Author's Note: Okay, I feel like shit for updating nothing recently, but I'm still recovering. In case you guys didn't know, I got hit by a car some dipwad was driving. Since this happened, I clearly haven't been able to write, but just know that I'll get back into it as soon as I can, and that I haven't given up on any of my stories. In the meantime, I hope I can milk some forgiveness with this, which is another story I wrote awhile back on a whim but never published.

Chapter 1

Casey wasn't exactly sure how she ended up in Volterra, but she was quite happy with the outcome. Sure, she had just graduated high school and was currently spending all of her hard earned money on a trip that wasn't about to open any doors for her future, but it sure as hell was making her feel good. Seriously, she got away from her annoying small town, her parents who only pretended to understand, and at least, for the moment, she got away from having to consider what she was going to do next. It was bad enough that she was expected to go to college with plans already formed and her future job already decided, but to have to start it all in just a few months made Casey sick.

So, Casey had decided to go on a trip, which led her to going to Italy, as Italian was the only other language besides English that Casey knew.

She still wasn't exactly sure how she ended up in Volterra though. Until a few minutes ago, she hadn't even known Volterra existed. She had also been a little pissed that her cab had dropped her in Volterra instead of her hotel, but she had been too awkward to actually tell him that he had dropped her off at the wrong place. Not to mention the man had driven off the second he had Casey and all of her stuff out of the car; he had even forgotten to get paid.

All of this left Casey stranded in the middle of nowhere with no idea of what to do and no cabs in sight, only knowing where she was because she had worked up the courage to ask a complete stranger. But then, after taking a look around, she found herself stunned by just how beautiful Volterra was.

Which then lead to Casey staring at the town around her, mouth opened, a look of awe on her face. People were probably looking at her like she was insane, but Casey didn't care. She was stuck in fantasyland, imagining just how cool it would be to live in such a beautiful town, where nobody knew her, where she could just start her life over…

"Hello. Everything okay?" a soft, naturally seductive voice asked in Italian.

Now, usually Casey wouldn't have thought she was being talked to-she had made the mistake of answering strangers who were speaking to someone else way too many times in her life-but this time, it was undeniable she was being spoken to. After all, a hand had landed on her shoulder, and a voice was clearly speaking right next to her ear.

Closing her mouth, Casey turned to face whoever had spoken, only for her mouth to fall right back open as she faced a seriously gorgeous mahogany haired woman with bright red eyes. Like, this was a woman who deserved to be in movies and on magazines as the sexiest woman alive, type of thing. And here this woman was, talking to Casey of all people. Probably because she thought that Casey was mentally handicapped, but Casey definitely didn't care.

Eventually, after the woman waited patiently, a smile still on her face, Casey remembered that the woman had asked her a question and managed a nod.

"That's good. I take it you're here for the tour?"

Casey didn't think, didn't even process the question. She was still stunned, and the beautiful woman still had a hand on Casey's shoulder. And as a repressed and incredibly awkward lesbian of eighteen years, Casey could do nothing that actually required a significant amount of brain function. So she just nodded again.

"Excellent. Well, we're about to get started, so why don't you just follow me?" The woman started to walk towards a semi large group of people clearly waiting for something, leaving a still dumbfounded Casey, who was still nodding idiotically. And yes, Casey's gaze did find itself glued to the woman's glorious ass.

Anyways, Casey managed to get a hold of herself, gathered all of her meager belonging, and started to follow the large group that the woman had started to herd towards an alleyway. It was only a few minutes later-where the woman was talking but Casey wasn't really hearing any words-that Casey realized what she was doing.

Well, a tour would be nice, and Casey would probably end up seeing even more beautiful sights. As long as it didn't cost a buttload of money, Casey should be fine, right?

At that moment, the mahogany haired woman glanced back, caught Casey's eye, and smiled. The smile was so dazzling, that Casey nodded after the woman looked away, answering her own internal question. There was no way this could be wrong.

