A Meerca's poetry

Though probably not from you, (at least I hope so) I have gotten some rather insulting responses to my previously posted 'Ode to a Golden Juppie'. This marvellous ode has been declared to, I quote,

"be dedicated to the single thing on the mind of you pesky neopets : food! You claim to have a sensitive side which you wish to express in your poetry, but in fact your poetry shows just how limited your mind is. Real emotions like anger, disappointment and rejection are utterly strange to you. The only reason you love your owners is because they feed you. The only reason you wail when they are wise enough to leave you behind is because then they will no longer be able to provide you with food. You disgust me!"

And so I have once again called my muse to inspire me. The fruits of my labor are below ; I'm very proud of them and hope you'll enjoy reading it. Once again it's an ode of twelve lines.

-Aremca, the Occasional Poetic Meerca

Disclaimer : Neopia is not mine, but it belongs to the people behind www.neopets.com

Disclaimer : Aremca is not mine, and I am not responsible for any damage you might get from reading his lousy poetry. you have been warned ; continue reading at your own risk.




The saddest sight on earth must be

The sight of you right now to me

I tried to catch you when you fell

But plainly that did not go well

I let you down yet once again

And all my wailing is in vain

I tried but trying's not enough

It sure is true life can be tough

Attracted to you as by fate

I jump for you, but jump too late

The snow embraces you with cold

Why did I miss, dubloon of gold?


Hope you enjoyed my 'Ode to a golden dubloon coin lying in the snow', based on my personal painful experiences with the Igloo Garage Sale Game.