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Star Trek/Star Wars – Galaxy at War: Part Forty-Eight Interlude VI Traya's Philosophy and the Utility of Sith Cruelty



Star Trek Dimension – November 2375 C.E.

Central Command on Cardassia Prime Alpha Quadrant, morning

Darth Traya emerged from beneath the luxurious satin sheets and stretched her nude body. Traya slipped into her black Sith which sat on a chair. With a smile, she glanced back at the large circular bed which once belonged to Darth Tyranus. There lay her sleeping disciple turned lover Gul Dukat. Deciding that Dukat had slept long enough she pulled the covers off him via the Force.

"Get up there are tasks that must be done," Traya said.

"Yes, my goddess," Dukat said.

Traya smirked at Dukat. Dukat's devotion to her and her fellow Kosst Amojan was amusing, to say the least. The fool truly believed them to be deities.

"Do you know why the Sith are superior to our enemies the Jedi, Dukat?" Traya said.

"No, my goddess," Dukat said.

"Do not despair, neither did I once," Traya said. "A very long time ago I was a Jedi historian. I mistakenly thought the Jedi Order understood the Force but through years of intense study, I discovered they did not. Next, I embraced the Sith Order and became a Dark Lady of the Sith. I took the name Darth Traya. I was then betrayed by two of my students and cast aside. Finally, I met a young man who had been expelled from the Jedi Order he called himself the 'Exile' of all things. A creative moniker I know." Traya laughed before she continued. "I gifted the Exile with my vast knowledge and unique understanding of the true nature of reality in return I expect him to help me bend the Force to my will. My goal was that those blessed or cursed with Force sensitivity should become masters of their own, our own, fate rather than mere puppets shackled by the Force's will. With his aid, I hoped to destroy or at the very least weaken the Force's grip on us. However, that fool the Exile rejected my wisdom. He took away my life when he ended my plan. My despondent spirit then roamed the void until I found what you call the Bajoran Wormhole. I took once more my proper title of Darth Traya consigning the name Kreia to the dust heap of history where it belonged. There, in the wormhole, I learned how to manifest through the Cosmic Force eventually becoming a powerful Pah'wraith. I joined with six other deceased Sith turned Pah' wraiths to form the Kosst Amojan. From the Exile I learned an invaluable lesson: a synthesis between light and dark is doomed to fail only darkness offers a pathway to true power. We Sith break the Force making it a beast of burden whereas the Jedi give themselves to the Force making themselves into little better than extensions of its will. I am a master, not a servant! I refuse to be an extension of the Force's will or that of any other!"

"I understand my goddess," Dukat said while getting dressed in his red silk pajamas.

"I seriously doubt you do," Traya said with a sneer. "Each act a Sith takes must always be a step towards the ultimate goal."

"Which would be, my goddess?" Dukat asked dutifully.

"True freedom is derived from the ability to use power unfettered," Traya said. "Only the Dark Side offers a pathway to unrestrained power. The exercise of unrestrained power is the only way true freedom can be obtained. Our goal, that of the Kosst Amojan is to bend the Force completely and irrevocably to our will so that it forever favors the Dark Side." Traya gestured at her body. "Do you know why I was able to take this body as my own?" Dukat shook his head. "Because I was stronger than its former occupant if it were otherwise I would not be here today. Our foes the Jedi delude themselves into thinking they are helping the weak by intervening on behalf of the weak. The Jedi are wrong. Protecting the weak merely ensures they remain weak, dependant upon the charity of others. If any among the weak deserve to survive they will become stronger so they can do so if not they will perish alongside the others of their station. It is the way of things, of nature." Traya briefly paused her mind switching gears. "Have you located Damar's family yet?"

Dukat checked his communicator which he took from the jacket pocket of his outfit. "Damar's wife and son were appended trying to escape the capital city three hours ago. They have since been brought here for interrogation."

"Excellent," Traya said. "I must pay them a visit, come."

Prisoners Cell Block, a few minutes later

"We found her at the home of another traitor named Reykor Saneel, who we immediately put to death, my mistress." A male Cardassian soldier said when Traya and Dukat entered the holding cell. He gestured at a frightened Cardassian woman who sat on a bench clutching a young Cardassian boy tightly to her chest. Next to the Cardassian soldier stood two Breen and two BX Commando Droids their weapons were trained on the prisoners.

