Uchiha Kyōya




By the age of nine, Kyōya has all the ANBU patrols memorised.

He knows their masks, he knows their chakra, and he knows the Dying Will that rests inside them. Something about chakra interferes with it, because no one else but he has access to the flames, despite their chosen profession.

Regardless of that mystery, Kyōya focuses on the fact there is an ANBU group passing below his watch that are not certified.


A vicious smirk spreads across his face, and he pounces.




Fugaku doesn't even want to acknowledge why he has been dragged to the Hokage's office at four in the morning.

His head is sore, he was on the late shift last night at the station, and he'd politely ignored the fact his middle child's bed was occupied with a genjutsu rather than an actual body. It was sloppy for Kyōya, who's illusions even Itachi had trouble seeing through on his best days.

Quite frankly, it just shows that Kyōya has stopped trying to really fool them, given that Fugaku has finally accepted his fate, that he just cannot stop his middle child.

The last time he tried he'd been caught in an illusion he'd thought he'd broken, only for Itachi to snap him out of it three hours later after crushing all of Mikoto's prized roses in his genjutsu induced stupor.

He needs to regroup, retreat, and come at his Kyōya problem from a new angle.

Because trying to put his foot down, trying to stop the hurricane that is his middle son, just isn't working. Instead of trying to halt the tsunami that is Kyōya, he needs to redirect him.

If that is even possible.

Right now, all he can do is stare at the Hokage, who has seen him dragged out of bed far too early to deal with the bane of his existence.

Don't get him wrong, Fugaku loves Kyōya. In the same way one loves ice despite it tripping you, the way one loves the appeal of fire despite the bite of its burn.

And speaking of biting-

Fugaku looks to the ANBU on the floor -masks he doesn't recognise- then back to the Hokage.

"It would appear that Root is still active."


The demand comes not from Fugaku who, despite their better relations, would never dare to speak to the Hokage in such a way.

Instead, it comes from Kyōya, who's staring down at the false ANBU as if they are something scraped from the bottom of his sandal. Or tonfa.

Certainly peeled from the surface his preferred weapon, given their bruised and battered forms.

Kyōya is only nine, and yet already he is blazing ahead, the fighting capabilities of a Jonin. The only reason he never passed his first Chunin Exam aged eight was because of 'questionable leadership'.

Given that Kyōya had knocked both of his fellow genin unconscious and carted them the full way through the second task under his own power, Fugaku wasn't exactly surprised.

Proud of his son's prowess, certainly, but not surprised in the least that he'd handled his teammates with the same grace and thought as two sacks of rice.

Neither of them had been impressed, nor had Nara Shikaku, Kyōya's Jonin sensei.

The man knew though that nothing could be done to reel Kyōya in.

The boy at least looks after his teammates, and is evidentially loyal to his team. There's not a lot more they can really ask of him without getting 'bitten to death'.

Still, Fugaku is surprised when the Third explains the history of ROOT to Kyōya, who scowls something fierce.

"It's unacceptable if an organisation's leader is not loyal," the nine year old spits, and Fugaku's internal 'Kyōya Alert' rings something fierce.

He blazes out the door before he can be stopped though, and all Fugaku can do is watch him go, because it is quite clear that the Third is yet to be done with him.

"When that boy reaches Jonin," the elder Hokage begins, lacing his fingers together as he does so, "I plan to offer him a place in ANBU, leading his own hunter nin division."

Fugaku can only nod, dumbstruck, wondering where this is going.

"Already ANBU Bear has picked him out as his preferred replacement, and I want him trained as soon as possible."

Kyōya, in charge of ANBU?

What could possible give Bear any indication that such a terrifying thought is a good idea?

The Third had to read the underlying horror he's feeling from his face, for he gives a withered chuckle and shakes his head.

"I'll admit, he's not ready yet, but that's what the training is for. I've sent ANBU to escort young Kyōya home, though I would appreciate a written re-"

"Lord Hokage."

An ANBU appears before them, looking exceptionally battered and bloodied, and Fugaku's stomach sinks.

He doesn't need to hear the words to know what's happened.

"We were unable to stop Uchiha Kyōya from arriving at Danzo's residence."

Oh no.


There's an almighty bang, and when Fugaku looks out the window, it's to the sight of a giant elephant facing off against an equally large hedgehog.

Upon one of the spikes, his son stands, engulfed in purple fire and Sharingan blazing.

Oh god damn it.



"Good morning, is Kyōya-sama home?"

Sasuke stares in blatant surprise at the dark haired, pale skinned -and he means pale skin, it's not even flesh colour it's just white- boy that stands at the door.

He's dressed in standard ninja garb, rocking back on his heels with a pleased fake-smile.


What does that even mean?

Does it have anything to do with the reason Kyōya-nii had been gone for six whole days?

Sasuke knew a week ago something had happened in the middle of the night, startling him into the waking world just in time to see an elephant and hedgehog do battle on the western side of the village, standing tall over the buildings like gods.

Itachi-nii had rushed out the door, and that was all Sasuke knew of it.

He hadn't seen Kyōya-nii for days afterwards, only yesterday had he come home, looking as pristine as usual before slouching off up to bed.

