2009 CE
Edge of the Milky way Galaxy

This is Lt. Colonel Stevenson Yin, commanding officer of PLAAF Battlecruiser the Sun Tzu, this a supplemental after action report submitted to the IOA for the starship's mission.

Mission began on 12th of February 2009, exactly six days ago we departed Earth orbit for the planet P3X-647 to drop off and escort an advisory team there. But before reaching the destination we received a gold priority message from Home World Defense and the IOA cancelling our mission. They instructed us to head to rendezvous with the Apollo at a designated location in the galactic rim at the best available speed. We met with the Apollo thirty-six hours later.

Colonel Ellis of the Apollo then took overall command of the force, as directed by the IOA, looking back I could understand their decision, as Colonel Ellis has more experience than me as captain of a starship and in starship to starship battles. He participated in several battles in the Pegasus and the Milky way galaxies, most notably the Battle of the Ashuras which was a full fleet to fleet engagement, while the closest thing I had a ship to ship battle was swatting out a few death gliders who became too confident to challenge us.

We then proceeded to the coordinates provided by the Atlantis expedition, where they estimate the Super-hive will conduct its hyperspace pause.

And as expected the Super-Hive exited hyperspace near the coordinates four hours later. Although both crews fought with utmost professionalism and team work, we failed. We fought with our best weapons, with Asgard Beam weapons, with Mark 9 enhanced nukes and even a Horizon devise. We still failed, not due to any lack on our part, the Super-hive was simply too strong, too powerful.

As a result, twenty-six of the crew died, my crew, people who I call friends people who died for the Middle kingdom to be safe, for our planet to be safe, but I am afraid the best thing we did was delay the Super-Hive by a few minutes.

With our beam emitters fried, our ordinance down to less than a third, a few decks venting atmosphere, and our hyper drive needing at least weeks in dry dock to even function, it is also worthy to note that the Apollo had it worse. We were powerless to stop the Super-Hive from leaving.

Then a Miracle came, well most people would call it talent. It was a bit more than two hours after the Super-Hive left, while doing emergency repairs when, Doctor Henry Lee came to me with an idea. A few years ago he, together with Doctors Mckay, Zelenka and a host of others, was previously studying a particular experiment of the Lantean scientist named Janus involving an experimental drive.

A wormhole drive that would allow us not only to catch up to the Super-Hive but instantly appear to Earth thus beating them there. According to Doctor Lee, we have all that we need in the ship.

The down side was, activating the wormhole drive requires a lot of power, as he explains the bigger the object you transport using the drive raises the power requirements exponentially. Good thing we are not as big as a Ha'tak or heavens forbid, an Alteran Cityship. But even with our small size, the power requirements are enormous, it would eat through all our remaining energy reserves and then some. Thus we cannot raise shields in the event that Doctor Lee does manage to bring us to Earth, not that shield emitters would give us a lot of protection in its current banged up state.

Even the calculations are risky, one wrong value could mean that we would end up somewhere pretty far with no way to go home or worse exit in the middle of a star or an event horizon of black hole.

Be as it may there is no other way, the whole galaxy is at risk. Compared to that all others pale in comparison.

Doctor Lee informs me that it would take six hours before the modifications are done and the ship has enough energy to activate the drive.

Our plan once we arrive there is to ram the Super-hive thus use the Ship as a missile in delivering our remaining payload of Mark VIII's and IX's.

Members of the IOA, I could proudly state that none of my crew were having second thoughts in this mission.

It was a pleasure to serve Earth.

Next part of this recording would be for my family and fiancé.

Father, seeing that look on your face when I graduated as top of my class was one of those moments that I would bring for the rest of my life. No matter how unexpectedly short it turned out to be….

Lt. Colonel Stevenson Yin

He fastened the topmost button in his uniform then looked at the mirror, "everything looks sharp" he thought. It wasn't everyday he wore his ceremonial uniform, but on second thought it wasn't every day that he dies as well.

It's better to die dressed well than dressed like a beggar. His grandfather's words echoed in his head.

