"woah nick luke at dis" maya sys. "wat" says pheonix. "its de tennnis!" maya sys. "lol wat is dat, Tennis Samurai?!" feonix lauhs 2 himself with dat sick burn."no its wimbledon u porsecutor" maya scrims. "oh yeah, i used 2 be a professonal tennis player" phoenix lied. "really?" maya sys. "no, i wuz lying" phoenix says.

"2 late nick, i alraady bought u tickets" maya sys. 5 mins l8tr phonix was in wimbledon pudding on his tennis shoes "maya, dis is cow poo" phoenix sys. "nick just do eet" maya scrims.

Phoneix steps onto a speshial 3-way tonnis courtjust made 4 dis match. "woah, hes so gud he didont even brong a racket?!" de Queen says. "oh poopoo" sys phoenix when he reolises he doesnt even racket.

pheonxi looks his 2 oponents. Roger federer and Andy Murray. "The final is now stlarting!" sys de umpire shelly de killer. "Hey de killer why u umpire" sys phoenix. "cuz im old and everyonee loves me" shelly sys. "Federer 2 serve" sys umpire de killer. Federer hits a shot dat boomerangs around. "wtf was dat?! i clal haxk" phoenix cries. bu nobody crares.

teh ball boomerongs 2 Murray who hits it 2 phoenix. Phonix rubs his chin. If he doesnt racket. he needs 2 hit it anonther way. "OBJECTION!" phoenix scrims so loud it hits da ball 2 federer. the blal goes faster dan hyper sonic adn fderer miss.

"dat hit tho" sys Queeeny. "15 love two phoenix wright!" sys umpire de killer. "dis is easy!"


"dis is hard as a rock" sys phoenix panting. "U SHULDVE USED MY CHORDS OF STEAL TRANINING!" apolo scrims besied de queen. "shaaddup u fraude atorney" poenix tries 2 scrim but he too tired.'I need a new waye 2 hit de ball..' phoenix thonks rubbering his chin. den de ball bounceis off his finger by acident. dats it!Su phoenxi startas using his pointling finger like when he objects in chourt. Bam Bam Bam!


Phoenixs finger wus broken. Federer lost hand it was jest Murrry v phoenix now. A new Game wus startling.

Bam! an ace frum murray. 15 love sys unpire de killer. OBJECTIONE! yeelz phonix "IF U RLY LOVE ME U WILL GIB UP DE GAME!". murray insta-concodes.

"nice gme mr wright" sys de queen "but now u face me!1!" and queeny pulls her fac off to reveal... NIC CAGE! who pulls his head off 2 reveal RYOMA ECHIZEN. "haha, im de prince of tennis and twelve!" he sys.

to be cocluded in Phoenix Wright Prince of Tennis