A Warped & Bizarre History of the seaQuest and it's Crew
By Maureen Anson

First came Stark, raving mad
with a Ford as Number 1
mousy O'Neill played Thagd with them
and all was fine and dandy.

Next was a Bridger
with a Darwinistic genius
several others joined as well
forming an interlectual smorgasbord

Lucky Luke, the teenage brainiac
all hormones and awkwardness
Krieg the moral prankster
chaos ensued, driving people to madness

Katie hitched a ride West
Failin' at a singing career
but succeeding as a doctor
and an engineer

The ship was lost
to a sea of flames
promises broken
but willing to swim again

Ortiz the walking love machine
competed with Lonnie for a conQuest while
Brody and Tony tried to date their mothers
proving they'd been too long under the sea

The Kraytak came and
Skywalked our heros away
to unknown waters
far away

After this came the Hudson Bay
chugging swiftly through all dilemas
a chickie named Freddi
followed closely

Dagwood made wise remarks
proving his worth again and again
matching wits with
a free Mason

Luke met a girl in 1962
by the name of Christina
and with all this confusion
we'll we leavin' ya