It had been a long day, or night, depends on what schedule you're running. Strigoi had taken residence close to the Court and the Guardians had put Lissa on lock down until they eliminated the threat. No that Rose had any arguments against that, they had to put together a small raid and she didn't need to worry about her best friend. Especially not now that the bond was.

It had gone well, the raid ended with ten Strigoi bodies and a few scratches for them. Plus they got to use some of the Moroi that had volunteered to be trained as fighters and help them. At first Rose did not expect it to be so much of a success even though she had first hand experience with it. Lissa had put a twist on Tatiana's plan though and had the Moroi hang out with their Guardian partners outside the training sessions too. They had quickly realised that the reason Rose and Christian fought so well together was because of their friendship.

So when the opportunity presented itself the Guardians went with it; and as Rose said it was a success. But still everyone was exhausted and grumpy and on top of that it had started raining twenty minutes after they took the road back to Court. No one was happier than Rose when the familiar gates came into view and she sped down the road.

She hissed when she stepped out of the car rain drenching her to the bone. Mia and Christian were right behind her but someone was missing. Turning around she spotted Dimitri a few feet away, standing still, face pointed to the sky. The water droplets fell fast, rolling down his cheeks and she took a brief second to appreciate how handsome her husband really looked. Husband, she thought to herself. It was still a very bizarre way to think of him even though they had been married for over a year now. It brought a smile on her face every time though, a huge happy smile.

"Comrade!" She yelled as she made her way to him. "What are you doing?" Dimitri's eyes snapped at hers and a grin almost split his face in two.

"Just enjoying the nice weather, Roza!" He called back and she shook her head.

"We're in the middle of a thunderstorm," She said stopping right in front of him. "and you wanna stop and feel the rain?"

"Yes." He nodded solemnly. "It's a good day to be alive." Everything finally clicked into place. Even so many years later things like this, things that were a given for her (someone that hadn't been lost) were fascinating to him. Rose tended to forget their time apart, or maybe subconsciously locked those memories at the back of her mind. In a place where they couldn't hurt her anymore than they already did.

"Come here." She whispered and pulled him down for a kiss, her fingers slipping inside his wet hair, messing it up more. Both of them were dripping wet by now but it was the last thing in her mind when Dimitri's body melted against hers like that. Their lips smashed together, completely indifferent that they were putting up quite the show.

"Belikov! Hathaway!" A gruff voice snapped from behind them. "For the love of God, take mercy on the people around you and take it to your room!" Hans snapped annoyed as he walked past them, a few other guardians following behind him, smiling at his discomfort.

"Yes, Sir." She saluted him sarcastically and grabbed Dimitri's hand, moving towards the Guardian Office Building. They could pick this up later, when they would be at the privacy of their own home and mostly dry.

It was always the small things in life, really.