A Meerca's poetry

Several times I have noticed now that even people who have spent quit some time in Neopia still consider their pets (as well as other people's pets) as nothing more than just that : pets !

Creatures with a low level of intelligence who only like eating, playing and fighting.

This interpretation of the actual truth is fully wrong.

Neopets are in fact sensitive, sensible beings, at least equal in intelligence to any human (just consider what we do all day (playing/eating) and what you do (school/work).

To give me an opportunity to express myself and show my sensitive side to the world, my human friend, commonly described as my 'owner' (do you people have any idea how humiliating such a term sounds to me???), allowed me to post my poetry here. Thanks, soph, I love you !

-Aremca, the Occasional Poetic Meerca

Disclaimer : Neopia is not mine, but it belongs to the people behind www.neopets.com

Disclaimer : Aremca is not mine, and I am not responsible for any damage you might get from reading his lousy poetry. you have been warned ; continue reading at your own risk.



I love you truly, madly, deeply

Your sight is such a joy to me

I want to hold you in my arms

Unable to resist your charms

I will defend you with my life

Won't give you up without a strife

To those who say we're not to be

To those I say : just wait and see!

I love the way you smell ; so sweet

The two of us were meant to meet

To taste you is my single wish

O Golden Juppie, you're my favorite dish!

Hope you enjoyed my 'Ode to a Golden Juppie' :)