I never thought that sex was wrong, sinful, dirty. When you take away the thought of things being dirty or forbidden, then you can really enjoy your sensuality.

-Gioconda Belli


It was unfortunate that Harry's favorite workout studio had fallen on hard times. He'd spent months visiting the small and upcoming business that had appeared in Diagon Alley - to tangible and satisfying results – but it had suffered from the wizarding world's apathetic attitude towards exercise in general.

Quite a few of his classmates had started working out here, but had slowly drifted off as the stress of reconstruction after the war had lagged on. When word had gotten out that the store was started by a muggleborn wizard, the shattered fragments of the Blood Purity Movement had raided the studio, busting down walls and breaking equipment before aurors could arrive to chase them off.

Reflecting on this, Harry only felt a slight amount of annoyance at the dregs of society that had plagued him for so long. He himself was guilty of a certain amount of apathy towards the condition of the wizarding world.

He'd done his part, now everybody else could pitch in, and damn the consequences if he chose to enjoy himself for once.

So it was that Harry was surprised to see he was not alone in the shower block when he entered after his workout session. Normally the studio had two separate blocks for each gender, but the raid had apparently left the female block unusable.

A head of long auburn hair turned his way, deep chocolate eyes taking in his sweaty countenance before carelessly turning back to lean into the warm spray of water that filled the room with mist.

"What a surprise see you here Potter," Tracey Davis said, moving her angular features out of the stream to look back at him.

He could see only the upper portions of her chest and shoulders, her breasts hidden by the walled stall that separated each shower head. This nonetheless afforded Harry a pleasant view of her angular, pale neck and the distinct shape of her collarbone. As the warm water continued spraying out on her, he could see it bead and trickle down her smooth skin, and the licentious sight sent a flash of arousal through his body.

He began to disrobe, pointedly ignoring Tracy's roaming eyes as he stripped to nothing in front of her. "I come here often, Davis. The fighting might be done, but I can appreciate the benefits of staying fit," Harry told her, stepping into the stall adjacent to her and twisting the knob to start cleaning himself off.

"I can see that," Tracey informed him, reaching for the shampoo to begin washing her tangled, soaking locks of hair. "I never knew you were so chiseled Potter, it's enough to make a girl feel jealous of Granger."

Harry had already begun to rub himself down with a washcloth soaked with a pleasantly scented body wash. The feeling of accumulated sweat and filth sliding off his body was a relief to his senses. "I can't speak for Hermione, but I'd say she's pretty happy with the way things turned out," he told her, pleasant memories of happy escapes from weeks of stress when they'd been alone and on the run flashing through his mind.

Tracey snorted insolently. "That almost sounds like bragging Potter."

"It's only bragging if I can't back it up, Davis."

He knelt down to run the rag up and down his legs, before straightening up to return the soaked cloth to the hook. Reaching for his own shampoo, he noticed Tracey looking at him appraisingly as she ran her fingers through her hair to get the product out.

They washed in silence for a few moments, before Tracey finally spoke; "So what do you see in Granger then? Is it the whole bookworm persona she's got going on? The saying that 'Quiet ones are the most devious'?"

He chuckled, "Hermione's just been a good friend for so long. We've been close for such a long time that it was almost inevitable that we'd eventually get together, even if it isn't really official. She's too busy with the ministry to really worry about starting a serious relationship right now," he said.

Tracey digested this in silence, before he spoke again; "The long hair is a turn on, I've got to admit," he confessed.

Tracey looked at him in surprised, her dark eyebrows visibly rising as she took in this tidbit, "The oh-so-great Harry Potter, defeater of the Dark Lord and slayer of dark witches and wizards galore is turned on by long hair? Are you serious?" Tracey demanded incredulously.

"It gives me something to pull on. You have no idea how sexy it is to wrap a woman's hair around your wrist as your pleasure them, Davis," Harry told her, a mischievous look in his eye.

She couldn't help it; she threw her head back and cackled at his words, one hand going to her chest as she tried to catch her breath from the uncontrolled giggles that rippled through her body.

When she regained control of herself, she looked him in the eye, a curious glint flashing through her own as she smirked devilishly at him. "Who knew that Ickle Potter was such a sex-fiend?" She said a grin, "Although, you're not so ickle now, are you? I can think of a few of our year-mates who'd be pretty jealous of you," she informed him.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say Davis. Nice to know that you're a shameless pervert for peeking on me."

"I bet you'd do the same in my position Potter. I bet you'd stare so hard at me I'd feel it as it ran along my skin. Would you like to yank on my hair? It's all wet right now, but you'd probably manage," she verbally jabbed at him.

His own intense gaze caught her own, "Is that a challenge, Davis?"

Her smirk was all triumph, and Harry took the silent acknowledgement in stride; exiting his stall and sending a wandless locking charm at the door to the showers, before he entered Tracey's shower space.

Her hips were cocked to the side, emphasizing the sinuous curve of her waist. His eyes were drawn to the bare skin between her legs, his cock hardening as he noted she was smoothly shaven. The water ran down her body, tracing every inch of supple flesh as his gaze moved up to her chest, taking in her round, drenched breasts before finally returning to her eyes.

No words were exchanged. He strode forward engaged her in a passionate kiss, one hand going to the back of her neck as the other ran along her sides and down to her leg. He felt his rapidly hardening cock come into contact with her blazing hot lower lips, teasing her and causing Tracey to arch into his body, her smooth, toned stomach contacting his rock-solid abdominal muscles.

The force of their contact forced Tracey back until her shoulder blades contacted the back of the shower. As their kiss became more and more heated Harry moved his exploring hand underneath her thigh, just behind her knee, and pulled it up so that her leg had risen up to his hip.

