Arthur Note: I hope you'll enjoy this story. It's kinda my first time doing something like this specially the settings for Undertale. I know the last time nobody seems to like it so I kinda threw that off. I probably or may have some spelling errors or grammar but please don't judge on me. I'm still working on that. Anyways I hope you enjoy the story!

In a town where it's known for it's ocean vacations call Beach City, a young boy about the age of fourteen has black hair and wears a red with a yellow star shirt and blue pants was outside of the house that is up on the mountain stature of the beach. The boy was talking to his friend who has brown skin with long black hair, wearing a blue and white dress. The boy's friend look at the boy saying "I can't believe my parents let me stay with you guys for a little while, I mean it's the first time they had me be with you." The boy nods "I'm so glad they did, I like to hang around with you." The boy's friend giggled saying "Hey Steven, I wonder if the gems let me come to one of your missions someday." Steven shrugs saying "I don't know, that would be cool if you could come, Connie." Connie nods just then the blue lights was shown inside the room and went out in few seconds. Steven smiled knowing what the light was and so did Connie. "The gems are back!" They both yelled as they ran into the house.

Once inside there stood on a blue rounded like platform were three gems more like aliens but they are the protector of Earth. One was taller then the two, she has black hair that shape as a square, her body are mix with dark pink and light pink texture, has silver sunglasses over her eyes so no one can see her three eyes, has two different gems on each of her hand as well. The other one is a slight smaller but is skinny and thin, she has blonde hair point out the back of her head, she has a white gem on her forehead, wearing a blue like tank top without the straps and a yellow like pants but goes to her knees and a blue bow match with her shirt tied around her waist line. The last one is a lot smaller the the two but almost the same size of Steven, she has purple skin with long messy lavender hair with bangs almost covering her right eye, a dark purple gem on her chest, wearing a long black dress with straps.

Steven and Connie both met up with the gems and welcome them back. The gem with lavender hair said with a grin "hey Steven, Connie, check this out." The gem with lavender hair use her gem magic to make herself into a bird and flew around causing the lights above to move a little. Steven smiled saying "go Amethyst go!" The gem with the blue shirt huff yelling, "Amethyst get down now! You're going to break something!" Amethyst came down and turn herself back to normal, "aw… come on Pearl" she said "just showing them what I like to do." Steven and Connie both laughs, Pearl huffs saying "don't encourage her you two." The gem with the sunglasses step down saying "hmm… well I think maybe we should bring Connie to a place where me and Amethyst been to before" Connie smiled "you mean it Garnet!" Garnet nods and Connie began to jump up and down in joy so did Steven. Pearl look at Garnet and ask "Garnet, are you sure we should bring Connie?" Garnet nods "I think it'll do her some good and even Steven."

Steven and Connie stop jumping and Steven walk up to Garnet and ask "where are we going?" Pearl look at Garnet and ask "yes, where are we taking them?" Garnet smiled saying "to Mt. Ebott." Amethyst's eyes widened and yelled "no way, really Garnet, you're the best!" Pearl's eyes widened with concerned. Connie and Steven had no idea or heard of Mt. Ebott before. Steven ask "where is Mt. Ebott?" Amethyst said "well it leads right to the Underground of course." Steven scratch his head and so did Connie. Garnet said explaining, "you see Steven, Mt. Ebott is the home of the Underground where monsters of all shorts lives, the humans long time ago before we even came here to Earth had trap the monster in the Underground because they fear that the monsters would take their souls. At first they didn't but after the death of two royal children, the King of the Underground had declared to have seven human souls so they could go free. Six had already fallen, they only needed one more to break the barrier so the monsters could go free." Pearl said after Garnet had finished explaining "that is why we shouldn't go there. It's far too dangerous, if Steven or Connie accidentally fall into the Underground then we will never be able to get them back."

