Sitting in a dark cell, was an young man. The man had dark hair and emerald green eyes, his skin was pale and he had a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. His name was Harry James Potter, only son to James and Lily Potter, the only one to have survived the Killing Curse, and known through-out the wizarding world as 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'. Well, that was before he was betrayed by those he though of as friends.

'His friends'... Harry could only sneer as he thought about those traitorous bastards. His so called best friends had dropped him faster than you could say 'wand', once they heard that he had been arrested. Sighing, he leaned back. How long had it been since he had been arrested? He could still remember that day, and the trial the day after, so it couldn't be that long, but then again, they weren't happy memories, so the Dementors couldn't affect them.


Harry was sitting alone at the Gryffindors table in the Great hall. His friends were still in the hospital wing after the failed rescue attempt to the Ministry less than a week ago. Sure, he, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny and Luna had been able to infiltrate the Department of Mysteries, where he had thought Voldemort were torturing his godfather, Sirius. But when they got there, they were met with a group of so called 'former' Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoy. After slinging insults at each other for a while, a battle had suddenly started. He wasn't sure who had cast the first spell, only that one minute, they had insulted each other, and in the next they were dodging spell fire. He couldn't say for how long the battle had gone on, only that it ended when Dumbledore arrived, and by that time the damage had been done. Both Ron and Hermione were down, having been hit by spells, and two of the Death Eaters were out after one of his spells had hit a cabinet behind them, causing an explosion. The arrival of Dumbledore caused the remaining corpse nibblers to retreat further into the department. Seeing that both Ron and Hermione was down, Dumbledore immediately created a portkey that took them to the hospital wing at Hogwarts, before making one that took the rest of them to his office. When they arrived he asked Luna, Ginny and Neville to go to the hospital wing to get checked up, while he spoke to Harry.

Once the three had left, Dumbledore had turned to him, and in a sad tone said that he was disappointed in him. He asked why we had done it, and I explained the vision I had in which Voldemort were torturing Sirius at that location. Dumbledore sadly shook his head and told him that Sirius was still at the Headquarter, and had been there the whole time. Dumbledore then reminded him that he could have easily contacted Sirius with the enhanced mirror Sirius had given him before school began. At that, he had broken down. Everything could have been avoided if he just had stopped to think for a moment. Dumbledore looked at him for a while, before telling him that he could leave.

After leaving Dumbledores office, he walked as if in a daze, not noticing where his feet took him. Once he had reached the Gryffindor tower, he entered the common room and went up to the fifth year dorm to sleep. It had been five days since then, and he had yet to speak with any of those who had joined him in the infiltration of the Ministry.

His reverie was interrupted when the doors to the great hall was opened and a precession led by the minister, Cornelius Fudge, entered. The minister looked around for a moment, before nodding to one of the Aurors next to him. The Auror took a step forward and spoke.

"Harry James Potter, you are hereby under arrest for the destruction of Ministry property and two counts of murder. Please hand over your wand and come quietly, or we will be forced to use force."

The stunned silence that filled the Great hall was deafening. To shocked to even think straight, he simply stood up and handed his wand over to the waiting Auror. After putting the wand away, the Auror led him to the group, and they left the grounds of Hogwarts as a group with him in the middle. Once they had cleared the wards, they gave him a portkey that deposited him straight into the holding cells in the Minestry.

It took them less than a day to organize the trial.

Strapped to the chair in the middle of the courtroom, he could only watch as the Senior Undersecretary, Dolores Umbridge, spun what had happened in a way that made him out to be a dangerous and dark wizard in training. She made it look like he had forced the other to join him in breaking into the Department of Mystery, and while in there, destroy all the time-turners the Ministry had, and killed two nobles he had happened to come across.

What made things worse, both Hermione and Ron testified against him, claiming he had grown more and more dark during the year, often having bouts of uncontrolled anger and brooding. While both had thrown him under the bus, Ron was by far the worst of them. He almost jumped in glee as he told the gathered members of the Wizengamot how Harry always broke the rules and used his fame to avoid punishment, and how he (Harry) usually forced him and Hermione to join him (Harry) in breaking said rules.

Once everyone was done, Fudge stood up to announce the sentence.

"Harry James Potter, Wizengamot finds you guilty to the destruction of the time-turners and for firing the spell witch took the life of the lords of two minor Noble Houses. Therefore, we sentence you to twenty years in Azkaban, and we also award the Noble Houses of Goyle and Anteres one half each of the Potter Family vault in reparation for the deaths of their Heads of Houses by your hand. Aurors, take him away."

Flashback end

Harrys' reveries was interrupted by the arrival of a pair of Dementors. The bone-chilling cold that accompanied them slowly crawled into his cell, and he braced himself for the memories that was about to come, but something unexpected happened. A headache began to form. The closer the Dementors came, the stronger the headache became, and as they passed his cell, he gave out a loud scream and fell unconscious. Then, he began to dream.


A giant moon was filling up the sky, illuminating the white dessert below. He was gliding through the air, hunting for his next meal. Suddenly he sees movement below him. An Adjuchas class Hollow has just broken through the sand, but has yet to notice him. Feeling his hunger spike, he dives down unto the Hollow and kills it instantly. After he has devoured it, he feels his powers increase exponentially, and he quickly returns to his lair to rest.

