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Harry stared at the open sky above the Astronomy Tower. There were more stars this night than he had seen in a long time. His mood was pensive and overall, he was feeling apathetic.

Just hours ago, Harry had been confronted with the truth of his life. That there was a prophecy about him and Voldemort and that Dumbledore had never planned to inform him. In fact, Dumbledore had expected him to go through his whole life never knowing.

If Harry had known ahead of time, everything could have been prevented. Sirius would even be alive.

It seemed like without him in the way now, Dumbledore finally had Harry as he wanted him. Harry felt a spiteful amount of glee in the reminder that his magic had ruined the old man's office during his emotional turmoil. Served the old bastard right for what he did.

It had been Luna. She was the one to tell him that he should go back to the Common Room instead of the Room of Requirement where he had planned to sulk. Luna had for once looked deadly serious and Harry took her advice.

"Put on the cloak," she had told him and then turned and walked down the corridor, lacking her usual flighty sway. He did so, having taken it earlier so that when he had finally returned to the Common Room, he wouldn't get caught.

Harry had walked in behind Neville, who was looking much better than the last time he'd seen the teen. It was right outside the entrance to their dorm, that Neville stopped suddenly, making Harry think he'd been discovered.

But no. Instead, the teen leaned his head toward the door, prompting Harry to do the same. What they heard, hadn't been good.

"Harry being a part of a prophecy doesn't change the plan," said Ron from the other side of the door.

"It could!" came a voice that Harry recognised as Ginny. "I'm supposed to marry him but what if he gets killed before I can and we lose our control of his money?"

Whose control over Harry's money? And who said anything about Harry marrying Ginny? He didn't like her. He barely knew her. And why did she sound more worried for his money than his life?

"Dumbledore wouldn't let anything fatal happen," said Hermione, sounding factual. "Harry was conditioned this way for a reason and he needs to be just on the edge always in order to stay in the right boundaries Dumbledore has set. He can't have Harry die yet because Harry hasn't fulfilled his duties."

What duties? And what the bloody hell did she mean that he was 'conditioned'? Or that he couldn't 'die yet'?

"I get it, I get it. But this whole thing with Sirius is probably going to make everything strained. I don't think this is the way we should go about it. He loves any kind of positive attention. Why can't we go about it that way?" Ron demanded, sounding irate and annoyed.

"Because, Ronald, Professor Dumbledore said that Harry is immune to potions and spells that control the person's mind and overthrows their Will. We can't make him do his duty with coercion so we have to trick him into believing that he wants to or has to."

"But it's something a slimy Slytherin would do!"

"I don't care! The Headmaster said that it's for the Greater Good. This means that Harry will have to do it whether he likes it or not. We can trick him into it easily though."

Ginny piped up then. "What about Fred and George? They know something is up. We aren't enough to take them on to make them shut up."

"The professor has Mr. and Mrs. Weasley lapping up everything he says. All he has to do is talk to them and the twins will be handled easily," said Hermione with cruel finality.

Ron didn't agree. "No. The twins are of age and mum can't control them anymore. They've been planning to skip out for years and can finally do it. Dumbledore would have to stalk them in order to erase their memories."

Dumbledore would erase someone's memories?

"Ron, this is Dumbledore we're talking about," said Ginny, ignoring Hermione's reprimand for her lack of respect. "He got Harry all those times no matter how much he fought it off and while it took him time, he still pulled it off. I'm sure he can catch two idiots who weren't even skilled enough to get more than six O.W.L.s between them."

Harry's stomach sank, along with his thoughts. Dumbledore had erased his memories before? And judging by Ginny's words, had done so on several occasions.

"Harry is now the Head of the Houses of Potter and Black and Professor Dumbledore insists that he not know just yet. After he and Ginny are wed and only when they are firmly in her control, can he know. The Headmaster says that Harry shouldn't be allowed the responsibility of holding his own money because children who grew up in needy situations tend to be more inclined to spend all of their funds.

Besides, Harry isn't that smart to begin with and divvying up our shares would go over his head."

It was in that moment, that Neville gasped, which alerted those within in the room to his presence. While Harry moved out of the way, the teen turned to flee, making it halfway down the stairs before Hermione charged out of the dorm room, Stupefying him immediately and causing him to crash all the way to the bottom of the stone staircase.

"Bloody hell!" Ron cursed. "He could have ratted us out!"

