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Mikagami family owned not only the powerful madougu, Ensui, but they also inherit a ring. A magical ring that was said will only fit the owner's true love. Many of Mikagami heirs from long, long ago met with their true love (thanks to the ring) and life happily ever after (ya-no like Disney's story). The legend was always passed down with the ring. Now the ring was under the care of the last descendant of Mikagami family.

Yes people, that person was the King of ice in Hokage team, Mikagami Tokiya (you guys can guess it, right).

Legend of The Ring

By: Lafine

Tokiya inherited the ring in a different way than Ensui. A few days after his twentieth birthday, his family's lawyer came and after a boring chitchat, he gave him his parents' will. Along with the will, the lawyer also gave him a key. The key leads to a bank's safe deposit and inside the deposit box, the ring laid innocently on the bottom. Tokiya didn't know the horror of what will befallen to him when he picked up the ring and pocketing it.

After he went out the bank, he went to the park where he used to go to calm down his mind. There, he sat on one of the park's bench, ignoring the other people or couples that was strolling on the park and re-read his parent's last wish with utter disbelief.

'Mifuyu and Tokiya honey. Our sweet children. If you're not reading this will then we're still alive and tell you the story ourselves, but since you're reading it now … well, we're already died. Now, we just want to tell you both that Tokiya will inherit the family's heirloom when he's twenty years old. It's a beautiful ring and will pay a lot if you sell it (but if you dare do that, we will haunt you forever ^^). The story's of this ring is very simple. Tokiya-honey, if you have a girlfriend (or maybe a fiancée), let the girl try the ring. If it's doesn't fit, ditch her. But if it's fit, honey, get marry and give us grandchildren now.'

The last words were decorated with hearts. Tokiya sweat dropped. His parents died when he and his sister were still kid. He had vague memory about their parents, but he didn't remember that they were this … pushy.

He rolled the ring between his fingers and admired the way light reflected by the blue sapphire. Small diamonds circled the sapphire enchanted the blue crystal color further. The delicate gold band carved with great patience. It was truly a masterpiece.

          "What's that, Mikagami?" Recca peered at the ring, blocking the sunlight and surprising Tokiya. Yanagi stood beside him also looking at the ring with concealed curiosity. 

          "It's a beautiful ring, Mikagami-senpai," complimented Yanagi. Her face shone with excitement. "Did you buy it? For who?"

          "Hime, ice-boy here probably picked it up on the street. He doesn't have any girlfriend," said Recca while Yanagi reprimanded him, "Recca-kun, be nice."

          "It's not your business, sea-monkey," Tokiya hissed, inserting the ring and paper into his pocket away from the flame-caster. He forgot that the Hokage team would come to the park this day. It's been a ritual they begun after they graduated high school. At the last weekend in the month, they would gather in the park and then having fun together.

Tokiya abhorred this day the most. It's nice to see Yanagi-san once in a while, but wasting time with a bunch of monkeys was not Tokiya's idea of fun. If it's not because of Fuuko's persistence and stubbornness, he would never came in the first place.  It's still a mystery for him how Fuuko, of all people, could pass Tokyo University's test with flying color. Which mean he was stuck with her since he went into the same collage.

          "Where's Fuuko-san?" asked Yanagi. "You didn't come together?"

          "No, she said she would be late. She hasn't finished her assignment."

But no longer than one minutes after Tokiya said it, they heard someone screamed "PERVERT!!!" and the next thing they knew, Domon the Oni landed face first beside Yanagi. Recca kicked the impending danger out of reflect.

          "Domon-kun, are you okay?" Yanagi asked the bruised gorilla worriedly as she cast her healing power on him. Domon was up in no time and thus he began wailing to the scowling Fuuko.

          "Fuuko-chan, why you are so cruel to me?" Domon wailed as he tried once again to latch on the disgruntled female. The said female punched him, making him as a temporary star in the blue sky.

Tokiya watched it with indifference. It became a routine every time the monkey gathered. In addition he would spend time with them. What a joyful Friday's noon.

          "So where we're going today? Can we grab some food? I didn't have lunch today." Fuuko suggested to Recca and Yanagi. They agreed and went to the nearest restaurant.

Recca ordered their food and when the foods arrived, Recca, Fuuko and Domon were eating with obvious gusto. Yanagi sweat dropped while Tokiya sip his tea calmly. After getting tired of watching the primates fought for food, Tokiya broke the silence by talking to Yanagi.

          "What about your college, Yanagi-san?" School always a safe area to start a conversation with.

          "I'm doing fine, Mikagami-senpai. How about you?"


They fell silent.

          "The monkeys should stop now." Tokiya muttered. He wanted to continue the conversation but he didn't have any topic. The longest conversation he had, was always with Fuuko and she always do all the talking, he usually gave comment or advises … why was he thinking about Fuuko anyway?

          "Ne, Mikagami-senpai. Can I see the ring?"

          "The ring?" Tokiya echoed. His hand instinctively rose to cover his right pocket. "Of course."

Tokiya got the ring out of his pocket and gave it to Yanagi. She gushed over it happily.

          "It's so beautiful, Mikagami-senpai. Where did you buy it?"

          "You could try it." It's not like he would marry Yanagi if the ring fit; she had Recca. He was just curious.

          "I can?"

Tokiya nodded and watch as Yanagi slipped it into her finger.

          "Ah, it's too big for me."

Tokiya released a sigh he didn't know holding. Why was he nervous? The primates took that time to stop their pigging and started to listen to the conversation. The reaction was immediate.

          "Mikagami, you're not proposing my Hime, are you?" Recca leaped between Yanagi and Tokiya, shielding his Hime from Tokiya's sight.

          "Wow, Yanagi. Nice ring." From Fuuko's side. "Is that sapphire real?"

Domon, being Domon, didn't give any comment about it. Instead he snatched the remaining sandwich from Recca's plate.

Tokiya gave them an annoyed glare.

          "No, Recca-kun. I'm only trying the ring. Mikagami-senpai weren't proposing to me." Yanagi blushed. Recca calmed down.

          "Whoa, can I try I too, Mi-chan? I always want to try an expensive thing like that." Fuuko said as Yanagi gave her the ring to examined.


          "Well too late, I already tried it." Tokiya's eyes widen when Fuuko showed her ring-adorned finger. "Hey, it's fit perfectly."

          "Whatever just gives it back." The sentence from his parent's letter was circling in Tokiya's mind. The part about him to married the girl if the ring fit. Thank God, no one beside him had read the letter.

          "Okay, okay. You don't have to be so grumpy." Fuuko said as she pulled the ring from her left fourth finger. The ring didn't budge. She tried again to no avail.

          "Well, give it back, monkey." Tokiya snapped when Fuuko struggled with the ring. Fuuko gave him a sheepish smile.

          "Mi-chan, I think the ring stuck."


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