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Chapter 28: Epilogue

2 Years Later

When the Doctor opened his eyes the bed next to him was empty and he shielded his eyes against the blinding light to have a look around the room. He found her standing on the balcony, wearing his shirt. Always his shirt.

"What are you doing out there?" he grumbled sleepily, "Come back to bed."

Clara giggled and jumped back into the hotel room before she landed next to him and the Doctor watched as she placed the camera on the bedside table.

"I just took a picture of the most beautiful sunrise," Clara said excitedly as she snuggled back against his chest with a sigh, "Do we really have to leave tomorrow?"

The Doctor closed his arms around her as well. "I suspect your pupils are going to miss you if you don't show up for class on Monday morning."

"They're pupils, they get excited when their teacher doesn't show up," she argued.

"Okay, good point."

"I do love France though," she said, smiling at him, "Promise me we'll make the best out of our last day here."

Suddenly her hand slipped between his naked thighs, her touch tickling his skin and rousing parts of his body that had been asleep until now.

The Doctor moaned as he let his head fall back into his pillows. "I believe you're aiming for another noise complaint."

Clara shrugged. "It's our last day."

He chuckled and grabbed Clara by the hips to pull her on top of him. He soon found that she was completely naked under his shirt, a realisation that sent his mind racing at once. The Doctor loved everything about Clara, from the sound of her voice, the way she laughed, how good it felt to sink inside her. He had never loved a woman so very much in his entire life. It had taken them a while after everything that had happened but slowly she had opened his heart to him that he had thought for a long time was made of steel. Eventually she had let him into her life and the Doctor knew that there was very little that could separate them now. The sweet child he had driven to school had somehow turned into a headstrong brat, and he had no idea how he had done it, but Clara had once again changed, this time into a strong, lovable woman.

"Are you happy?" the Doctor felt the need to ask.

"Very," she grinned at him, "I love you."

"I love you, too," he said, his hands tangling in the shirt she was wearing, "Now, Mrs Smith, I believe that shirt is one of mine."

Clara giggled once more. "Mrs Smith at last. This time with real passports."

"Not a good enough reason to steal my clothes," he argued playfully.

Clara frowned at him. "Well, take them off me then."

She squealed when the Doctor flipped them both over and pinned Clara into the sheets. When he kissed her he thought that they might get another noise complaint after all, but did that really matter on the last day of their honeymoon?