"It is advisable you step away from the child," Traya said.

"I'll never let go of my son, witch." Niala Damar said.

"Oh, but you will," Traya said.

Traya reached out through the Force. Traya made a fist of her left hand while the Force collapsed Niala's chest cavity which in turn crushed her heart and lungs. Blood poured forth from the mouth of Niala as she gurgled choking on her own fluids before death mercifully took her. Her son cried in terror as her arms went limp around him.

"Unless you wish for me to hurt you as I did your mother you'll behave yourself. Do exactly as I say." Traya said to the boy. She leaned forward so they were eye to eye. "Do you understand, child?"

"Uh-huh," The boy Sakal said. His body shook with fear.

"Clean him up. Wipe off his mother's blood. I want him to be presentable in fifteen minutes. I'm about to make him a star." Traya said as she turned to leave the cell with the ever obedient Dukat in tow.

A Cardassian Shuttlecraft deep in Sith, formerly Cardassian, Space, fifteen minutes later

"It's working," Obi-wan said when the warp drive readout panel flashed to life. After more than a week adrift behind enemy lines without either warp drive or hyperdrive, they could finally make for friendly territory.

"I'm truly glad." Elim Garak said emerging from the service duct which ran the length of the shuttle. He seriously doubted his claustrophobia could have stood another minute spent in the tight space.

"Some sort of priority broadcast is coming in from Cardassia Prime," Kira said. "Let's see what they're up to." She pressed a button. Their outgoing communications had been jammed by a sector wide Sith dampening field ever since Damar sent his appeal.

An image of a smiling Traya appeared on the viewscreen. She was seated on a chair. In her lap sat Sakal.

"Greetings loyal Sith subjects, it is I your mistress Darth Traya," Traya said. "This is my special friend Sakal. Say hello Sakal." She prompted.

"Hello," Sakal said fearfully when Traya poked him with one of her elbows.

"Sakal misses his daddy Damar and wants him to come home. Isn't that right, Sakal?" Traya coaxed.

"Daddy please come home," Sakal whined.

"Sakal's mommy had a bad accident. She's gone to the afterlife. I'm looking after Sakal now. If his daddy cares about Sakal he'll come home and call off his silly rebellion." Traya said still smiling. "If not maybe I'll adopt the little tike. I'll be his new mommy. Would you like that, Sakal?"

"Daddy please come home," Sakal said his lower lip quivered.

"You don't want to be my son? Aw, I'm hurt. I've been nothing but hospitable." Traya said with a mock pout. "You heard the boy, Damar. You best hurry home before my charitable mood evaporates." Traya scowled before the transmission ended.

Silence reigned in the shuttle for several minutes until Damar finally spoke. His voice was filled with cold fury. "To kill my wife and use my son as a bargaining chip. The casual brutality of it. My family was never part of this rebellion. What sort of state tolerates the murder and terrorizing of innocents? What sort of people can do such things?"

"Yeah, Damar, what sort of people can do such things," Kira said before she caught herself. Her mind's eye was full of similar scenes of barbarism which unfolded during the Cardassian Occupation of her own world Bajor. Damar looked at her. They locked eyes but neither dared to utter a word.

"I have to save my son. He's all I have left." Damar said.

"You want us to head deeper into enemy territory?" Garak exclaimed in disbelief.

"Perhaps we should try to reach the border, bring back help." Obi-wan offered.

"You two do whatever you want. I'll take an escape pod if I have to." Damar said.

"You'll never make it to Cardassia Prime in an escape pod in time." Kira reasoned. "With the warp drive working the shuttle can make the trip in two days maybe less."

"Commander you can't be s-," Garak tried to say.

"Our orders are to aid Damar and his rebellion any way we can." Kira reminded Garak. "Damar has risked everything to end this war. If not for him the Wormhole would likely have been lost and the Alliance would be under Sith occupation right now. We are getting him to Cardassia Prime."

"Indeed, it is our duty," Obi-wan said resigned to complete what he hoped would not be his last mission.

"If we must," Garak sighed.

"We must," Kira said firmly. She sat down at the navigation station plotting a course for the Cardassia System.

To Be Continued

I hope everyone enjoyed this short chapter. Expect a full chapter with plenty of action and intrigue next update.

Author's Note -

The names of Damar's wife and son, along with the woman who hid them, are taken from Star Trek Memory Beta.