Connie look at Pearl curious "what do you mean you won't be able to save us?" Pearl sighs and Garnet help to explain to Connie more, "you see since the magic in the Underground is so powerful not even us gems could be able to use our gem powers to help you out. You have to find a way if you are able to survive." Amethyst said "ah… we're won't be getting near that place anyway just on the mountain that's all, right Garnet?" Garnet nods "yes, just the mountain. I've been there and it's really has a great view from there." Steven and Connie excitedly follow the gems to the platform which is know as the Warp Pad. Peal look at Garnet and ask "do you really think this is a good idea?" Garnet nods saying "indeed, as long they don't go near the cave, they'll be fine." Just then they all disappear in the blue flash of light. In a few minutes they all got on the mountain at least almost the top of the mountain and look at the wide open field below. Steven and Connie were both in gaze and amazed of how beautiful the countryside was. Garnet smiled saying "I told you this place has a lovely view." Pearl sighs and relax a little as she look down at the open field of the woods.

Just then Amethyst began to poke Pearl on the back, which made Pearl irritated and yell at Amethyst to quite it. Amethyst wouldn't stop till Pearl push Amethyst to the side and yelled to knock it off. Garnet turn and calm the two down so they wouldn't fight with each other. When the gems were sidetracked with each other, Steven happen to spot the opening cave not far from where they were. Steven point the opening to Connie and she nods. The two kids sneakily went pass the gems without a problem and into the opening of the cave. Connie said as she look around, "wow, it's so dark in here." Just then Steven stop Connie and she look down to see a big black hole on the ground that she nearly fell into. Connie thank Steven for stopping her on time. They both look down at the hole with curiosity. Steven said "I wonder if this is where it leads to the Underground." Connie nods saying "I would imagine it is. This must be the place Garnet was talking about." The kids were so distracted on the hole that they didn't hear the gems calling their names.

Connie was about to kneel down and wanted to test out of how big of a drop it was when she heard Garnet's voice, "Steven, Connie, get out of there, it's far too dangerous." Connie look over to see the three gems standing by the entrance of the cave. Connie nods and said "oh okay, come on Steven." Connie went walking towards the gems, Steven on the other hand didn't hear Garnet or Connie but stare at it for a moment. He then was out of his thoughts when he heard Pearl yelling at him to get out of there. He turned and saw the gems and Connie by the entrance. Steven said while turn to go towards them, "oh uh… I'm coming!" Steven was about to walk when suddenly cracks was heard below him, he look down when suddenly the rocks broke and cause him to fall. Pearl yell as she ran to grab hold of Steven's hand, "Steven, hang on!" Garnet and Amethyst went to follow, Connie stay of where she was at. Once Pearl grab hold of Steven's hand that when she trip and began to fall into the big wide hole. Garnet and Amethyst try to save Pearl and Steven but were too late. Pearl and Steven both fell down into the hole. Amethyst look at Garnet saying "now what do we do? We can't use our powers to help them." Connie came up and ask "are they going to be okay?"

Garnet sighs as it seems a long time before she spoke, "Pearl is a strong gem and I know her, she'll won't give up of getting out of there. Specially for Steven." Garnet led Amethyst and Connie out of the cave and soon they went back home with the Warp Pad.

In the meantime it seems like forever as Pearl and Steven both fell till they both hit hard on the ground. It took twenty minutes before they both finally began to wake up. Pearl was the first to wake up, her vision was a bit blurry as she saw lots of yellow things around her, she couldn't make out what she was even on. In two minute her vision came back and she could now see clearly that she was on a patch of yellow flowers around her. "What is this place?" she thought to herself. Just then she heard moaning not far from where she was, she turn to see Steven slowly rising in a sitting position, he too barely could see what he was even on. Pearl gasp and got up at first a bit shaky but able to get up and ran to Steven. "Steven, are you okay?" Steven look still blurry to see what was going on. He could see someone running right to him that soon he could see the person looking right at him though he couldn't figure out who it was at first. Once Steven's vision was back to normal he could clearly see Pearl asking him if he's alright. Steven blink for a moment saying "yeah, I think so." He look down to see lot of yellow flowers all around him, "are we on some patch of flowers?" Pearl sighs "yes, but I'm not even sure where we are." Steven ask "are we down in the Underground?" Pearl thought a moment and finally remember that she and Steven fell into the hole of Mt. Ebott.

