At 8pm, the certain NPA members stood outside of the hotel L had told them to come to. They paired up as best as possible, and went in, one pair at a time.

Like they were told, an old man stood by the door, waiting for them all to arrive. One they were all there, Watari opened the door and the members walked in.

Light did his homework and helped Sayu with her's as well. He was a bit upset he couldn't help out on the case, but he quickly got over it, as he'd help on the next day.

His father had ended up calling him and telling him to go home, and so Light walked home when it was close to dark. But he had gotten a feeling like... someone was watching him...?

At any rate, Light made it home safely, and then the next morning, he went to school and then he came home and did his homework and helped Sayu do her homework too. And that's where he was now.

His father still hadn't come home, so Light thought something important must've came up.

Light hoped something came up, because if Kira had killed his father... Well, Light would end Kira... permanently.

The members gasped. They stood there, with agape jaws, at the figure before them.

There was a young man, about 25, standing in the room. He was barefoot, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, with faded blue jeans. He had pale skin, messy black hair and bags under his black eyes.

"I am L," the young man had said.

The members gasped again. "This guy?" Matsuda wondered aloud. "He's somehow... different than I imagined."

Soichiro pulled out his ID. "NPA superintendent Yagami," he told L.

The others all pulled out their IDs as well.






L held up his hand in the shape of a gun, pointing it at the chief, causing the others to gasp. "Bang," L said, dropping his hand.

The other men looked at him like he was insane. "What are you doing?" Aizawa asked.

L dropped his hand. "If I was Kira, you'd be dead, Yagami Soichiro-san."

"Oh," the chief uttered, putting his ID away. So did the others. L turned around and walked across the room, sitting on the chair with his feet beneath him and his knees to his chest, like he was crouching.

The men looked at him oddly, before sitting on the couch and other chairs.

"So, L–" The chief began, but quickly was interrupted.

"Please, while you are here, call me Ryuzaki," L told them all, pouring himself some tea.

"Okay, Ryuzaki, why do you think Kira needs a name and perhaps a face to kill?"

"Because," L began, sipping his tea. "When Lind L. Tailor was on TV, his full name was on-screen, and he was killed by Kira, no doubt. But when I challenged him to kill me, he could not. He did not know my name or face."

"Makes sense," Aizawa commented.

"In any case, from now on, you will use fake IDs as a precaution," L told them, causing them to be surprised.

"Fake IDs?" Matsuda questioned. "But that's illegal–"

"I am aware of that, but we do not have much of a choice," L sighed, putting his thumb partially in his mouth, between his lips. "It's that, or die, really."

"Okay," the chief said slowly.

"Okay," L murmured. "We shall also go to a different place I have set up for a headquarters. We'll be the Japanese Task Force, and we'll catch Kira, and justice will prevail!"


"So, now we know that Kira is probably getting information from one of the members of the NPA, so possibly a child, brother, wife, etc."

Matsuda was talking to Aizawa about what they'd recently discovered. Soichiro sighed and looked over at L.

"Ryuzaki," the chief uttered, walking up to the young man sitting in his chair peculiarly, like usual.

"Hm?" L replied, not looking at the chief, but instead eating a plate of strawberry shortcake.

"I had promised my son that I'd let him help with the case, and well, I was wondering if I could bring him here."

"Hm…" L muttered, taking a bite of cake. "No, he's an outsider. For all we know, he's Kira."

"My son isn't Kira…"

"You don't know that," L argued, eating more cake. "We've already figured out that Kira is probably obtaining information from the NPA somehow, and we figured he must be a student based on the times he kills. I'm sorry, Yagami-san, but I'm afraid your son fits that description. We need to investigate him, honestly."

The chief bit his lip and sighed, looking away. "But, I just can't see Light as a suspect. I can't see him as a killer."

"I know you can't, Yagami-san, but Yagami Light is a suspect. We need to investigate him more without him realizing. I know we had already investigated a bit, but he just seemed… oddly normal. Suspiciously normal. He spent a lot of time in his room studying–"

"He's about to graduate in a couple days and his final exam is tomorrow," the chief interjected.

"–But he could kill while he's away from home," L finished, sighing. "And I know you're probably going to suggest he's out to meet up with his girlfriend, Misa Amane, but something tells me that's not what he's always up to."

"How much do you suspect my son?"

L looked at the chief now. "About 5 percent," L lied. His suspicion was about 60 to 65 percent in reality.

"5 percent?!"

"It's enough," L said simply, before looking away and taking another bite of his food.

The chief sighed. "Okay, investigate as much as you need to, but please don't do it too much."

"I won't."

I hope you guys like this, and sorry if it seems like it's moving fast, it's supposed to at first