About time you came looking for me I reckon. Not that I know what the heck you've been doing, yo, or who you've talked to or anything. Yo, I haven't been watching you the whole time or anything.

By the way, yo, you haven't seen my dog, yo, just now by any chance have you? I dunno where he's gone. Yo.

Ah well, I suppose he'll come back when he's hungry. All animals do, don't they? Yo?

Anyway, how come you're snooping around our place? You bothered Clutch and screwed up Soda's run. Not that he would have finished anyway, yo. Ya made Corn snap, yo, and Cube spill, Combo's gone off in a silent mood and Beat's been tormenting the punching bag for twenty minutes now. Yo. I'd hate to be that bag, yo.

Not that I was, you know, yo, watching or anything…

No no. Yo. I don't go around following pretty people and watching them all the time. Yo, of course not, yo.

It's just that, yo, people often happen by where I'm watching. And then if they do or say something important, I'd better listen, hadn't I? Yo, and how am I supposed to know what's important right at that moment in time? Yo?

Anything could be important! Yo! Everything is important eventually. There's no such thing as unimportant conversation. Even two ordinary blokes talking about the weather might really be, yo, spies talking in code about the destruction of the city!

The other alternative, of course, is that they are just talking about the weather.

But nobody would really do that, because it's so boring, yo! People don't live to be bored. If you get no enjoyment out of life, yo, then what's the point? If you live to get an education to get a job then you might as well be a bug, yo! Life is for living, yo, not for enduring, yo!

Rhyth knows what I'm talking about. She's got the right idea, more or less. She says it kind of differently, yo. But she'd got the right idea. Between the two of us I think we drive everyone else spare with us telling them to lighten up alla time. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't. Yo.

Sometimes I even get hit. They never hit Rhyth though. I reckon that's not fair, that I get hit and she doesn't. Not that I'm saying we should both get hit, yo, but neither of us should get hit.

I've got more bruises from being hit for being chirpy that I have for any other reason cruising the streets.

Wait…..I forgot to say Yo!

I hate it when I do that! YO!

Must have slipped my mind. Shouldn't forget things like that. Once you earn a name on these streets, you gotta make sure you keep it.

That's why I always gotta keep coming back. I am not called Yo-yo because of my sexy catch phrase, yo. It's because no matter what happens, I always come back. No matter where I go, I always come back the way I came. You can't trick me. Gum said it was like I was tied here by a string.

She also said she never got eh hang of those toys, and that I was just as annoying, yo. But I reckon she cares deep down. Deep down, she cares about all of us.

Deep down, yo. Very deep down. Like, at the bottom of a glacier.

In any case, I guess you talked to all the little family here now. You've been everywhere I think. Yeah yeah, yo, so what if I was watching?

Nice crash with Soda by the way, yo. He didn't look to happy with ya. I wouldn't have been either if it was me, mind you. Only way ya would have got to talk to him though, ya know, yo?

Did you hear that? Just then, yo? Did it sound like a bark to you? No? Oh well, maybe I'm worrying about that pooch too much. Can't help it though, you. He's me best buddy.

How a dog catcher didn't get him.

Nah, he's too smart for that, yo.

I hope.

Well, see ya 'round shorty. Got stuff to do. People to see. Dogs to find. Tang to paint. Authorities to bug. Yo's to be said, yo.

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