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-Once again, for the sake of the story, pretend that Harry wrote all of the songs.

This = Love by The Script.

"I think you should give him a chance. He's changed a lot of things for the better."

Harry sighed at Luna's words. "I have seen it. Everything is the same and yet different. Muggleborns aren't being ostracised, Muggles aren't being hunted. Quite frankly, what Dumbledore told me of Voldemort and what I have seen of the man, are completely different."

"Dumbledore bathed in falsities. Most everything that came from his mouth was an untruth of some sort. Tom is different now because he is sane once more. There was a time where he was not mentally healthy. He has rectified that error. In fact, he did so a little before you left all those years ago."

"I can get the not being sane part, because he really didn't seem it. But what made him go mad in the first place?"

Luna hummed. "You'll have to ask him that yourself, since you are actually a part of that story."


"Just tell him that a part of himself has lived inside of you since that night of Samhain all those years ago. He will understand."

"Like the Parseltongue?"

"Just talk to him, Harry."

"Have you considered my proposal?" the Slytherin asked when he and Harry sat down for supper in his quarters. Yes, Harry had gone to see Voldemort and caught him as he was leaving for home. Intrigued, he accepted the man's invitation.

"I have, but I was considering a load of other things as well. Luna told me that you had done something to lose your sanity and that I should ask you about it."

Voldemort did stiffen in his seat. "And how would Ms. Lovegood know about that?"

Harry could sense the danger in the man's tone and tried to placate him. "Luna knows everything about everything somehow. I would assume she's a Seer of some sort, but I don't know and I choose not to ask her about it. Anyway, she said that I'm partially involved somehow."

Voldemort lifted his goblet to his lips and took a long drink of his Firewhiskey. "I'm quite certain that you were not involved in any of the… situations."

He raised his hands in surrender. "I don't know. Luna confuses me on the best of days. All she said was that a part of you lives inside me and has been there since that night in Godric's Hollow."

Voldemort's entire body went ramrod straight, his crimson eyes staring intently at Harry's scar.

"Impossible," the man murmured, sounding disbelieving. "It has never been done before."

"Excuse me, but what are you on about?"

Voldemort abandoned his seat in favour of kneeling before Harry where he took the young wizard's face between his palms and looked him over.

Harry could only hum as a pleasurable sensation sparked between them at the contact. He could feel a throbbing in his scar, but once again, it didn't hurt him. Also, his face tingled where Voldemort's hands rested.

He squirmed, trying to alleviate the sudden need he felt. Unfortunately, he ended up leaning into the man's touch even more. Voldemort inhaled through his nose, yes, he had a nose, and turned Harry's head one way and then another.

"I can't believe it. You truly are mine."

Harry was given no choice to respond because he was suddenly pulled against the Dark wizard, straddling the kneeling man's thigh easily. Both groaned at the friction of their bodies rubbing against each other. Harry's hips jolted a bit, pressing his growing erection into the Dark Lord's hip.

"Oh, Harry. Everything about you was mine. From the beginning."

Harry was then snogged breathless as Voldemort seemed to attempt crawl inside of him through the mouth.

He whimpered at how erotic the thought of Voldemort being inside of him, was.

Very naughty thoughts to have about the man who killed his parents, but he didn't care. Voldemort felt good. Right. And his body was perfection.

"Shall we take this to my chambers?"

"Mmm… yes."

Sex with the Dark Lord was like a battle for dominance. Harry tended to like his sexual encounters to vary and one minute he was happily on top, grinding himself against his lover, and the next, Voldemort had flipped them, pushing him into the bed with his hips.

It was hot and heavy, with clothes disappearing suddenly and skin sliding against skin. Harry was on his knees for easier access, but that didn't mean he couldn't tease the control a bit. Voldemort was probably the most horny person he'd ever met. The Dark Lord's tongue working him open had been the thing that brought forth such a revelation.

And then his cock. It was cool, like the rest of his skin. And the contrast between the heat of Harry's insides, to the chill of the man penetrating him, was glorious!

Voldemort was a vocal lover as well, though he tended to fall into Parseltongue. It had been so long since Harry had heard it and he felt his desire mount tenfold and how sensuous it sounded coming from Voldemort's perfect lips.

The man kissed with fervour, he fucked with borderline brutality, and then he caressed Harry's throbbing body with gentle hands that almost seemed too good to be true.

But no, Harry was properly taken care of when he was finally able to get out of the heavenly bed and into the large bath the man - him, not his Elves - had drawn for him.

"How is your godfather doing?"

"Tom," Harry began, testing the waters but also not wanting to refer to him as Voldemort, "don't talk about that kind of stuff when we just had sex and might have more again."

The man huffed petulantly, but did perk up at the mention of more sex.

Honestly, he was like a touch starved teenager.

It was kind of cute.

"Are you sure that you don't want to tell everyone that you're really Harry Potter?" asked Fred.

"Yeah, Mate," George nodded, "it would be hilarious to see their reactions. You know Snape likes your music."

Okay, it would definitely be hilarious to lay that on the man. In fact, he might just do it to Snape only, but for everyone else… no.

"Sorry, but I don't want my work and my life to mix. It would be even worse than before. Besides, you know how fickle people can be. Merlin forbid the things they say about me if they knew who I really am."

"If you ever feel like making a big deal of it, come to us. We can set you up real nice," the twins offered, smiling deviously the entire time.


"So he wants to court you, huh?"

Harry groaned. "Sirius, he gave you a new body and he brought you back to me. Don't you think that's good enough?"