Eventually, they ended up being led into a gorgeous castle, and Casey knew it was gorgeous, because she actually managed to look around a bit. Although, admittedly, Casey couldn't do more than listen to the hum of the mahogany haired woman's voice, as she was at the back of the group, and she couldn't focus on translating the woman's Italian into English with her brain still mush.

It felt like only seconds later that they were being led into a large room. Casey felt a strange sense of foreboding. She glanced around the room, catching sight of some people hanging about in the shadows that no one else seemed to notice. But her alarms were quickly silenced when she paused in the doorway, only to have the mahogany haired woman place a hand on Casey's lower back and urge her forward, frying Casey's brain.

Damn, this was the most action Casey had ever gotten-well, save for the pat down she had gotten at the airport, but that didn't really count since that had been the agent's job. Of course, maybe this was the woman's job Casey, don't think like that. It'll make you feel even more pathetic than ever.

"WELCOME!" A woman's voice boomed, somehow louder than the doors closing right behind Casey. "I'm so happy to have you all here."

Casey, who had at first been glancing around, wondering where the mahogany haired woman had disappeared to, found herself looking up towards the woman speaking. And, once again, she was completely enraptured by the woman's beauty. God, if all Italians were this gorgeous, they were beyond lucky. Or maybe it was Casey who had simply been unlucky, seeing as she had been surrounded by redneck assholes her entire life.

Suddenly, there was a scream. Casey's head snapped in the direction of it, only to find that the mahogany haired woman's mouth was latched onto a man's neck.

Damn, lucky bastard...wait a minute. Why would a tour guide be giving out hickeys, anyways? And why would that man be screaming…?

Suddenly, the tour group was surrounded by a whole bunch of pale, gothic models giving off an aura of danger. Many were smirking, red eyes glittering in excitement, and Casey had a sinking feeling that this wasn't going to be some kind of surprise orgy.


More screams started to fill the air, and people were being grabbed left and right and getting bitten. Already, a body or two were hitting the floor, and Casey suddenly realized that she might actually be facing real vampires.

Casey started to back away, glancing around for any kind of exit, only to make the mistake of looking back towards the massacre. While for reasons unknown she hadn't been grabbed yet, she must have grabbed someone's attention by doing something, because a black haired woman separated from the crowd and started advancing on her. And despite knowing that she was about to become a snack pack, she couldn't help but notice how gorgeous the woman was. But now seriously wasn't the time.

"Oh, um, hey," Casey stuttered as the woman got closer, then mentally winced at her own words. Good going, Casey, could you sound any smoother? Damn, you're going to make this woman kill you just to put you out of your misery. Deciding to try again, Casey added, "So, is this going to be all nice and pleasurable like in the books I've read, or…?" Casey shut herself up, realizing how stupid her words sounded. Maybe it would really be better for her to just stop talking altogether.

"Oh, don't worry. I promise you it will hurt, but when your life ends, it will feel so amazingly good," the black haired woman swore as she continued to advance.

Casey swallowed hard, and the screams of the other vampires' victims seemed to fade away as she stared into this woman's blood red eyes. It figured that the first time a woman would take so much interest in her would be just to kill her.

She was suddenly slammed into the wall, with the black haired woman pressed against her––probably because she liked to play with her food, Casey was sure of it. Casey's heart beat in overtime as she stared into the woman's smiling face, her body unable to help but react.

Corin froze, cocking her head to the side as she caught an interesting scent, a scent that wasn't just the girl's blood. Could it be? It was true that Corin could make people feel content with their situation regardless of circumstances, but Corin wasn't using her powers, and it wasn't a feeling of contentedness that had this girl's heart pounding.

"You're aroused?" Corin asked, stunned by the girl's reaction.

Casey shrugged nervously. "I can't help it. A hot girl has me pinned, and, well…"

"I'm about to kill you," Corin stated, baring her teeth, which only made the smell of the girl's arousal strengthen. It was amazing; no human that Corin knew of ever reacted this way, not once they knew exactly what was about to happen to them.