The next time he opens his eyes, he notice some things are missing. He is smaller, and his hunger is gone. Unfortunately, so are the rest of his emotions, too. The newly born Vasto Lorde spreads his wings and flies to the highest point in his territory. Settling down on top of the spire, his cold, green, cat-like eyes gazes out over the dessert that is Hueco Mundo.

Time has passed. How much, he could tell, only that it had. He rarely left his lofty vantage point, only if another Hollow entered his domain. His powers had also grown, since twice he had taken down other Vasto Lordes who had tried to kill him.

Suddenly, he felt an immense reiryoku appear close by. The presence then moved to be just behind him. Slowly, he turned around and eyed the person who stood there. It was a Shinigami. A normal Hollow would have attacked as soon as it saw the Shinigami, but since he could feel that the Shinigamis powers eclipsed his own, logic dictated that he should wait and see what the Shinigami wanted. He did have to wait long.

"Ah, greetings, Vasto Lorde-san. My name is Aizen, and I've come here to give you an offer."

"... Speak."

"Very well. I would like to offer you a place in the army I am building, in order to overthrow the Seireitei and the Gotei 13."

"And why, should I join you?"

Aizen simply smiled at him. "Simply. Serve me, and have a purpose."

"...Very well, Aizen-sama."

More time had passed, and the size of Aizen-sama's army had grown. I was now ranked as the fourth strongest of his followers after Aizen-sama had used an artefact called the Hougyoku to break down the barrier between Hollows and Shinigamis and turn me into an Arrancar. I am now Ulquiorra Cifer, Aizen-sama's most loyal follower, and the one he sent on the most important missions.

He had just been called to Aizen-sama's room, where he had been given a mission. Aizen-sama had discovered a female human who had the ability to change what had happened in an area. She could heal wounds and even re-grow limbs by rewinding time on said subject. And it was his job to find her and bring her to Las Noches.

Finding her was no trouble, as she was a friend to the Substitute Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo, who operated out of the human settlement of Karakura Town. Her name was Inoue Orihime, and simply by promising not to go after her friends in the world of the Living, she followed me to Las Noches without protests.

It was... weird. Aizen-sama had made me the guard of the Onna (Inoue), and as such I had daily contact with her. Normally, it would just have been another task given to me to perform to perfection, but lately, I've been starting to notice strange happenings inside my body. Sometimes when I've been with the Onna, a strange kind of warmth has spread inside me, and my thoughts has wandered in ways they never have before. I wonder...

Kurosaki Ichigo and some of his friends has entered Hueco Mundo in order to rescue their friend Inoue. Aizen-sama has foreseen this scenario, and has told the Arrancars that hold place 5 to 10 to stay in Las Noches and fight the intruders as much as they like. Me, I will be the last line of defence between Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime, while Aizen-sama takes the three strongest of us, the Primera, Coyote Starrk, the Segunda, Baraggan Luisenbairn and the Trecera, Tier Harribel, and begins the attack on Soul Society.

My first run-in with Kurosaki Ichigo was a disappointment. He didn't even have the strength to pierce my skin. If it hadn't been for the battle junkie, Grimmjow, I would have killed him then and there. Instead, Grimmjow tapped me in a Caja Negatión before taking both Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime away, so that Inoue could heal Kurosaki Ichigo, and he could fight Kurosaki once again.

Once the Caja Negatión had ended, I went to where Grimmjow and Kurosaki had been fighting. Grimmjow appeared to have fallen to Kurosakis blade, and the Onna was now healing him. As I arrived, Kurosaki immediately attacked so that I couldn't take the Onna. To my surprise, he was now able to wound me, so I grabbed him and broke through the roof of Las Noches. Once outside, I explained that Arrancars 4 and above were forbidden to release their zanpakutou inside of Las Noches, but now that we were outside, I was free to do what was needed to take care of the trash.

After Releasing my zanpakutou, Murciélago, we fought for a while, until he was able to wound me in my released form. This made him start to boast that he was catching up to me, and that he would defeat me.

So I decided to show him true despair. I had a trump card that even Aizen-sama didn't know about; a second release of my zanpakutou. I called it Resurrección: Segunda Etapa. In this form, I overpowered him with ease, killing him by piercing his chest with my hand. That was when the Onna and one of Kurosakis friends reached the roof. The Onna immediately went and tried to heal Kurosaki, while the other one attacked. Hmm... Arrows? A Quincy, then. He was nowhere near Kurosakis strength, so I didn't even have to block when beating him. This apparently made the Onna distressed, causing her to call for Kurosaki.

Then something inconceivable happened. Kurosaki turned into a Hollow and revived. As a Hollow, he was able to beat me. And as I lay there on the ground, my life fading away, I notice the Onna, crying at my side. For some reason, the sight of her crying hurts me inside. With the last of my strength, I reach out and touch her face. I tell her, that I now understand, and that we would meet each other again. And as my world fade to black, I feel her lips on my forehead.

Dream end

In a cold and dark cell in Azkaban, Ulquiorra Cifer opens his eyes.

Greetings. This was an idea that I had in the back of my head for a while. This will be a shorter story, maybe only 5 or 6 chapters, and it will be updated irregularly, as I will try and concentrate on the longer story "A Child of Light and Madness", and only write for this when I'm stuck on the other.

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