Pearl gasp saying "oh no, now how are we going to get out of here?" Steven got up and ask as he was able to stand "why don't you use your magic to get us out of here?" Pearl sighs saying "it's not that easy. Remember what Garnet told you and Connie? Gems like us can't be able to just go right back up from where we fell, just like those six humans we have to find another way out." Steven ask "so how are we going to get home now?" Pearl glance down saying "we'll figure out, I promise." Pearl turn to look at Steven and said "come on, let's see where this path takes us." Steven nods as they went though the only dark hallway to got though. As they both got part way through the hallway there was a dim of light showing in front of them, there under the dim light is a single yellow flower just like the rest of the flowers back from where Pearl and Steven fell. But this flower was alone and it seems to have it's back towards them. Steven said "I wonder why there's only one flower here." Pearl shrugs saying "I don't know." Just then to Pearl and Steven surprise the flower turn to reveal it's face with fangs sticking out of the mouth. "Howdy" he said "I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower, it's nice to see you two here." He was shock when he saw Pearl but not to surprise to see Steven. Steven smiled saying "Hi Flowey, I'm Steven Universe and this here is Pearl." Pearl wave though she was a bit suspicious of Flowey. Flowey smiled "it's so nice to meet you two, hey you wanna see something cool." Steven nods saying "sure do!"

Flowey made his magic with little white pellets and began to move around Steven and Pearl. Steven laughs as he try to catch one, Pearl was a bit suspicious. "Steven, I think you shouldn't touch those." Steven said while still trying to catch one "come on Pearl, it's really kinda fun." Pearl look at Flowey who was still smiling at her. Pearl wonder if this flower is even to be trustworthy. Just then as Steven had touch one of the pellets his hands began to burn. "Ouch!" he scream in pain. Pearl ran to check on Steven's hand to see a little burn on his palm. Just then Flowey's face turn pure evil, his eyes turn hallow black sockets and his mouth began to drop some. Steven eyes widened as Pearl grab her blue spear from her gem and was ready to use it on Flowey. Flowey said "your an idiot thinking that I was harmless, well at least this gem knew that I was not to be trustworthy. So let me put this out straight to you both (Flowey's voice grew deeper and scary) in this world is either kill or be kill." Steven gulp as Pearl step in front of Steven to protect him.

Flowey smiles and soon use more pellets to attack, Pearl was able to destroy each one with her spear. Just then Flowey use more pellets and soon made the pellets surrounded Pearl and Steven. Pearl knew these pellets were too tough to destroy. She put her spear back into her gem and grab hold of Steven as they both embrace the pellets. Steven close his eyes as he held tight to Pearl's shirt and Pearl holding Steven close to her also close her eyes. Just then as Pearl open one of her eyes, she saw a big fireball hit right at Flowey, he scream as he was thrown to the wall. Pearl open both of her eyes as she look up to see a goat lady wearing a purple dress with a white symbol on it, has long floppy ears and her eyes are golden brown. Pearl had Steven to open his eyes as he look at the goat lady with surprise. The goat lady smile saying "it's terrible that a mean flower like him could hurt two innocent youth." Pearl and Steven both got up and Pearl smiles saying "thank you for saving us." Steven nods saying "yeah, I'm glad to be alive." The goat lady giggled saying "it was my pleasure. I'm just so glad I came here on time to find you two. Come let me help you though this Ruins." As Pearl and Steven follow the goat lady, Steven said "I almost forgot, I'm Steven and this here is Pearl."

The goat lady stop and turn saying "nice to meet you Steven, Pearl, which that is a pretty name." Pearl blush a little saying "uh… thank you." Soon the goat lady spoke "I'm Toriel the gate keeper of the Ruins. I come here to see if any children had fallen down here. It's my daily routine when I met with you two." Steven smiles saying "yeah, we kinda accidentally fell in here." Toriel took Steven's hand and said "come, let's continue on." Pearl nods as she stay close behind Steven encase she has to attack something else.