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Across Time

by: Asashouryuu

- Epilogue -

"Are you sure its okay for us to leave the party?" a coy Sakuragi asked Rukawa as he was dragged to the hallway.

"Sure... it was for us anyway" Rukawa replied shrugging his shoulders.

"But perhaps they'll wonder where we are if they'll find us gone."

"If they'll find us gone" Rukawa said in amusement "they'll have a good idea where we are and what we are doing". Both of them stopped in the hallway.

"I don't know about that" Sakuragi said "I still think we are needed in the party" he continued and then whirled around to go back to the party. He was only allowed to take one step before he was jerk towards Rukawa's body.

"I need you the most" Rukawa said huskily as he pressed Sakuragi's body against his. He thought he had put off their lovemaking for a long time now. If only it weren't for the interruption at the cave, they were probably still in the cave making love.

Sakuragi looked surprise. Even though they were together for a long time, the two still surprised each other. Sakuragi smiled and then pressed his lips against Rukawa.

For quite a long time, Rukawa didn't respond to his gentle kiss. He just stood there savoring the warmth and taste of Sakuragi's soft lips. Sakuragi moved his hands around Rukawa's hips and inserted them into the back pockets of Rukawa's jeans. Such action made Rukawa groan and respond to the kiss. Sure such action was just simple but for him it was erotic when Sakuragi does that. The gentle kiss has turned carnal but Sakuragi didn't mind in fact he was more than eager. It didn't take long for Rukawa to shove Sakuragi against the wall. Sakuragi's right leg entwined with Rukawa's left. After what was like an eternity, the two stopped the kiss.

"Shall we continue this little battle of ours in bed, gensui?" Rukawa invited in an erotic manner.

"Do I have a choice?" Sakuragi asked before he gave Rukawa a before-sex smile which his lover love and which always inflamed him.

As soon as he saw that smile, Rukawa bend down with the intention of kissing Sakuragi again but changed his mind. "I don't think I can kiss you here, a public place"

Sakuragi snickered "It's too late to say that" then he gave Rukawa's lips a butterfly kiss before he run to his room.

Sakuragi stood at the center of his room. He never thought he'll be back in this room after more than 1000 years.

"Tadaima" Rukawa heard Sakuragi muttered as the former close the door. Translation: I'm home

"Okaeri" Rukawa answered back as he hugged Sakuragi from behind. Sakuragi leaned against Rukawa who nuzzled his neck. Translation: welcome home

Rukawa slowly and gently undressed Sakuragi as if it was their first time to make love and as if Sakuragi was an old porcelain doll about to shatter. He then embraced the naked Sakuragi.

"Ore no ichiban taisetsuna mono omae wa" Rukawa said softly that Sakuragi's heart heard the words more clearly than his ears. Translation: You are my most important thing

Sakuragi asked with a smile in his voice "Is that the reason why you undressed me gently?"

"Urusai" Rukawa whispered in his ear. Translation: shut up

Sakuragi turned around to face his lover "I'll try but you know I can't especially when you're already deep inside of me that I feel like you touch my heart" he replied lovingly. Rukawa groaned and kissed him.

Hana what would I do without you?, he thought.

Sakuragi undressed Rukawa. And when he unbuckled Rukawa's belt and unbuttoned and unzipped Rukawa's pants, Rukawa swung him into his arms, walked to the bed where he deposited him gently. Sakuragi watched as Rukawa cast off his pants and joined his lover in bed.

Rukawa kissed every part and every curve of Sakuragi's body and with his hands moving in expertise. And much to Rukawa's amusement, Sakuragi just let out silent moans and groans. He was quiet just as he had told him a few minutes ago. Rukawa's eyes gleamed with mischief and made the foreplay more torrid and more erotic which made Sakuragi voicing out his pleasure.

"Now Kaede" Sakuragi begged. He badly needed release already.

Rukawa shook his head "Not yet". He too needed release but he wanted to prolong the torture so that they will have a wonderful and unforgettable pleasure at the end.

