"We really should have prepared for this, Ozpin," Glynda groaned from behind her hand.

"Yes, we should have," Ozpin replied to the stern professor as the three of us walked through the basement where Amber was being kept. According to Ozpin on our way down, he stored Neopolitan here. But this conversation is getting nothing accomplished.

"What exactly did you two not plan for?" I asked, ignoring the pop-up that said my Major Arcane skill reached LV 7.

Ozpin palmed his face, as if looking at his fingerprints held the solution to the current situation. "Are you aware of how the powers of a Maiden transfer?"

I merely shook my head.

Ozpin nodded, and took a swig from his mug before continuing. "Whenever a Maiden dies, their powers are granted to the person that they are thinking about, given that that person is and identifies as female, capable of conceiving and giving birth, has an unlocked Aura, and not already a Maiden. Qrow and I hypothesized that Amber's powers would return to her once Cinder died, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When Cinder died, not only did she take what little life force Amber had remaining, likely the strain of the power of the Fall Maiden trying to reconnect with itself, but it was also transferred to our guest," Ozpin explained slowly, visibly glaring daggers at his mug.

So Amber died... That suc-wait. Wait wait wait. "Wait."

"I know."

"But she-"

"I know."

"How bad is this?"

"Do you want a percentage, or an example?" Glynda asked, before stopping dead in her tracks. "All we can really hope is that this Neopolitan was not on friendly terms with Cinder, or else we could very well have a very angry, full strength, inexperienced Maiden that has an illusory semblance wanting nothing more than our heads."

"So about a ninety four percent?" I ask dryly as we reached the cell where Amber's body sat, lifeless.

Name: Amber Maple
Race: Human (DEAD)
Title: DEAD

This is grim. I have caused four separate deaths at once. Well, three of them needed to die...

Did I legitimately just think that?

"How are we dealing with the body?" I asked after a respectful moment of silence. "We can't simply send it back to her family in this condition, she's been presumed dead for about a year."

Ozpin laid his mug down on a nearby counter. "Cremation is custom for Maidens. Even dead, their bodies have an extraordinary amount of biological data, and even several hours after death, there is enough aura in her body to mistake her for a living civilian. Raising her from the dead at this moment wouldn't be hard, even. All that would need to be done is restart the heart, restart some semblance of electrical signals in the brain, and there you have it; a new person from the corpse of the dead." Ozpin explained slowly. He started tapping his foot in an annoyed manner. "Of course, after the Aura runs out, with no soul to supply more, the outcome would prove to be quite... grim."

Wow. Holy crap necromancy is possible. "I'm assuming that with the data gathered on how to revive a Maiden's body, one would be able to tweak the process for a weaker being, like say another hunter?" I asked.

Ozpin shook his head. "That isn't the case, no. When I said the result results in something grim, I meant that literally. Once the reanimated Maiden runs out of Aura, they start resembling a creature of Grimm. I haven't seen it happen personally, but I would not like to take the chance."

That sounds... worse.

"Where did you stash Neopolitan?" I asked, setting my Aura Caliber firmly on my hip, and equipping my single highest damaging weapon; a warhammer called "Absolute Bludgeon." Can't hurt to be prepared.

Ozpin motioned to a small door off to the side. "She is currently restrained, but that can change at any moment. While you are possibly the single strongest individual on the planet, you lack what make the Maidens so powerful; actual, raw, elemental magic."

"Lovely," I droned, hand already on the doorknob. "I'll be out in a minute, deal with Amber's body while I'm gone." And with that, I shut the door behind me.

Before me was a grey/green concrete room, measuring roughly ten meters in each direction. No lights were on, but with my Clairvoyance skill, my eyes don't only 'see,' strictly speaking. I could also hear from them, detect electromagnetic fields, et cetera. I'm off topic.

Neopolitan was seated dead centre in the room, heavy lead shackles keeping her stuck to her stone seat.

Name: Neopolitan Creme
Age: 22
Race: Human (Maiden of the Fall)
Title: November Dessert
Level: N/A

Odd, Cinder's race only had 'Fall' bracketed beside her race. Was it because she only had a portion of the power? The change in her title is also interesting, but easily explained. Still, the lack of a level gives me a bad feeling... The influence of the magic Ozpin spoke of? Convenient of him to mention it now, and not before I had to actually kill a Maiden.