And now, now there's a pale faced boy in the doorstep asking after him, several other funny looking people stood just behind him and clearly here all for the same reason.

"Little Animal."

Snapping to attention at the address, Sasuke spins on his feet and latched onto Kyōya's side.

The nine year old glances down at him and pats his head, looking serious as he does so.

"Nii-san, the strange ninja are asking for you."

"These are the Foundation, Little Animal. They are my people now."

What were they before then?

Sasuke doesn't dare voice his question aloud though, suddenly terrified.

Because if Kyōya-nii is in charge of people now, then what does that mean for training time? He and Naruto and Hinata were just starting to get good together, and Hinata always made super delicious bentos for all five of them, so did this mean it's just be Itahi-nii training them when he could.

"Lessons will continue on evenings, Little Animal. I will deal with the Foundation in mornings."

That's, that's acceptable, Sasuke guesses.



"I don't believe it."

The groan that resounds from the table top is the only noise that suggests Fugaku empathises with this statement.

They'd never been quite close, Fugaku a handful of years his elder, but Shikaku has seen more of him these past two years than to just label him an acquaintance.

Most of the time it had been for advice on how to control Kyōya, even though Shikaku had quickly learnt that such a thing was not possible.

From then on out, it'd been for discussions on how best to direct him; something that between the Uchiha smarts and Nara genius, they still haven't figured out.

"At least he'll be busy with them now," Inoichi offers weakly, only now just realising the scope of what exactly they were dealing with.

The blond had always thought Shikaku to be exaggerating when describing Uchiha Kyōya, but there's no denying the Uchiha boy's nature after this.

Not when he eventually took down Danzō -though not without a few heavy injuries the medics had only just patched him up from- and claimed ROOT as his own.

The Hokage has tentatively left the boy in charge of the newly founded 'Foundation', expressing the belief Kyōya is as loyal as a Leaf nin can possibly be.

Shikaku doesn't doubt that in the slightest.

He does worry though for what his frighteningly driven student will whip those ninja into.

And to think, between Gemna's little sister, a clanless orphan and an Uchiha, he'd thought the latter would be the least of his worries.

"Can we talk about the kid's purple fire? What's up with that?" Chōza pipes up around his chicken leg, watching Fugaku scowl even harder.

"I have no idea, getting any information out of Kyōya is like pulling teeth from an Inuzuka hound."

"That hedgehog summons as well, it started off tiny and then it got huge."

Another thing with the purple fire; Shikaku has never seen the boy use that before.

Sage damn it, this kid is gonna be the death of him, one way or another.

"The Hokage wants to put Kyōya in charge of ANBU."

Shikaku lets that thought sink in for a second, as Fugaku downs some sake after dropping that particular bomb, looking pale and tired.

"Looks like you'll be pushing the kid through the Chunin Exams," Chōza snickers, still not quite grasping the gravity of this situation.

Inoichi, at least, is beginning to understand.

Maybe he should send the brat to them for a day, let them try and get a handle on the unstoppable force that is Uchiha Kyōya.

Then again, Chunin means that Shikaku can unleash the little monster on the rest of the shinobi forces, and that he will never be his problem again.

After all, Shikaku is Jonin commander, and Kyōya will probably be a Jonin for no more than ten minutes before ANBU swallow him up.

And that's if ANBU's lucky enough to get ten minutes to prepare themselves.

"Yes," Shikaku says, nodding, "Chunin sounds good."

Both himself and Fugaku shelve the fact Kyōya now has his own little army in the works to be dealt with another day.


Today is not that day.



A chill runs down Jiraiya's spine. It's the only warning he gets, a haunting premonition, before he throws himself to a side on instinct.

The ground he'd been resting on cracks as if Tsunade had a persona grudge against the stonework, but instead of a busty blonde bombshell he finds himself meeting the spinning red eyes of a Uchiha kid.

In the same moment, ninja descend upon him and the Toad Sage scowls.

Another of Sarutobi-sensei's tests?

Jiraiya takes them all down, all but the Uchiha boy who stands perfectly at ease inside his crater.

"Invading the privacy of Leaf Ninja is against the rules. I will bite you to death."

Good lord.


It's a long fight and Jiraiya has to draw the little hellion away from the village because hello property damage!

He manages to win by the skin of his teeth and just where the hell has this little bugger come from?

Those tonfas, that purple fire, that bleeding Akimichi of a hedgehog! Summons should not be able to change size like that, especially ones that come equip with their own spikes!

Sat on the boy's back and struggling with pinning his arms down -how the hell has this kid achieved Tsunade level strength?!- Jiraiya stares down at the boy who actually snarls back up at him.

With bared teeth and all.

He doesn't even look upset, instead some kind of thrilled.


Wait, what?

"Kyōya, what have you done?"

An exasperated looking teen that Jiraiya belatedly recognises as Uchiha Itachi approaches the two, and the boy -Kyōya?- beneath him goes limp.

Looking down at the brat who can't be more than a decade old, Jiraiya has to acknowledge that it is the first fight he's actually had to work for in a long time.

