." Sparking wires snaked out of one of Grievous' free hands. They wrapped themselves around the throat of Shaak Ti. Her screams of pain filled the chamber.

Sometime Later

Freshly returned Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived at a scene of carnage. Foul Moudama and Roron Corobb lay dead. Shaak Ti was suspended from the ceiling encased in a cocoon of electrified wires.

"Master Windu," Shaak Ti said miserably. "General Grievous has returned. He took the Supreme Chancellor. The faith you and Master Yoda placed in me was a mistake. I'm sorry, I failed."

Windu activated his lightsaber. He cut Shaak Ti down. After he made sure she was okay, physically anyway, he used force speed to go after Grievous. He only hoped the cyborg had not gotten far. Windu reached out through the Force seeking his target. There Grievous was. at the old LiMerge Power Building in The Works. Windu had no idea why Grievous would go there of all places. Not that it mattered. Luckily, the LiMerge Building was relatively close. Windu thanked the Force his leads on Sidious had led him back to Coruscant. If he were not here all would be lost.

LiMerge Power Building, a short while later

When Mace Windu reached the rooftop of the LiMerge Building he saw Grievous and Palpatine. The latter of which was surrounded by a group of eight MagnaGuards that formed a tight circle around him. Their electro staffs at the ready. Conversing with Grievous, who stood off to the side, was an individual Windu recognized only from intelligence reports and Obi-wan's vivid description of a decade prior.

"Ah, Master Windu." Darth Maul said tossing aside his hooded black robe. Using the Force he plucked his dual-bladed lightsaber staff from his belt. "Long have I anticipated meeting you in combat."

"You fool," General Grievous said drawing and igniting his four lightsabers. "I have been extensively schooled in the counting of your Jedi arts by none other than Lord Sidious and disciples."

"You have no chance against both of us, Windu." Maul taunted. "Surrender and I'll make sure you have an easy death."

"That remains to be seen," Windu said letting their skillful applications of Dun Möch flow around him without effect. He drew his own lightsaber. With a snap-hiss, he activated its distinctive purple blade.

"Master Windu how good to see you again," Palpatine said. "I advise caution these are two very dangerous individuals. You may require backup."

"I assure you, I have the situation well in hand Supreme Chancellor," Windu said. His foes circled him searching for an opening. Grievous crunched low while Maul stood high and proud.

Maul was the first to strike with the left blade of his staff. When Windu was caught in a blade lock Grievous attempted to bisect him with two blades from the opposite side. Windu force pushed Grievous halfway across the rooftop then broke the blade lock by kicking Maul's chest. Windu then parried a killing blow Maul aimed at his head using the other blade as Maul swung around in a half turn.

"Bravo, very good," Maul said. "Come dance with me, Jedi. I hope you can keep up."

"Just lead the way," Windu said.

Maul picked up his pace dramatically nearly unbelievably so. Unhampered by his cybernetic legs. hidden beneath his black trousers, Maul leaped and twirled through the air like a mad ballet dancer. Maul's seamless incorporation of acrobatics into his strong Juyo style nearly proved too much for Windu. Although an extremely skilled duelist Windu was getting up there in years. Even using Force boost his body was soon showing signs of fatigue. Casting his mind into the Force Windu fully embraced his Vapaad fight style. A style he had custom made to defeat dark siders by reflecting their own darkness back upon them in an unending loop. The more darkness they poured into their own fighting style the stronger his counter attacks became. Within seconds the tide of battle turned. Maul was placed firmly on the defensive. Slowly but surely Maul began to lose ground. In fact, Maul was about to be overcome by Windu when Grievous again attacked the Jedi Master. This time Grievous used all four lightsabers and struck from behind whirling his hands around at high speed.

Acting on pure instinct Windu twirled around blocking the blades of Grievous. He force pushed the General away again. When he whirled back around one blade of Maul's lightsaber slash across his face painfully burning out his right eye. Maul instantly brought up the other blade severing Windu's free left hand below the wrist. Windu stumbled back in shock and pain. His lightsaber dropped from his right hand which clucked his mutilated face. Windu fell to his knees temporarily crippled by the excruciating pain that wracked his body.

"Take our guest to your ship," Maul said to Grievous. "I'll take care of the Jedi. He's mine." He stood gloating over the badly injured Windu.

Grievous grumbled but complied. He deactivated his lightsabers and clipped them to his waist. He then stepped over to where Palpatine and the MagnaGuards waited. Grievous used his wrist-mounted communicator to single the waiting Malevolence in orbit. Windu was unsure exactly what "beam us up" meant but even through the haze of pain he knew he had to do something. Windu reached out toward Grievous with his remaining hand. Maul attempt to warn his ally, however, it was too late. Windu made a tight fist force crushing Grievous' chest plate with a sickening snap. Grievous stumbled back clutching his ruined chest plate with his four hands. A deep rattling cough was heard before Grievous, Palpatine and the droids vanished in a wave of purple light.

"Naughty, naughty, Windu," Maul admonished his tone taunting. "That was not very Jedi of you." He held his lightsaber staff high overhead one blade point straight down at Windu's head. "Your story ends now at my hands. My second Jedi Master kill, how exciting!"

Windu knew he had one chance left. His remaining eye showed him the shatter point. With every ounce of strength that remained in him, Windu recalled his lightsaber to his intact right hand. He activated the blade and swung it forward boomeranging it with the Force. He cut off Maul's artificial legs at the knees. The startled Sith toppled over backward his lightsaber staff fell to the side deactivating.

"You're under arrest!" Windu croaked a moment later the tip of his violet blade at Maul's throat.

To Be Continued

Author's Note -

Events in this chapter were partially inspired by the 2005 Clone Wars animated shorts series. Check it out, if you can. The show is well worth a watch.