"Neopolitan Creme, I have a few questions to ask," I started, and slid some aura into an electric dust crystal for some lighting. "I suggest you answer them to the best of your abilities, as your fate depends on this."


Oh. Oh this is the opposite of good. I focused my eyes to her throat and it became obvious to my super-enhanced senses; Neopolitan is mute. The most she could do is a breathy cough. Either damage from before her Aura was unlocked or a condition from birth, it doesn't matter. I'll have to try a different approach.

"Since you can't talk, I'll start with yes or no questions. Nod your head for yes, shake your head for no," I feel like one of those guys on cop dramas that always plays the 'bad cop.' Such a tired trope... "Do you understand?"


Good, she's cooperating.

"Do you know who Cinder Fall is?"

Shake. Okay, not attached emotionally. Not too bad of a start.

"Do you know what Cinder Fall was after?"

A shake after a moment of thought. She knew the means to the end, but not the end itself, perhaps?

"Do you know who Cinder Fall was working for?"

An instant shake. Great, no real information.

"Do you live in Mistral?"

Shake. Okay, that is interesting. It would be safe to assume that the others lived in Mistral in order to have easy access to the school so that they could snea-wait.

"Did you attend Haven academy?"

Shake. If I'm right on my hunch...

"Does the headmaster of Haven know about you and the rest of Team CEMM?"


"I'll be right back."

I left Neopolitan alone in the cell, slamming the door behind me. Back in the main room, Glynda was gone, as well as Amber's container.

I turned to Ozpin, who was leaning against the wall next to the door. "Ozpin, I have incredibly bad news."

Ozpin closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Well, you're alive, so it can't be the worst news," Ozpin said simply, and took a deep drink of his coffee. "What did you find out?"

"Haven's headmaster was in on it."

Ozpin dropped his mug.



"Leonardo, are you there?" Ozpin asked impatiently into his scroll, pacing behind his desk. We were back in his office, and only now did I realize how late it is. The outside sky was blanketed in dark clouds, blocking the light from the shattered moon.

"Ozpin? It's good to hear from you, especially after today," An older man's voice came through Ozpin's scroll. The man sounds stressed.

"Yes, well, I had to deal with one of my students being suspected of killing them, so my day has been quite hectic... Oh, if you'll excuse me for a second, I have to send said student back to his dorm," Ozpin nodded, and I took that as my que to leave. Finally, this hectic day can be done, it felt like it took the better part of a year.


"I'm too powerful," I state blandly as I enter my dorm room. As the weekend starts tomorrow - or in a few hours, rather - my teammates were still up. Ren was reading... Ninjas of Love Volume 1. Lovely.

Nora was... Reading the second book. Why.

Pyrrha was nowhere to be seen, but judging by the fact that the bathroom door is closed, I'd hazard a guess and say she's not in Atlas.

Ren looked up to me blankly. "There's no such thing as too strong, Jaune, only too stupid." Sage advice, and I'd normally listen to it, but... "Excellent story, by the way. I tried to get Nora to not go through your stuff, but she wound up getting caught up in your writing. Naturally, Pyrrha and I were curious."

"Jauney you lewd boy!" Nora exclaimed. By the reflection on her eyes... Oh god. Page 80. Cursed page, CURSED PAGE.

"Oh please, this isn't going to phase me, not after the day I've had," I groaned, and flicked on the TV. "At least it's almost over.

QUEST: Autumn's Blurred Queen COMPLETE
Task:Destroy the Half Maiden COMPLETE
Bonus Task: Destroy the Half Maiden's Team FAILED (Neopolitan Creme still alive)
Secret 1: Don't get Caught COMPLETE
Secret 2: Don't be Suspected FAILED
Secret 3: Locate the new Fall Maiden COMPLETE
Rewards: 1000000 EXP, 1 Shatter Satellite Chunk, 1 Skill Book

Oh fuck, I forgot it was a flat MILLION EXP.

You have leveled up 25 Times! You have 150 unspent Attribute Points!

By increasing your AP to over 100000, you have unlocked the skill [Resemblance]

Resemblance LV 1
Passive: Increases AP, HP, and MP by 1% per Second
Active: Copy another person's Semblance
Active Cost: Varies by Semblance
At current level, you will have 33% effectiveness with the copied Semblance

Skill Book - Resurrect

I don't know how to process this. I'm LV 56, my huge AP gave me what is the most broken ability to ever exist, and I have a skill book that RESURRECTS PEOPLE FROM THE DEAD.