"We should take him to the Headmaster. He'll modify his memory and tell him he fell down the stairs," Ginny murmured. "He has two left feet, so it isn't hard to believe."

And just like that, the three walked off, Ron levitating Neville's battered and unconscious form through the portrait hole.

Harry was stood where he had been previously, simply staring at the place he had last seen the people whom he had thought were his friends.

It seemed that Hermione thought he was an idiot. Harry was in fact, not an idiot. He just didn't like to brag over his intelligence because Hermione had issues with not being the best in everything and Ron's ego couldn't handle anything other than being as mediocre as Harry. If he were below Harry in class ranking, there would be whinging and hell to pay.

Showing his true self at times, was not beneficial to a comfortable lifestyle.

Slytherins were considered evil, so Harry wouldn't go there because he didn't want to be evil. As he got older, he realised that they weren't evil, some of them were just idiotic braggarts who had gotten too big for their knickers.

Harry didn't use his Parseltongue skill because 'only evil people ever had it'. Now, he realised what sort of advantage speaking to serpents could give him. Now, he realised just how much he had been able to decipher with the talent itself.

Everything that would make people hate him more, he avoided. And yet he was still attacked. Still bandied about like rubbish.

If the people who were supposed to be his friends, were using him for money and Merlin knew what else, at the behest of Dumbledore of all people, then it was sane to assume that the Headmaster was not as genial as he lead people to believe. That he wasn't any better than the idea of the Slytherins Ron so despised.

The man he had looked up to in a grandfatherly way, had withheld information from him deliberately. And there was more to the whole situation that he didn't even know.

He needed to think about everything in his life and really give it all deep consideration.

So that was what caused him to be sitting on the edge of the Astronomy Tower.

He'd always thought that he had been reluctantly allowed to stay with the Dursleys. The reluctance was very clear, but random comments like 'not even a by your leave' or a 'didn't even ask' had been mumbled around him his entire childhood. And now that he thought about it, what made them keep him?

Petunia did not love him in the least. Whatever protection her family received for having him under their roof couldn't be enough to keep something she despised, under the same roof as her own family. She could have left him at an orphanage. It would have saved the family money and time. Probably other things as well.

So what would force a reluctant woman to take in a child she wanted nothing to do with? A threat. Did Dumbledore resort to some kind of threat against her if she didn't take him? It would explain the even harsher treatment he would get at times.

And never telling him about his heritage. Harry having to learn from Hagrid of all people, who at the time, was not qualified to greet Muggle raised students. Hagrid, the loveable oaf who couldn't see past his blind adoration of Albus Dumbledore to think anything about that was strange.

Why would a child just get on with a grown man simply because the man claimed to have delivered him to the people who were supposed to be his family? As he thought about it, Harry felt a bit pathetic for latching onto a complete stranger so quickly.

Simply because he got his first cake, his first pet/friend, learned the truth about his parents(or what was supposedly the truth), and saw someone stand up to Vernon for the first time.

He had been naive. The fact that Hagrid twisted a shotgun into a knot should have warned Harry away from the half-Giant. But he'd been much too dazzled at the time.

Then the holding back of Harry's Vault Key. Harry never held it before this year. Strange.

And the Weasleys, who have perfect access to a Floo, using the Muggle entrance when their Muggle adoring father was not with them? None of the Weasleys felt the same amount of intrigue as Arthur did. It made no sense.

Then Ron finding him after the twins informed him of who Harry really had been. Yep. That was a little convenient.

The subtle - or not so subtle - brainwashing of a scared child, into believing that an entire House of students were bad. Malfoy accidentally making that assumption seem more true the more Harry had learned.

The Mirror of Erised being left in some random classroom in a bloody school! If wizards wasted away before it, why did Dumbledore have it out and about? Wouldn't the Room of Requirement have been the best place? What point other than to test Harry's selflessness?

It was all becoming clear.

The 'conditioning' had lead him to fighting off Quirrell and saving the Philosopher's Stone. Because what would an eleven year old who only wanted a family that loved him and accepted him, do with a stone that granted immortality and gold? Dumbledore had tested him to see if he was worthy of retrieving the stone. It was all very obvious now. Ron was greedy and Hermione wasn't strong enough to mentally handle getting the stone.

It had to be Harry.

And then his second and third years.

What stuck out the most was the fact that time travel was prohibited unless for very important reasons and Dumbledore just flaunted the law because why the bloody hell not? Like, Harry was glad to save two innocent lives, true, but a man who claimed to fight for the Good and Right was okay with breaking a law which was supposed to keep people who used sensitive magics, safe. That was suspicious!

