My second poem from Freyas POV, I hope it is as good as the last one.

I climbed the highest mountains
Only to learn you were dead
I searched the deepest valleys
Only to hear of your deeds

I searched the world for you
But it was all in vain
I feared I would never see you again

To my home I returned
The Relm of Perpetual Rain
I thought of you
But all my memories brought was pain

Then you were there
Infront of me, alive and well
But when I looked into your eyes
My hope died.

You did not recognize me
And you asked me for my name
My knees gave in
And I broke down and cried

The irony of Fate
The love of my life, for whom I would have died
For whom I had searched in all the world
Did not know my face

I searched the world for you
But I never found you

Can you guess who it´s about?
- Metallicafangirl