You cannot learn [Resurrect]
Minimum 300 WIS, 500 LUK, 300 INT

Okay, fair, I can't just resurrect people for fun. Those stat requirements are brutal, a regular person would need you have over a thousand Min-Maxed levels just to cast it. I guess it makes sense, I'd be taking someone's soul from whatever passes for an afterlife. Requiring actually stupid amounts of LUK makes sense, but the INT and WIS requirements... I've decided long ago that I'm a physical fighter, I can't just waste points on a few attributes for just one skill, especially considering I don't even know the restrictions.

I'm dumping 50 points right into DEX.

By increasing your DEX to 100, you have learned skill [Contortionist]

Contortionist LV 1
Passive: Increases flexibility and speed by 11%
A Contortionist can break the rules of human physiology to perform stunts that would kill a lesser man

"I can copy Semblances," I stated to myself in amazement after taking another look at my Character Sheet.

Pyrrha took that as her signal to exit the washroom, holding... a copy of Ninjas of Love, Volume 1. It doesn't take a genius to guess what... nevermind. Ignore the obvious, even if she's cute when she's embarrassed.

"Did you just say you can copy-" I had to cut Pyrrha off.

"Yeah, I learned the skill when my AP reached over one-hundred-thousand. I have one third proficiency with the Semblance I copy, meaning I would have to spend three times as much Aura as Ruby to get the same speed boost, but I can only get one third the total boost she can," I explained. While I haven't used the skill yet, I automatically know what I need to know in order to use it. Weird how skills work.

Pyrrha laid down on her bed, and tossed her book onto her nightstand. "What took you so long with Professor Ozpin?"

I shrugged, and stretched my body over my own bed, earning several loud pops from my spine. "I was suspected of killing that Haven team, Team CEMM. I guess it's kind of fair, considering Professor Port was sent to the other side of the campus in one kick." I answered as flatly as possible. "But, one of Haven's Professors, Ash Coleson, used his Semblance to make it impossible for me to lie. But, there's something more important than me being declared innocent."

Nora looked up from her book and raised an eyebrow.



Glynda stood at the front of the class, and telekinetically waved stacks of paper to every student present.

"These are your exams for the first semester. If you somehow missed what I've been saying for the last week regarding these, allow me to remind you of the rules. You all will have forty minutes to complete this written portion, after which there will be a measure of your physical capabilities, and Aura capacity. After that will be one-on-one fights. I will tell you know, losing your fight does not mean you fail. You may begin the written portion now," Glynda stated cooly to the room of first and second year students.

I sighed, already knowing how the one-on-one fights are going to go, as everyone's opponent will be me. Since I'm stronger than pretty much everyone, and I regenerate my points in the blink of an eye, it was the fairest decision in all honesty. I believe Glynda said I was still attending as 'A mere formality' to the rest of the class after flattening... All of them at the same time. Good god I am not a fair existence, and I STILL have no clue how my strength hasn't been leaked worldwide.

Sure, Cardin's video of me pummeling Team RWBY by flicking at them was posted to Beacon's private servers, but surely one of the Haven teams that arrived a couple weeks ago with Cinder & Pals would have posted it to a public server. Is the flow of information really that tight?

Speaking of Cinder's teammates, Neopolitan, or 'Neo' as she prefers, has been released from her cell under some very strict conditions, first and foremost that she act as Glynda's assistant, which is why she's standing behind Glynda right now. Why she's making kissy faces to any boy that looks at her is beyond me, but in the time she's been free I've come to learn that she's a troll. Aaaand there's my own kissy face, time to get back to my exam.

Considering the skill Rationalists Mind is tripling my INT and WIS, the answers to the exam came to me like flies to honey.

The physical exam was nothing, and I easily placed the highest for Aura capacity.

And the fights...

I limited myself, in all fairness, by not going the usual route of 'Punch until gone,' and instead used Resemblance together with two body clones from Brother Old Brother New. While I did beat everyone handily, I had to actually see their Semblance in action in order to copy it, and I couldn't use another person's Semblance while the current one was active.

The most interesting fight was against Weiss because Glyphs are just really, really cool.

But... nothing really worth noting.

I think that Glynda was right, I'm still attending as a formality. Still, it's not too bad, I have friends here and the Vytal Festival is going to be funny when I show up everyone.

But Neo really needs to stop sending me kissy faces every time I look in her general direction. It's distracting.