What the hell is the Uchiha clan feeding their kids?

"Nii-san," 'Kyōya' grumbles in return, the once again tiny summons pressing it's little nose into the Uchiha's pale neck.

And oh, if he's Uchiha Itachi's little brother, that makes this kid's father-

Jiraiya chokes on the first laugh, but can't quite stop the rest from bubbling out.

Oh by Tsunade's tits, this little hellion belongs to Fugaku?

That's fantastic!

If that bastard hasn't managed to train this behaviour out of him by now, it means he can't, and it's probably driving the Uchiha clan head crazy.

Itachi seems to know exactly why he's laughing, because there's a dry smile on his face as he approaches.

"Okay you damn hellion, we're going to have a talk about literature."

Because if Fugaku couldn't correct the little beast's behaviour, Jiraiya can at least corrupt him a little more.



"What are those."

It's not a question, Fugaku knows exactly what books his middle son holds and they're too old for him right now.

"A preemptive gift for my fourteenth. From the Carnivore." Kyōya responds dully, stashing the two brightly coloured novels upon his bookshelf, novels commonly seen within the hands of one Hatake Kakashi.

It's either him, or the damn Toad Sage, but Fugaku will murder both of them, just to be sure.



"A rebellion." Fugaku repeats dully, looking between the quasi-excited Uchihas before him who stare back hopefully.

"The Hokage and the Leaf are trying to segregate us, if we rise up-"

Fugaku slaps a hand over the idiot's mouth before he can say anymore, and it's just in time because Kyōya blazes into the police station, dragging two battered forms behind him. He dumps both and their feet, one Uchiha and one Inuzuka.

"They were crowding, breaking rules," is his only explanation before sweeping back out, black gakuran fluttering in a nonexistent breeze. The red Konoha headband is strapped to an unused sleeve, the left housing a similar cloth with the symbol of the newly created Foundation. A blatant reminder that Kyōya is whipping the former ROOT into shape before they officially become his ANBU hunting squad.

Fugaku feels a little bit sick at the reminder.

"That," he breathes, once fully sure that his son is out of range "is why a rebellion is not only unfeasible, but also impossible."

"But Itachi-"

"Itachi could beat Kyōya, that is true, but only if he gave the fight his all, and not without heavy casualties. My eldest would not be able to stomach going at Kyōya with the intent to kill. Do we have anyone else that could stand up to him? Because Kyōya would side with the Leaf. And that's not to bring up the problem of Jiraiya or Hatake or even Sarutobi."

There's a knowing silence and Fugaku sits back, running a hand through his hair as he does so.

"If you're unhappy, then try reaching out to the village, as, as Kyōya has done."

It physically pains him to ask his men to follow in Kyōya's steps, even if only slightly. To follow Kyōya, that is. The pain is quite substantial.

From the look on the rest of their faces, they know it too.



Uchiha Shisui has absolutely no idea how this has happened, but he's liking it a lot.

When his delightfully wild little cousin had taken over ROOT, Shisui had let out a breath, because that meant he wasn't going to get pulled into an organisation if it didn't exist anymore.

Only, Kyōya had rebuilt ROOT into something better -'the Foundation', as he called it- and Shisui had found himself pulled in anyway.

So now here he is, watching over the latest training session, the newly appointed second in command.

They'd gone to the Hokage just two hours ago, in which Shisui had been treated to the sight of his little cousin blazing right through the Third's admittedly weak attempts to stave him off from sucking Shisui into the Foundation. Clearly the Third is more than happy to have Shisui move over to this new branch of Konoha nin.

The man's probably hoping Shisui might be able to direct the force that is his cousin, but really, Shisui's not got much hope for that.

He does know now though that despite being Kyōya's second in command, he's still got to go through the same training as everyone else, which involves one on one spars with the hedgehog loving monster.

Serious, that innocent little creature hasn't left Kyōya's shoulder once, even during the spars. Not that anyone dared land a hit on the cute little thing.

Kyōya would probably send them back to the Hokage in a matchbox if they did.

Still, Shisui's laid sweating on the ground, beaten and bruised but at least Kyōya looks like he's actually been in a fight now, instead of the pristine state that'd preserved through his spars with the former ROOTs. If this is Kyōya's power right now, Shisui's kind of terrified how he'll be in ten years time. He's either looking at the next Hokage, or the man that's going to rule all five of the Great Nations.

Regardless, it's going to be a fun ride no matter what the endings going to be.


Shisui turns his head to a side to see Sasuke dashing over, the Uzumaki kid and the Hyūga heiress right behind him. The rest of Foundation have already cleared out, sectioned off into teams to go and perform a few missions for their Hokage, just to see how well they'll do. Leaving Shisui under Kyōya's direct command, though there's every chance the two of them will be going out on a mission of their own soon.

Shisui's kind of looking forward to it.

"Little Animals," Kyōya muses, driving one tonfa into the earth until it stands perfectly on its own.

"Itachi-nii's just dropping off a report, but he'll be here in a moment."

Kyōya nods, body easing into a kata as if it comes more naturally than breathing.

"Come, Little Animals."

They dive at him.

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