This is an outtake that originally appeared in 12 Days of Christmas. Soccerward and Weatherella enjoy a Seattle Christmas.

We'd been back in Seattle for two weeks, and it had been worth it. Bella had the month off, and we would spend another week here before spending a week in Arizona. My parents had visited us for Thanksgiving, and it had gone very well. It was our first time cooking for company in our new place; I'd dazzled my wife with my stellar cooking skills, which mostly came from downloading recipes in my off season.

We weren't doing the cooking for Christmas, Rose was, but I planned to help her out. She and Emmett had been kind enough to invite us to stay in their home for the entire three weeks, so it was the least I could do.

I admit, I miss our friends. Seattle hadn't been my home for very long, but the friendships we made were solid and long lasting. We emailed, texted, and sent presents across country, but it wasn't as easy as occupying the same space.

Emmett is pouring drinks for us as I come back into the living room from checking on the ladies. They're wrapping presents and drinking wine, which I'm pretty sure bodes well for their husbands. Nothing like a drunk wife to make sexy times fun.

"Jasper, Alice says you can't drink unless you're staying the night. She's already sloshed," I inform him.

He chuckles and looks to Emmett. "Rose said we can have the pull out in the office, so don't forget me when you're pouring."

Emmett knew how the fuck to mix a drunk. I mean drink. I don't know what I mean anymore. The ladies join us after a while, and eventually we're falling over ourselves laughing. Alcohol and good friends mix well, the snow falling on the other side of the windows a nice backdrop. Though, nobody likes my idea of running out in it naked.

"Like the polar bear challenge, without the icy water!" Okay, Emmett's up for it. But nobody else is.

"That's right! We'd actually be doing you a favor, leaving out the part about the freezing water." My negotiating skills are severely impaired by the booze.

"Too warm and cozy in here," Alice mumbles. She's tucked into Jasper's side, eyes closed. I don't expect her to be awake much longer.

"Ally is right. It's warm in here, and I'm about ready for bed," Bella yawns to punctuate her thought, standing from her spot on the couch.

I perk the hell up at that. "Why didn't you say so? Let's go, sweetie. You're obviously tired."

Yep, just picture the guy biting his lip and doing a poor impression of the running man while grunting out his own tune. That's how excited I am to take her to bed.

She laughs at me, because really, who takes me seriously? I pinch her ass as I get up to stand with her.

"What the hell was that for?" she demands, hands on her hips.

"Emmett said they need a Christmas goose for dinner tomorrow. So, you just volunteered."

Bella rolls her eyes, and Emmett speaks up. "That was my plan! Now I'll never be able to sneak up on Rosie tomorrow." He pouts a little, and it is actually kind of cute.

Bella carries on like we don't exist. "Rose, just come wake us when you get up. We'll help with breakfast, and then we can do our gift exchange."

"Shhhhh," I put my finger over her mouth to shut her up, dragging out my shushing. Rose lifts her eyebrow in my direction. "Enter that room at your own risk, Rosalie, my dear."

"What, do you sleep naked? I doubt that would bother me," Rose smirks. She waves off Emmett's indignant shout.

I lean toward Rose to make my point, then have to grab Bella to keep from falling face forward. She gives me an amused look and pats my hand.

"Rose, Rose, Rose." I shake my head. "It's not the fear of this glorious body being seen, it's the fear of seeing me and Admiral Winky impaling your best friend in her-"

"Oh my God!"

"Stop talking right now!"

"Hell yeah! I'll wake you, no problemo, Edward."

"Jesus, I'm calling it a night."

I guess I closed down the bar. "Thank you, and goodnight," I mock bow.

I take Bella's hand as much to touch her as to steady myself as we go down the hallway. I close the door behind us, watching Bella grab her nightgown and slip her pants off. She gets her shirt removed before I pounce, spinning her to face me and unclasping her bra myself.

"You didn't think I was kidding, did you, lovely?"

She smiles at me, a patient mother to an unruly child. "I thought we were going to sleep." I tweak her nipple, and she yelps. "Incorrigible!"

"I know." I give her a tiny kiss and leave her alone, taking my own clothes off as she pulls her pretty lavender nightgown over her head.

She gets in the bed and switches off the lamp, and I get in naked beside her. Curling into her side, I start a path with my fingers. Across her collarbones, over her shoulder and down her arm. Tracing her palm, then slipping down to her thigh. I let my hand roam as far down her leg as I can reach, then go back up, finding her hand again, her arm, then detouring to her breasts. They peak under the silk, tight buds begging to be touched. I listen to her breathing, intrigued at the hitching sound when I pass over her stomach.

"Edward," she moans quietly.

Smiling in the dark, I lean over her. "Yes?"

"Don't stop," she whispers.

Even though I didn't need verbal encouragement, I love when she asks for more. My hands find their way under her gown, slipping her panties down until she kicks them off under the sheet. Parting her with my fingers, the warmth that spreads from the contact sings in my veins.

Moving, shifting closer, I dominate her body until we join together. Breaths mingle in the night, the tart taste of alcohol lingering. Arching and bowing, we meet and separate, yet always connected. I know her body better than my own, know how to orchestrate pinnacles of ecstasy. I'm so close to heaven I'm about to high five Jesus when she moans out long and low, my name a guttural growl from her lips.

"I will love you forever, Bella," I whisper in her ear, just before I collapse with the intensity of my release.

Her hands run through my hair. "Now will you let me sleep?"

I laugh at her just a bit, quietly in my throat. "Of course."

She snuggles into my side when I roll next to her, proof that she needs me as much as I need her.