"I know, see, you're really gorgeous, and I'm…I haven't been in this kind of situation before..." Casey covered her face, blushing bright red in embarrassment. "Just kill me now." Casey didn't even really care that she was going to die. She had, after all, been living her life on autopilot. She did all the right things to make her family happy, but never formed any connections to anyone else. Her friends were only her friends because they went to the same school, and Casey honestly believed that she wasn't emotionally capable of making those kinds of attachments. She had no idea where she was going in life, was fifty percent sure she was a psychopath, and without the ability to let herself get close to anybody, what else was there in life for her? Besides, dying now would save her parents a lot of money, right?

Corin continued to stare at the human in amazement; there had to be something wrong with her. There just had to be. The vampire's eyes slid to the pulsepoint on the girl's neck, and her mouth watered. Yet she wondered if, despite how good the girl's blood smelled, she should really take a drink. Sure, the girl was strange, but...the last time a girl's blood had smelled so good was that Bella girl, and that human had been drawn to vampires as well. Not as strangely as this girl apparently was, but enough to get noticed. Perhaps this girl would thrive as a vampire as well?

"Corin, why haven't you killed your human yet?" Sulpicia asked with a frown as she drifted over towards the other vampire. All around them, all the humans had been killed and were being disposed of, and many of the vampires had left the room. It made no sense to the queen for any human to be left alive.

At the sound of the velvety voice, Casey risked a peek from between her fingers, only to find a beyond gorgeous blonde staring at her. Immediately, her heart started racing even faster, and she had no idea how to handle it. Damn it, why did she have to be surrounded by so many gorgeous women?

Sulpicia, hearing the girl's reaction, tilted her head to the side in curiosity as she examined the human with new eyes as she realized that the girl wasn't shying away in fear. Even stranger, the girl was actually shrinking into Corin, the woman who, until moments ago, had been planning on draining her dry. The human even hid her face in Corin's neck, embarrassed at her own reactions and wanting to hide. Sulpicia was at a loss, unable to comprehend the human's strange behavior. Corin was equally bewildered, holding the human loosely, her thirst taking a backseat as she examined the human. Who would have thought a human could be so strangely interesting?

"Can...can you please stop staring at me?" Casey asked in a small voice, aware of the two gazes burning into her body. "I mean, I get that you want to rip my throat out and all, but can't you do that without the intense looks?"

An unexpected laugh escaped from Sulpicia, and she was suddenly more intrigued by the human than ever.

"Corin, release her," Sulpicia ordered, and Corin did just that. Casey nearly launched herself at the dark haired vampire in an attempt to keep hiding, because she felt like she had a better chance of not acting like a moron when facing Corin and not when facing one of the vampire queens. However, Sulpicia was suddenly in front of her, tilting Casey's head to the side, and Casey felt how breath on the side of her face.

Oh god oh god oh god, Casey thought, and then all thoughts fled her mind as Sulpicia's lips pressed against her skin. She didn't care that she was about to die; she just cared about how embarrassing it was to get so damn aroused just by having a hot girl's lips on her neck. But she couldn't help it! She was a fucking virgin who hadn't even kissed someone before, and the woman who was so close was way too gorgeous to be legal.

"Ow!" Casey exclaimed as she felt the teeth cut through her flesh, but she sounded more surprised and grumpy about the pain than fear or panic, knowing her end was about to come.

More pain, something that basically felt like lava flowing through her veins, soon followed, and Casey let out a low gasp as her legs gave. She was out cold before Sulpicia even caught the girl halfway before hitting the ground.

"Well, now that we are done here," Sulpicia spoke, and every vampire listened. "I will take this girl to a private room. Heidi, you and Demetri will watch over the girl until she is finished with her change. Corin, you will join them after you have fed. Understood?"

Three affirmatives met Sulpicia's orders, and without another word, Sulpicia carried Casey out of the room, Heidi and Demetri on her heels. And while nobody said a word out loud, they all wondered what kind of vampire Casey would become.