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At The End

It's amazing how much can go through a person's mind in a few short seconds.

Two choices face him now, a no-win situation.

To kill or be killed.

Years of training taught him to always pick door number one, but no one told him what to do in situations like this.

He looks at her, still unsure. The one he loves. Arms raised to the ceiling. Energy pulsing from her extended hands. Perfect fingers pointing furiously upwards; ready to destroy in a heartbeat.

One shot only stuns. Maybe he can just stop her. No need for death here.

He shoots.

The look on her...*it's* face is so unnatural. No longer the passive, flawless beauty he has come to know and love. Now just a shell. Her mouth has contorted into a look of - what? Contempt? Hatred? Disgust?

It enjoys their fear. Actually relishes in the anguish on his face.

Arms rise once again and the surging energy continues to flow.

No choice then.

Anger wells up inside him. Why her? Of all people, why her?

Disassociation is all he has left, but he knows it won't work. He knows her too well.

But not any more. He just knows the prisoner inside. The voice crying out to him in the darkness, the voice he desperately tries not to hear as he raises the weapon once more and aims.

Kill or be killed.

He shoots again.