Disclaimer: None of the characters or the concept of CSI are mine, I'm just playing with them a little.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Grissom was cajoling Sara out of her irritation. "Cath doesn't really mean anything by it, Honey. She just has a compulsion to stick her nose into my business, like an older sister, even if she is younger than I." Grissom tenderly tucked a strand of hair behind Sara's ear, coaxing a smile out of her.

"I know, but it took us so long to get to here, I don't want anything to put a buzz kill on things," she shrugged, a helpless look in her dark eyes.

Sparking a quick glance to see that the poker group was busy and not paying them any attention, Grissom gave his love a searching, fearless kiss. "Let's make a deal," he murmured, as they both caught their breath. "I'll talk to Cath, try to get her to see that we don't appreciate her comments and that it's for the greater good that she back off."

"And if she doesn't?"

"Then I will help you pull as many pranks on her as you need to until you can get her to say uncle," he committed, then continued in a musing tone, "I wonder how many cockroaches would fit in her purse?"

Sara looked stunned, like he'd hit her with a 4x4. "Who are you?" she whispered in awe, before throwing her arms around him and hugging him fiercely.

Returning the hug, he chuckled, "Gentle, gentle, love, don't choke me," he teased, rubbing his hands up and down her back. As she relaxed, smiling brightly at him, Grissom continued. "Let's get the food out there. If this is to be Catherine's last supper before we overload her with our killer pranks, we want it to be a good one!" With one last kiss, he scooped up a couple of trays and headed back to the poker table.

Sara shook her head, spellbound for a moment with her absolute lover for this confounding man. The mischievous, bad to the bone streak that was hidden within the serious scientist always surprised her. "As he always says, assume nothing, Sidle," she chortled as she tather up the last of the trays and left the kitchen.