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Across Time

by: Asashouryuu

- Prologue -

Years and years he had searched for his beloved but not once with a result for he didn't know what time did his beloved was transmigrated to. He could be at the present or at the future. But he never gave up. He would search for his beloved until he finally did. He could just hear his beloved voice…

"Aishiteru Kaede... zutto aishiteru" a voice echoed in his mind as he floated midair... ghostly Rukawa looked below him then he slowly settled himself on the branch. His eyes followed his prey... He was sure it was him... After 1000 years of searching... he finally found him. Nothing about him had changed. He still looked like he did 1000 years ago just except that the headtail he used to have was gone. And for the 1st time of 1000 years, Rukawa smiled triumphantly.

"Mitsuketa itoshii" he mumbled before he disappeared.

There was a world that existed, a world that was too bright and too silent to be a part of Earth. The place was the perfect description of Utopia. Buildings, made up of either crystals or mirror, loomed over the gardens and plants.

And in a particular room, 2 maids where silently cleaning the room not that the man sitting on the couch would be awaken if they performed their tasks loudly. Judging from the way the younger maid did her task, she was still a new employee. She cast an admiration look at the man sitting on the couch.

"Ne, who placed him in that lethargic state? I think his beauty is a waste in a state like that," The younger maid asked, referring to the man sitting on the couch, his blue eyes forever glazed and empty.

"He did that voluntarily. Something bad happened and he withdrew himself from the world and kept himself somewhere within," The older maid told the other in a quiet voice.

"What happened?"

The older maid shook her head. "Everyone who knows the story is ordered to hush the incident".

The girl just sighed. "How long has he been like that?" She asked, still looking at the man.

"1000 years".

The girl gasped. "That long?"

The older maid nodded her head in sympathy and continued sweeping the floor. When she noticed that her companion froze, she frowned and none too gently told her. "Go back to your work".

In reply the girl pointed at the man. The older maid almost annoyed, looked at the man and she gasped. A flickering of life was seen in his cold blue eyes and he started moving his hand. Soon he was completely conscious and he immediately smiled as he stood up as if it was just yesterday that he sat down.

"Kaede-sama," The older maid uttered breathlessly.

Kaede just looked at her then nodded at the two maids and left his room.

~ Tsuzuku ~


Aishiteru - I love you
Zutto Aishiteru - I love you always
Mitsuketa Itoshii - I found you my beloved.