Author's Note: Spoiler alert for those who would like to read the English translated shinden first and have not yet! I have read the entire 'unofficial' english translation and I'll be including some of what I learned from it in here, such as Izumi's backstory, how her mother dies, and Itachi's thoughts. In the Itachi Shinden, Itachi kills Izumi, the girl who both admired and had romantic feelings towards Itachi first. However, he does not do this out of romantic love for her, because repeatedly in the shinden it is written that he could not think of her as more than a friend. They were not lovers, people just assumed they were a couple. Itachi decided to end her life first because it would help him to move forward in killing the rest of his clan with 'Madara' directly afterward. Itachi puts the girl in an extremely powerful Tsukuyomi in which she becomes chuunin, marries Itachi and retires from being a ninja, has children with him, the children move out and start their own lives, Itachi grows old with her, he nurses her as she becomes ill, and finally she dies with him as a happy, eighty year old woman. Izumi dies in his arms, enveloped in happiness. Itachi thanks her for loving him and she dies with a smile. But these scenes never go into detail! This fanfiction will go into more detail through the entire life they share together, each chapter being a part of the genjutsu.

Additionally, I wanted to clarify whether or not the shinden is cannon or not. While the episodes were completely made up off of the shinden and not cannon, the shinden is actually technically half cannon. Kishimoto never wrote it or illustrated anything himself, but he did say that whatever is in the shinden did in fact happen in Itachi's real story. So I suppose it's up to the reader to decide if they want to view the genjutsu as cannon or not.

I hope you enjoy.

Izumi was eleven years old.

She sat at the table with her mother, laughing until they could hardly breathe. They had just finished dinner, and she had already done all of her chores, so now the two of them had time to unwind and catch up on their days together. Their dinner conversations had become a happy nightly ritual. Since her father died, Izumi had become very close with her mother, the only other immediate family member she had. She knew that talking together helped her mother to fill the missing space her father had filled, who they both had loved so dearly.

But tonight was different. The young kunoichi felt a new stillness in the air, a heaviness that her mother didn't seem to notice. Was it because of the coup de tat? Izumi had not been allowed into the last meeting, so she wasn't sure how long they had. Certainly, she could be picking up on the tension felt by all of the adults. Perhaps she was simply anxious because of how frustrated and powerless Itachi had looked on that day, the last time she had seen him one month ago.

She thought back to how she had followed him out of the gathering place after he had failed to convince them all to stop the coup. She had grabbed into his shoulder, begging him to try just once more. Itachi had angrily shook her hand off his shoulder and walked away without turning back as if he had barely seen her. Izumi's heart sank. Itachi had never cared for her in the same way she cared for him. And why would he? Izumi, a recent genin who's hardest missions were when the Damyo's cat would run away and she had to chase him was no potential match for someone who was already a captain in the ANBU. No, he would never be with her. Izumi's mother noticed her young daughter's eyes grow distant and sad.

"It's that boy you're thinking of, isn't it?" She asked. Izumi blushed, but there was no way she could hide the truth. Her mother knew her better than anyone.

"I just hope he's okay…" she trailed off. Her mother gave her a warm smile.

"I'm sure he'll be fine. Here. I'll wash our dishes." Her mother gave a warm smile that had always comforted her daughter. She had the same brown straight hair, which fell slightly shorter on her back as she stood up and gathered both their bowls, placing them in the kitchen. "You should talk to more of the boys your age who are genin. You have so much life ahead of you, it's a shame you spend so much of it worrying about the things you can't change. Enjoy your youth while you can. You can join the ANBU later." Izumi chuckled.

"You're right. Tomorrow I'll make plans with Megumi and Yukata. I haven't seen them in a while." Her mother nodded, approvingly.

"The ANBU is a dark place, I've heard. They don't just wear those masks to keep their enemies guessing. They wear them to hide from the villagers too. I'm sure Itachi must wish he was in your shoes instead of doing the village's dirty work." No sooner had she finished her sentence, they heard a 'thunk' near the front door. Izumi's mother turned her head.

"Now what could that be? I'll go check it out." Izumi sat tight at the table as her mother put down the dish she had been washing. Her mother, with her beautiful, weary face and a long yellow dress walked past her, turning the corner.


And then a heavy thud on the ground. Izumi waited but she didn't come back.

"Mother?" Izumi called. But there was no reply. Immediately, the girl felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Her heart began to beat a little faster.

What was going on?

Izumi stood up to see what her mother had found. But when she turned the corner, she was met with the sight she least expected.

Her dear mother lay unconscious or dead on the ground, and standing next to her, the young man she admired the most. He wore the standard ANBU uniform with a katana strapped to his back, mask in his hand. In his glowing red eyes, Izumi saw tortured dismay. In that moment, she understood what he had to do.

"Itachi-" But Itachi couldn't bear to hear her voice any more.

"Tsukuyomi." In an instant, Izumi's head clouded with more chakra than she could even imagine. And for but a moment, there was no more.

Izumi was twelve years old.

The lush, green trees blew in the gentle breeze, surrounding the training field of the Uchiha compound. Birds chirped, and the sun shone brightly overhead. It was peaceful here. Izumi felt slender fingers wrap around her own. To her right, Itachi stood by her side. He smiled at her warmly and in his eyes there was no more pain. They were happy.

"Welcome to our new life, Izumi."

-To be Continued!-