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CSIFO May-June 2064 Episodes Titles Fan Fiction Challenge

(csiforeveronline dot wikifoundry dot com)

Rules: ~ One-Shot - any length but only 1 post per story

~ Any of the CSI characters from the original series, either living or dead

~ At least 2 of our beloved CSI characters must appear in the story

~ Any Genre - AU, Fantasy, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Western, Historical, etc.

~ No cross-over with any other CSI series or show

Episode Titles:

~ Any of the 15 years of episode titles may be used in your story

~ Minimum of 5 titles must be use

~ Maximum of 20 titles may be used

~ Titles must be used as part of a sentence, dialogue or description

Setting: Season 6ish, though a little AU in that GSR is established and known in the lab :)

Disclaimer: None of the characters or the concept of CSI are mine, I'm just playing with them a little.

Due to an unusual confluence of too much overtime and several cases coming to trial, the grave shift found themselves off for the entire weekend. By happenstance, it was Brass' normal weekend off rota, as well. And somehow, Grissom had found himself inviting everyone to his home for a poker night ... Gil vaguely recalled talking to Catherine and Sara as he was getting off of a double shift about how it would be a good thing for the whole team to get together sometime soon. So this night, the normal oasis of calm that was Grissom's loft, was filled with friends & lovers of good food, drinks and cards.

Grissom pushed back from the table after his latest win to the groans of the other players.

"Gonna take the money and run, Gil?" Brass groused, glaring at the pile of chips in front of the CSI supervisor.

Smirking at his longtime friend, the blue-eyed man shook his head slowly. "Seeing as all the snacks have been consumed, I thought you'd like a little room service," he teased, heading toward the kitchen.

"I'll give you a hand, Griss," Sara called, rising to a second chorus of groans.

"If the big shots aren't playing this round, maybe one of us working stiffs can win a hand!" Nick called out teasingly.

"Bite me, Nicky!" the brunette snarked back.

"I think Gil might object to that, Sara!" Catherine crowed, raising her iced tea as her co-worker stuck out her tongue and gave the red-head the finger.

"Cath, I know you like to play with fire, but I'd stop poking Sara, if I were you," Warrick warned in a low voice.

"Aw, I'm just teasing, War," she retorted, her gaze shifting from the duo in the kitchen and back to the poker table.

"Yeah, but Sara believes in the adage that revenge is best served cold."

Brass looke on in amusement as both Nick and Greg nodded solemnly.

"Sara always gets the last laught," the blond man whispered, nervously fingering his spiked locks.

"Wait, what, she got all of you?"

The three men exchanged glances, then slowly nodded at the red head.

Catherine glared at the trio. "Well, aren't you going to tell me?!"

Sounds of silence met her as they shook their heads in the negative, and refused to say a word.