"I don't care if a part of his soul lives inside of you - which is gross by the way - I want him to prove himself. He's a Slytherin and they're good at buttering people up to get what they bloody want."

"What more can he do? He's completely changed Magical Britain for the better. Creatures can get jobs and have families now. Muggleborns get better jobs and treatment. He supports Neville's charity. He brought you back. I think he's done a load of good for the community and I can't think of anything else."

"I'm not backing down from this, pup. You may be of age, but I won't accept him until he has proven himself worthy."

Harry groaned at how unfair it all was. He didn't want his lover to be at odds with his family. The Weasleys were more accepting of Voldemort. Probably because Arthur had gotten a raise and a promotion and they weren't being flayed for being Blood Traitors, but that was neither here nor there.

Harry wanted Sirius' approval the most. He just didn't know how he and Tom would get it.

Harry was seated on a stool. Once again, it was another charity benefit and he was happy to do it. People needed to realise that not everyone had privileges and if what he was doing what helping them learn, they yes, he would continue to do so. Besides, he was incredibly wealthy and not getting paid for a concert or three wouldn't hurt him.

Harry was unveiling a new song this time though. It had made him emotional because he had written it from what he had learned and what he had been taught. It was a mixture of repressed feelings that he intended to get our one way or another.

And the band, they were with him every step of the way. He'd have to get them all something nice to show his gratitude.

"I have a new song for you all," he announced through the Sonorous Charm.

The gathered crowds all cheered loudly and Harry was glad for the Runes placed on the Ten-Way mirror he was standing on, that drowned out their noise a tad. He liked to make use of the mirror, using it as a double for a telly screen in the Magical community.

It had been a special creation of one of his friends and he advertised the man's work by using them. Other mirrors were stationed in different positions around the stage in order to capture Harry from different angles. As the show went on, they were spelled to activate at certain times, switching the point of view back and forth.

It was an amazing concept that Harry had readily agreed to utilise in his concerts.

Honestly, he'd have to send Bartholomew a gift as well.

"Would you like to hear it?" he asked the waves of people who all cheered their answers for him to hear.

"Spectacular! It's called This = Love."

It's in the eyes of the children.
As they leave for the very first time.
And it's in the heart of a soldier,
As he takes a hit on the frontline.
It's in the face of a mother,
As she takes the force of the blow.
And it's in the hands of the father,
As he works his fingers to the bone.

I'm standing under a white flag, Oh!
Can you see me? Oh!
Can you see me? Oh!
I'm standing for everything we have, Oh!
Can you hear me? Oh!
Can you hear me?

This is why we do it!
This is worth the pain!
This is why we fall down,
And get back up again.
This is where the heart lies!
This is from above!
Love is this, this is love.
Love is why we do it!
Love is worth the pain!
Love is why we fall down,
And get back up again.
Love is where the heart lies!
Love is from above!
Love is this, this is love.

This is love.

It's in the soul of a city.
What it does after it crumbles and burns.
And it's in the blood of a hero,
To know where he goes he may never return.

If you could be anywhere that you wanted to be,
With anyone that you wanted to be with.
Doing anything that you wanted to do,
What would it be, and who would it be with you?
Time flies but you're the pilot.
It moves real fast but you're the driver.
You may crash and burn sometimes.

Love is why we do it!
Love is worth the pain!
Love is why we fall down,
And get back up again.
Love is where the heart lies!
Love is from above!
Love is this, this is love.

Harry wiped a stray tear as the song ended and smiling at the loudly cheering. It was probably the most profound song he'd ever written and he felt privileged to share it with others in hopes that it would touch them the very same way.

Overall, it was a good ending to the event. And he felt proud.

His friends and family greeted him excitedly, proclaiming their love for his newest song. Voldemort stood in the back, waiting for him to deal with everything until they were ready to leave. The man wasn't the most sociable, but he was at least nice.

Tonks sent Harry a wink of understanding. "I know you must want to be busy with your man. We should probably get out of your way now."

Sirius scoffed, but Remus placed a calming hand on his shoulder. "You'll have to accept it at some point, Padfoot."

Harry rolled his eyes and made his escape toward the Dark Lord.

"How was the concert?" he asked the man, sidling up to grab his elegant hand.

"Wonderful as always." Voldemort reached up and rubbed Harry's cheek with the back of his palm. "You were amazing and gorgeous as usual."


The man didn't respond. He simply linked their fingers together. "Anywhere you'd like to go before we return home this night?"

"Ice cream!"


Voldemort didn't like ice cream, but he would take Harry anyway. Because Harry liked it and Voldemort was always looking after him.

"I only do this because I love you."

And Harry's entire world stopped right there, his mouth falling open in shock. He never thought he would hear Voldemort say it, let alone in front of people. But the Dark Lord was just staring at him, as if what he said was obvious and nothing to be amazed over.

Harry beamed, feeling teary eyed. "I love you too, Tom!"

"Please don't get emot- You're getting emotional. Are you crying? Dear Merlin, please don't cry! I cannot handle that kind of thing."

Harry stifled a giggle. "Whatever you say, Tom."

The disgruntled Dark Lord huffed, but said no more. He simply pulled Harry along, ignoring the open gaping of everyone else in the room.

Distantly, before they Apparated away, Harry could hear Sirius say, "The bastard finally did it."

Harry was swept away by his lover then, leaving the group behind to consider what they had witnessed.

And Harry hadn't felt this happy in a long time.

It seemed that no one but Voldemort - strange as it sounded - could make him this happy.

Harry tightened his grip and flashed a wide grin.

Life had been hard. Life had been trying. But now… life was good.

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