Two weeks later

Bella woke up the next morning and walked out of her tent so she walks over to Cole "morning Cole" she said to him with a small smile on her face "good morning, Bella.. did you have a good sleep" he asked her "it was great.. what are we doing today?" She asked him "today you going to turn into a wolfblood since it is a full moon tonight" Cole replied to her as he pulled her into a hug

He realised her and moves back "now why don't you go and play" he suggested with a smile "but aren't you going to teach me" she asked him in a confuse voice "no.. you done so well already" he told her in a calm voice

Bella turns and rans off to play

Cole saw Carol and Cat sitting together eating their breakfast so he walks over to them "hi Cole" they said at the same time as they saw their Alpha started there "hey" he dished up his breakfast and sat down next to them "where's Bella" Carol asked him "I send her to play for a bit while I sort out some pack stuff for tonight" he replied to them "what's so different tonight" Cat questioned him with a frown on her face as the others joined them "cause tonight, Bella will join the pack" Cole informed them with a big smile on his face "what if she wasn't ready for this yet" Dren dared asked "she's improved since being here.. Carol, I want you to watch over Bella tonight" Cole ordered her in alpha mode "yes alpha" she submitted to her alpha

Bella found some flowers so she sat down and started making a headband out of flowers. Once it was done she places the headband on her head "there you are" she heard from behind and turns to see Thomas standing there "hi Thomas, what are you doing here?" She asked him as she stood up "everyone was getting worried about you! Let's head back" he told her while he turns and walks away

She runs and catches up to him

They reached camp to see everyone was already there so Bella walks over to Cole "Bella, what did I tell you about walking off" he asked her in a worried voice "not too" she whispers as she hung her head "alright" he walks away from her

she turns around to see Cat standing there "nice headband.. where did you get it?" Cat asked her "I made it" she replied in excited voice "how about you make me one" Cat said to her with a smile "I wish I could but I'm not to leave camp" she told her in a sad voice "not if we go together to find flowers" Cat said as she grabbed her hand "but we could get into trouble for walking off" Bella said in a worried voice "no cause we'll be together" Cat replied with a smile on her face

Bella turn her head to see Cole was busy to notice her so she faces her again "ok" they walked away from camp before anyone can notice them leaving

Bella went to go the way she came only to get grabbed so she looks at Cats with a confuse look on her face "are we're going to make a headband out of flowers" she questioned her "yes. But I know where lots of flowers are" Cat replied with a smile which Bella returned "follow me" Cat told her and walked away with Bella following "won't Luke be wondering where you'll be" she asked her in a worried voice as she looked around to see if he was hiding somewhere "he'll find me" Cat reasoned her

Soon they arrived to a beautiful meadow

Cat looks at her "what do you think" she asked with a smile on her face as she sat in the middle of the meadow while Bella picked up some flowers then she sat next to her "what's the best thing of being a wolf" she questioned her in a excited voice as she started making the headband "I enjoy ton run around and hunting" Cat replied to her "and being part of the pack and Luke being my mate" she informed her as Bella finished the headband and placed it on Cat's head

Cat looks up too see it was getting dark so she stood up "we better get back to camp" she held out her hand so Bella grabs her hand and let's Cat pull her up from the ground "we're need to hurry"

Cat runs off with Bella following her

Bella didn't see the stick and falls down on the ground with a thump which made Cat stop and turns around to see Bella on the ground holding her ankle "Bella, are you alright" she calls out as she ran over to her "I think I sprained my ankle" she told her as she stood up with Cat's help "I don't think we're going to make it back on time" Cat said as she saw it was to late to get back to camp "what are we going to do" she asks her in a worried voice "we're going to transform here" Cat replied as her eyes turned yellow "alright" Bella said as her eyes were turning yellow

The full moon was rising

Bella turns into a black wolf with a white face

She looks at Cat to see she was turning into a golden wolf with a tinted cream underbelly so she walks over and sniffs her to get her scent

They heard a howl nearby

Bella looks in that direction to see six wolves walked out of the woods in the corner of her eyes she saw Cat walk over and nuzzled a light brown wolf

A grey walks over to her and sniffs her which she returned it only to realise that the wolf was her brother

Cole lifted his head and let out a long howl so the rest of the pack started howling with their alpha once they stopped howling and started running in a pack