Harry's head fell into his hands. Why did he let himself be controlled?

No help in the Triwizard Tournament. Like, break an important law but don't even help your champions stay alive? Great Headmastership there!

Harry's fingers trailed over the scars buried deep within his hand. Was there really nothing the man could have done? Surely even someone as uptight as Lucius Malfoy wouldn't approve of something like that. Umbridge had used those quills on large groups of students, Purebloods included. Ones that weren't considered Blood Traitors even!

Everything was just so topsy turvy and learning that his life had pretty much been a set up was… disheartening. Dumbledore must have done everything because of the prophecy.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.

Half had been fulfilled no matter how the prophecy was translated. But he and Voldemort had existed at the same time for nearly sixteen years so far and nothing strange had happened. If neither could live at the same time, how were they both alive at the same time?

There was no true meaning to that part.

If Harry hid for the rest of his life, he was sure that both could live in the world just fine. So what was the point in all of this?

And then the vault things and 'divvying up shares'? So Harry needed to know what supposed 'lordship' entailed. And what was going on with his vault? Why did it seem like other people were handling the money his parents left for him alone?

He needed help. Help from someone who could actually help him. Luna had somehow known that he needed to hear that discussion, but he doubted she could actually help him.

One person in all of Hogwarts who might help him. The one person he did not want to go to. Especially after the terribly rude thing he had done.

With a sigh, Harry stood and resolved himself to the idea of approaching the most annoying/angry person he had ever met.

Severus Snape.

There was a knock on his door. Of all the times for someone to come and bother him, now was not the time. He was nursing a snifter full of brandy and was trying to keep his magic in control.

Still, if it was a Slytherin who needed help, he couldn't leave them to their own devices. Not now.

Not with what would be all over the media soon enough.

"Enter," he said, not bothering to hide the liquor. Why should he have to? The students should at least be capable of understanding that until they were of age, they could not drink the same things as adults.

Of all the people to enter his office, Harry Potter was not the one he was expecting. As expected, the boy looked harrowed and ready to give up on life. Perhaps that was the reaction one experienced when they lost a family member they cared for.

Severus wouldn't know. He shed not a tear when his 'family' passed on in a 'suspicious manner'.

Potter took a seat in the available chair, his back stiff and his mouth tight.

Suddenly, Severus was faced with the worry that the boy was going to break down on him of all people. He'd handled such cases before(unfortunately) but he didn't want to be the surrogate shoulder for the Boy Who Lived of all people.

"Professor," the boy began, voice oddly monotone and disturbingly lacking inflection, "you like the truth, right?"

"Generally, it is the best route to take because it inflicts more pain than a measly lie would. Though for the right situation, it would depend," Severus murmured, trying to understand the boy's angle.

Potter nodded. "You're a Slytherin and you all look after yourselves and your own first and foremost and since you have no one else, you come first in your eyes. So then I would be right in assuming that you are currently sided with the side that benefits you the most?"

Wherever the sudden insight into the Slytherin mindset had come from, Severus knew not, but he was perhaps a little impressed. Potter managed to pay some attention after all. It was astounding.

"There is a certain amount of accuracy to your words," the Potions Master admitted vaguely.

Another nod. "So then, Voldemort is your true master at present."

Throwing around the Dark Lord's name so casually. Potter was either entirely arrogant and thought himself capable of handling the other wizard, or he didn't understand the kind of ramifications speaking such a name could have. Probably both. And Dumbledore, the old fool was always pestering people to use the full name instead of fearing it.

A justified fear because merely saying the name in the last war summoned the wizard through even the finest of wards.

"And what would you do with this information should I agree with your statement?"

"I'd ask you to give him a message for me."

Severus' brows shot upward and he had to take a long gulp of brandy because this was going to be more tiresome than he had originally assumed it would be.

"What could you possibly want the Dark Lord to know, Potter?"

"I want you to give him the full prophecy."

There was a moment of intense silence, where the gleam in the boy's eyes made Severus wonder just what pushed him into this line of thinking.

"Yes, I have thought this through and I have decided that I want Dumbledore to fail, and by giving Voldemort the upper hand perhaps, he'll fail faster and harder than ever."

Dumbledore withholding the knowledge of the prophecy couldn't have made the boy that angry, could it? True, Black probably wouldn't have died at all had no one needed to protect the Hall of Prophecy, but still.