He wasn't afraid to die, in fact he was glad that he could lay down his life for his family, for China, for Earth. Well at least that was what he keeps telling himself.

After taking one last glance at the mirror he stepped outside his cabin.

As he was walking from his quarters to the bridge he passed by a couple of crew, they looked pretty busy attending their duties. Well they should be, as there are a lot of things that needed repair and we need every single advantage we could get if we could have a chance of destroying that Super-Hive, he thought.

The looks of their faces showed grim determination, there was no fear. They didn't look like people who were about embark on a suicide mission, that means certain death regardless if they succeeded or not. Because of that he was proud to be their CO, proud to call some of them his friends.

"Captain on the bridge!" Some officer in the bridge called out, as he entered the bridge, although he couldn't notice which one of his crew screamed out.

The bridge looked as if it had gone through a battle, well it did. There were debris scattered here and there, electrical sparks in random areas, a missing panel or three and a lot of loose wirings. Which was probably due to the previous battle or the crew's band aid fixes he thought.

The crew, was busy as ever, they saluted to acknowledge the presence of their CO then went back to their respective tasks. Their sheer professionalism made him think that they may actually succeed in stopping the Super-Hive.

"Lt. Colonel Yin sir!" the guy standing beside the science officer said. What made him standout was that he was the only person in civilian outfit in the entire bridge. Well aside from the fact that he was a stereotypical nerd in a sea of military officers. He was a very slender guy, pale skin, uncombed hair and a thick rimmed glasses to match. Several years ago when he first met the guy, he thought that the guy was an avert follower of Nerd Weekly.

"Yes, Doctor Lee?" he replied.

"Lt. Colonel Yin, the energy capacitors are charged at 99.86% of we estimated as the optimal energy level required to initiate the wormhole drive. And as per estimation it would take another three or so minutes to reach that level, however I must admit that the estimation in reaching the hundred percent mark is not that accurate due to us charging the capacitors at sizably over its designed levels, and I must say we are several degrees of magnitude over maximum safety levels, coupled with battle damage I could….."

Doctor Lee, a simple "sir, three minutes left to initiate the drive" would have been sufficient. We would have reached a hundred percent long before you would have finished your monologue.

"And I'm not planning to spend my last minutes listening to a lecture on whatever field of physics this is in." Colonel Yin jokingly added, this made the rest of the bridge smile, which was a nice thing given their current situation.

He noticed that Doctor Lee was about to say something. Knowing him it would have been to answer what field of physics this was in, when something in the console caught his attention.

"Sir, energy levels are at optimal levels." Yin noticed that he was about to add something like he usually did but decided to stop at that. Noticing that Yin noticed him, he smiled at Yin.

"Scientists!" Colonel Yin thought.

"I'm not keen on speeches whether long or short, but it was a pleasure serving with all of you. I couldn't have asked for a better crew." He addressed the bridge with much conviction.

"Same sir" or "the pleasure has been ours" echoed across the bridge as the crew replied.

"Now engage the wormhole drive! For the Middle Kingdom!" he didn't know where that last part came from, it must have been in his head for somewhere for quite some time.

"Engaging wormhole drive." Dr. Lee announced as he leaned in the console effectively blocking the science officer, who wasn't really doing anything. Then pressed several buttons. Yin knew that what Dr. Lee was doing was a lot more complicated than a normal activation of a hyperspace window. Which even in itself was very complicated.

Then finally after what to him seemed like half an eternity the drive was finally engaged as he saw warnings in his console and a lot of shaking in the ship.

Then he could feel all the molecules or whatever made up his body on that quantum level, seem to blink out then back in to existence.

Suddenly the ship shook really hard, then the next thing he knew was that he was on the floor in front of his chair, he could hear noises of alarms sounding as if everything that would go wrong went wrong as of this moment and they he could smell smoke which was probably few if not most of the ship's circuits being fried.

Gaining composure, he brushed off the inexistent dust of his sleeves. Then went back to sit in his chair. He noticed that a lot of people were in the same situation he was a moment ago, well except Dr. Lee. Who was crouching like a baby beneath the console he was previously working on. Yin fought the urge to smile at the person's situation, but regrettably he was unsuccessful.

