"hey, maki."

they aren't in the usual mortuary this time. they're in a field, filled with flowers of all sorts of fragrances and colors that ruru would definitely have loved to draw into her manga if she were still alive. maki inhales sharply, it's too overwhelming, and that's when she realizes the soft hand taking hold of hers.

"i'm so proud of you," ruru begins. her eyes aren't meeting maki's own ones, instead staring at someplace far far away, a place maki wouldn't be able to reach for the time being. the smell of alcohol powers over the pungent flowers and stings her eyes, she opts to look at their intertwined hands.

"you have so many new friends, and so many new memories to make, i'm glad. so very glad," her smile is what is most painful for maki. it's so warm and gentle, it's nothing like the brunette has seen in her past dreams. this is her, this is ruru. this is the ruru whose smile maki loves deep down to her bones, who used to be her best friend in the entire universe, who gave all her love to her — and received nothing in return.

"i love you," maki says, and she isn't afraid of the pain she'll feel at the end. the tears spill without fear, and the beautiful sky above them seems to spin when ruru envelops her into the hug that radiates all the love and happiness in her entire being. maki gladly returns it, for she wants the violette to feel her entire being glow, from whatever side she resides in now. "i love you so much."

if a world could swallow her whole and never let her leave, maki would choose this one. "thank you, maki. me too. i love you too."

happy end.

ruru and maki are gay and you cant convince me otherwise honestly. in other words, i hope you enjoyed this little fic! i wanted to write something feelsy, i didnt think i did super, but aha. feel free to r&r!