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Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts - Task #3: Write about a household (or common room/dorm room) rule. The rule needs to be something that might not exist in other households. For example, one household has a rule about dessert after dinner, while a different household would have a different rule. The rule must be the main focus of the story. Prompt = breathe

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Restricted Section Challenge - 3 - Restriction - Write a story in which you must not use the word 'it'.


A year ago, if someone told Hermione that she would care for a Death Eater, she would have thought them insane.

That was until Dolohov had found her and… captured her? Saved her? Taken her prisoner?

The lines were too blurred to truly understand anymore.

Hermione had tried to leave. She didn't care much for the one rule: 'Don't leave the house!'

She had waited until Dolohov had left for the day, before sneaking out of the back, hoping to climb over the fence into the nearby field and make her way to London. She wondered who was left of the Order, and if they were back in Grimmauld Place? She assumed this was the safest place to be.

She didn't realise that the wards weren't the sort that she was used to. The second she tried to pass them, a force threw her back across the garden, leaving her laying on the grass in agony. Sirens wailed, as though behind glass, and a figure followed her through.

Rotting teeth, cold eyes and a smirk that couldn't quite match Malfoys, Amycus Carrow stood over her body, his wand out, an unforgivable flowing easily from his tongue.

"I can't believe you're still alive!" he remarked. "Dolohov said he killed you. He showed the Dark Lord your body." The man looked delighted. "But I'll be rewarded for bringing you to him."

She screamed in agony, unable to breathe. The pain only disappearing once the lifeless body hit the ground next to her. As she began to fade out of consciousness, angry, yet concerned eyes met hers.

"There are enchantments up, seeking out all the mudbloods," he explained. "If you leave, they will find you and kill you."


The only high-level Death Eater she encountered was Lucius, who was arrogant and Over-Confident.

That was his mistake, which allowed Hermione to flee. Most of her safety was based on pure dumb-luck.

But then Dolohov found her. He fought her without the same arrogance as Lucius. His ability to understand how powerful Hermione was gave him an advantage the others didn't have.

Antonin Dolohov didn't take long to win.


Hermione curled up on the sofa, book in hand. She had chosen a book on Wizarding History to make a change from the spell-books. When Dolohov wasn't home, she would practice her wandless magic, but that was still a work in progress.

Hermione had a plan for when she left, but knowing that she wasn't safe, she wasn't going to rush. She would wait for a sign, any sign, from the Order or Resistance (if there was one) and then make her move.

But until then, she was happy feeling safe. Even if safety involved a cruel Death Eater.

One that happily joined her on the sofa to talk about history and magical stories. One that made sure Hermione had everything she needed.

One that was willing to kill to protect her.

She ignored the fact that she had actually grown to care for him.

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