"Tactical, what is the status?" he inquired to the tactical officer, who he saw was already working at her terminal she was probably the first one to regain composure. Never mind the fact that she didn't seem to notice that her usually prim and proper shoulder high hair was currently in a desperate need of attention from a salon. Damn she's one hard nut to keep down, he thought.

"Sir the wormhole drive drained all our power, and all naquadria reactors are down, auxiliary power at 24.4%, hyper drive is fried, sensors both long ranged and short ranged are down, communications are down, shield emitters are still down…"

"Anything in this ship working at all?" Yin cut in.

"Well sir, life support is working, transporters are working, and strangely inertial dampeners are working at around 73% capacity. Besides that, I could wager to Major Lim that her dildo is probably still working as well." She ended with a smile.

"This is not the time for your inappropriate jokes Major." Yin remarked

"Sorry about that sir! and short ranged sensors are back online."

"Good, so where the hell are we?"

"According to sensors… Well the ship's having a hard time triangulating our location. But its 92% sure we are near the Martian orbit."


"I don't know sir, it's probably an after effect of the wormhole drive or something else, but according to this Mars is in a different part of its orbit than where it should be. She probably went there to hook up with a cute asteroid."

"Let me look at that! And Mars is named after the Roman god of war who is a male." Dr. Lee corrected as he moved towards her terminal.

"Forget mars, priorities people! Let's get back to our mission. What is the status of the Super-hive and Earth?" Yin cut in, to him the mystery was something reserved for the astronomers. They had a job to do.

"I have scanned the immediate area with the Asgard sensors, although as a defense they are not working at peak efficiency, as there's too little power. According to this there is no sign of the Wraith Hive, and no sign of the radiation that that a Hive would usually emit. This would mean that we came here before them. As you know it was the Lanteans who first noticed that Wraith Hives emit this particular radiation signature, mind you this radiation has a very short half-life…."

"Spare me the lecture Doctor, I would probably sleep half way through that. Hail Home World Defense, inform them of the situation."

"Uhmmm, we are not detecting any artificial radio waves nor subspace signature. Nor could I detect any artificial satellites on Earth's orbit. Ohhh heaven! I'm only detecting around two billion life signs on the surface. I am attempting to reboot the scanners then…."

Colonel Yin didn't hear the rest of Dr. Lee's mumbling. Two billion life signs? he thought, were we too late? Did my family and friends die? Did the Wraith kill them? But why leave more than two billion? A few thousand would be sufficient to ensure that there would be a next cycle?

"Lansiao!" He could hear Lee curse in Hokkien, which brought him out of his deep thought.

"Don't just curse there in your provincial tongue, what did you find out Lee?" Yin jokingly said.

"It make sense now Lt. Colonel Yin." Lee then paused as he reviewed the data. Yin could notice that he probably won't continue if not asked as Lee's facial expression was very surprised and so was the tactical officer beside him who's terminal he was currently using.

"You're not usually this tight lipped, go on explain."

"The Asgard sensors have detected a difference in stellar position of the planets and also the stars are in a slightly different position than where they should be. That is why Lt. Colonel Yin, that the computers are having a bit of trouble triangulating our current location. It matches with the temporal signature of the rest of the universe, well at least what were are currently reading. The only explanation when we take into account the temporal signature, stellar drift, what we are detecting in Earth and what risks we expected engaging the wormhole drive. The only explanation is we went back in time."

"This is not entirely unheard of, according to one of SG-1's mission reports we managed to procure they went back to the 1970's." He was feeling weird as he was not as surprised as he should be given the fact that they went back in time.

"According to the stellar drift. We've travelled a bit further than that Lt. Colonel Yin."

"How far?" he was genuinely curious.


This story will feature at first changes in China and only minor butterflies in other countries at first. Thus sorry to say there wont be any CSA!

Also I'm planning space battles here to be larger than what we saw on TV