Sakuragi was shaking his head when Rukawa inserted his fingers into his asshole preparing him for the final act. As if that wasn't enough, Rukawa's tongue followed.

"God!" Sakuragi exclaimed as he felt the warm and wet tongue of Rukawa. After that Rukawa started gently caressing Sakuragi's perineum with his fingers before he licked it with his tongue.

Sakuragi's nerves have become so sensitive that each soft caress of Rukawa sent him on the brink of dying.

Every time Rukawa wanted to claim Sakuragi, he checked himself. He was holding what was little of his self-control. He tried to ignore his lover's moans and his touches. And when he couldn't take it anymore, he positioned himself between Sakuragi's legs.

"Finally" Sakuragi panted in relief that made Rukawa smile.

Rukawa drove full length in Sakuragi's warm and tight asshole. Sakuragi wrapped his arms around Rukawa's neck as he saw a bright light behind his eyes. He opened them carefully and was surprised to see a teary-eyed Rukawa. Sakuragi ran his hands on Rukawa's torsos then to his hand. They braced their hands... fingers against fingers. As their rings came in contact it made a soft "clink" sound and they looked at their rings. Rukawa moved his hand a bit and let his fingers fill the gap between Sakuragi's fingers. Slowly the two clasped their hands at the same moment. Rukawa looked at Sakuragi "Saa... iku yo tsuma" Translation: let's go wife>

"Ts-ts-tsuma?!" Sakuragi repeated in surprise. In reply, Rukawa just nodded before he started thrusting.

Without warning, Rukawa rolled over so Sakuragi would be on top of him. Sakuragi smiled as he understand Rukawa's actions. He straightened and straddled him. Rukawa's hands were suddenly on his waist with every intention of helping Sakuragi moved up and down.

As if taking vengeance for the sweet torture of their foreplay, Sakuragi unsheathed and sheathed Rukawa ever so slowly that made Rukawa groan from frustration and pleasure. Rukawa's hands couldn't do anything since they were trapped between Sakuragi's hands.

And when Rukawa had enough, he rolled over so he'll be on top of Sakuragi. Rukawa then set a very slow tempo of his pumping that made Sakuragi pant harder.

"Faster" he begged "deeper".

But instead of doing what Sakuragi wanted, Rukawa did what was opposite. His thrusts were so slow and he didn't thrust full length into Sakuragi.

Sakuragi gritted his teeth when all he felt at a particular moment was just the tip of Rukawa's manhood.

"Stop playing games Kaede" he ordered but it sounded like a plead "I want you and you only so please stop playing".

Rukawa did as what he told. He quickened his thrusts and went deeper and deeper until their passion burst and their souls went to their special place beyond the stars. Just as they were one physically, they become one mentally and spiritually too at that very moment.

We are one. Finally our dream had come true. We are together for all eternity. Eternity is really eternity. Love is love. I am you and you are me. We are one. I am Kaede at the same time Hanamichi. You are Hanamichi yet you are Kaede as well. People may identify us physically as Rukawa and Sakuragi but they will never identify our souls from one another for our souls are one. We are one. I love you Hana...

We are one. The world may change yet we'd still be one. Time will pass us by yet we'd still be on each other's side... loving each other. People may disappear, feelings and words too yet our love will remain for what we felt is true and everlasting and because we are one. Our souls intertwined, our hearts beating as one. We are one. I am Hanamichi at the same time Kaede. You are Kaede and yet you are Hanamichi as well. We are one. I love you Kaede.

Nothing can stop us. We can get over each obstacle and hardship coming in on our way. Finally that we are together, we'll be at each other's side enjoying each other's presence and nothing more can stop us. Our love for each other is everlasting. No matter what happens, we'll be together. We love each other and that's what matters...Here we are, you standing in front of me like a dream come true...no words are needed to be spoken because we understand each other. You understand me and I understand you. I'll love you forever and my love will never ever change...

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