"What happened, Potter?"

The wicked gleam turned sarcastic, if that was even possible. Suddenly, a twisted smirk lit up the boy's face. It made Severus uncomfortable. "I find it funny how the two men who probably hate me the most in this damn world, are the only people to have ever been honest with me from the beginning.

Dumbledore has been using me. I learned just enough to know that I have been 'conditioned' into a certain mindset and lifestyle. That someone has control of my vault and is giving my money to others, or at least plans to. That I am some kind of lord now or whatever. That Ginny Weasley somehow thinks I am going to marry her and she will have full control of my assets. That Dumbledore has apparently modified my memory several times in the past. That he plans to have me 'fulfill my duties', whatever those are, because they are for the 'Greater Good'. And that my supposed friends plan on 'tricking' me into believing that I am happy and willing to do whatever this 'duty' is, because compulsions and the like don't work on me."

Potter was by then, gripping his robes tightly, his knuckles whiter than snow.

Severus was left gobsmacked because there were so many points in that little rant that demanded his attention. He didn't even know where to start!

"Where… did you come upon such information?"

Potter looked away. "Luna is my friend. She's a bit strange, but I like her. She's always right about everything or has something interesting to say. She told me to hide under my Invisibility Cloak and go back to the dorms. I crossed paths with Neville and followed him up to the tower and just outside our dorm room door, we heard Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, talking. And when they said something about divvying up my money, Neville had gasped and tried to flee. I then had to watch as Hermione Granger - oh she who stresses safety all the bloody time - Stupefied someone who was running down a staircase, causing him to crash to the bottom in a bloodied heap. And then Ginny said they would take him to Dumbledore so his memory could be modified and he would be told that he fell because Neville has no equilibrium to begin with and it's believable."

Severus wanted to so badly believe that this was a prank of some sort, but Potter looked too incensed for it to be one.

"What do you need, Potter?"

The boy leaned forward and began divulging his plan in hushed tones. And all Severus could do, was curse Albus to the grave.

He'd failed Lily. Perhaps he could make it up to her in this way.

It seemed that Dumbledore was no longer one to side with. He probably shouldn't have been sided with at all.

The Dark Lord stared down at the piece of parchment that his faithful had just handed him.

Dear Voldemort,

I don't like you. However, I really don't know much about you. I simply hold a grudge for you killing my parents.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Prefect, the Head Boy, the Heir of Slytherin, and the orphan Halfblood.

Your diary self told me that we had much in common and I remember being horrified at being compared to Voldemort of all people. And yet… the truth is there. According to him we even look something alike. Orphans, both should have been Slytherin, both Parselmouths, unnaturally intelligent, and the cunning of a fox. Yes, we have similarities in spades. But we are different.

I don't want to kill anyone. And to find out from some ex-friends, that Dumbledore has planned my life out to the last breath, all because of a prophecy made by a woman who imbibes sherry every day and has no skill in Divination, kind of hurts.

My whole life has been jiggered and orchestrated by that old bastard! Because I'm destined to be your 'equal', he tried to make it so that I didn't grow up to be like you. I think his plan failed. We could be mirror images. His 'conditioning' of my life hasn't worked as well as he thought it would.

So I'm done. Once I get my O.W.L. scores, I am withdrawing from Hogwarts and I'm going to got into hiding. But before I do that, there is something you should see first.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

Have it. Do what you want with it. Do not expect me to stand in your way. If want more on the story, talk to Snape. I pretty much chewed his ear off.

When you defeat Dumbledore, I want you to assault his mind with the most brutal Legilimency you can manage. The old bastard deserves it for what he's done.

Hoping your takeover goes well,

Harry Potter(supposedly a lord of something or whatever).

"Severus, explain."

He went back to the Dursleys, his attitude a little more prominent than before, but it could be easily passed off as grief over Sirius' passing. Luna had given him a hug and told him that everything would get better eventually, and that things he had lost would come back to him in the end, just not in the way he expected.

It was then that he was convinced of her clairvoyance.

She knew something that normal people just didn't.

Upon reaching Vernon at the station, he told the man that he would be staying elsewhere and asked to be dropped off on the street the Leaky Cauldron was located on.

The man grunted, but seemed glad to not have to deal with Harry for the summer and kicked him out of the car as quickly as he could.

Harry sighed. Just a month and he'd be free. Just a month.

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