Tracey, understanding his intentions, bent her leg so that it was wrapped around him, allowing for more contact between her drenched core and his straining member.

Tracey broke the kiss for a moment, panting hard; "I thought I asked you to yank on my hair," she said, her eyes rapidly darkening from chocolate brown into pits of black lust. "Fucking pull on my hair, Potter!"

Harry happily obliged her, wrapping her long locks around his wrist and giving it a firm tug, exposing her pale, defined neck and throat to his amorous ministrations. The room was soon filled with Tracey's shameless moans as Harry left red bite marks all over her neck, marring the beautiful skin he found.

"Who knew…" Tracey panted, "That the – Fuck! – That the fucking golden boy of Hogwarts…" She groaned as he pressed his hips hard against hers, his member momentarily parting her lower lips, allowing her hypersensitive inner flesh to contact against his steel-like rod. "Was such a beast in the sack…Fuck me harder Potter, make me fucking scream!" she demanded, her hips needily shoving against his as he sucked against her throat.

He gave her hair a hard yank, making her snarl angrily at him. He abandoned the rapidly darkening bruise he'd left on her pulse point to nibble on her earlobe, whispering, "Kinky bitch wants it hard, does she?"

Tracey's hands, which had alternated between gripping his shoulders and leaving deep gouges in his back tangled in his hair, shoving his head up so that their lips once again came into contact in a searing dance of tongues. When they parted again, Tracey looked into his eyes, appearing feral as she harshly panted against his lips. "I want you to fucking take me right here and now, Potter. I want to feel you in me, and I want you to make me fucking come so hard I scream your name. I want you to – Fuck!"

Tracey was instantly silenced as he slammed his cock into her, parting her slick lower lips as he thrust rapidly between them. His fast, powerful thrusts momentarily stunned the auburn haired woman, before she finally caught her breath and began screaming obscenities at him once again as she squeezed his hips with her leg.

"So…Fucking big! Harder Potter! Damn it, make me – fucking shit! – break me Potter!" Tracey moaned, her mouth completely free from Harry's lips as he returned to nibbling her ear.

"You've got a dirty mouth, Davis," Harry commented as he descended to begin leaving bruises on her shoulders and collarbone.

"I don't give a fuck – Ah! – who's listening right now. If anybody gives a damn if I fucking cuss while I'm – shit! – having sex, then they can fucking jack off alone!" Tracey growled, her head impacted the wall behind her as Harry hit a sweet spot in her.

Deciding to change things slightly, Harry untangled his hand from Tracey's hair - silencing her irritated growl by biting her collarbone – and lowered it to her chest, where it could squeeze the water-soaked flesh of her breast and tease her hardened pink nipples.

"I don't care," Harry told her honestly, before he took a long lick up the line of her throat. Tracey felt her core clench involuntarily as the action coincided with his pelvic bone brushing her clit, sending unbearable jolts of electricity up her spine as molten fire began pooling in her core. "I think it's rather hot," he finished bluntly.

Tracey laughed breathlessly, fighting to maintain her train of thought as she felt her inner walls begin to tighten as her pleasure mounted, "I guess I misjudged the perfect, shy," she sucked in breath as he gave a particularly harsh thrust, causing her eyes to clench shut, "Golden boy of Hogwarts. Do you – fuck! – Do you fucking take Granger this hard? Is she as fucking tight as my pussy is?"

Harry grinned against her collarbone. 'Tracey sure loves bringing up Hermione. Does she feel like she's got something to prove?'

"I think you're just a little tighter than Hermione is; now, at least," He told her.

Tracey groaned, "Oh yeah? I bet she was tighter than sin before you – Ah! – before you fucking loosened her up. Is that what you're going to do to me Potter? Fucking sculpt my pussy around your hard cock?" She asked him, her grin being lost on him as he buried his face into her throat, laving the vulnerable area with his tongue and teeth.

"I bet that's what you want, Davis. I bet you want me to fuck you so hard you can't walk out of here on your own," Harry told her, "I bet you get off on this Davis; a Gryffindor between your pretty spread legs, sawing into you and making you come on his cock."

"I haven't come yet Potter. Don't get ahead of yourself when you're bragging, or you might just be – SHIT!"

Tracey came apart as he hit several sensitive areas at once. His member, which had been ramming against her cervix for the last few minutes, finally managed to pierce the barrier to enter her sensitive womb whilst his fingers drifted down to their connected sexes to harshly pinch her pointed clit. This happened as he also bit down against her throat – not hard enough to do true damage to her, but hard enough to trigger the adrenaline rush that comes from having such a vulnerable area attacked.

Tracey's orgasm was accompanied by her piercing screams of ecstasy. Her body thrashed in the throes of orgasm as he continued to thrust into her spasming core as it drenched his crotch in her warm, slick juices.

He could not prolong her pleasure forever though, and she eventually regained control of her shaking limbs as she came down from her high. Harry's thrusts had slowed down to allow her hypersensitive sex a chance to calm down, but this was evidently not favorable to the brunette Slytherin.

Her eyes, completely black and dilated, gazed into his own. "Don't you dare fucking slow down Potter. Don't you fucking dare – Not until I can't walk – not until I can feel you dripping down my thighs and out of my snatch. You're going to fuck me as hard as I want for as long as I want, and you are not going to slow down for one fucking moment; you got it?!" she snarled at him as she arched her hips into his, demanding he continue to saw into her.

Harry's devilish grin was smothered when she crushed her lips back into his, their tongues dueling fiercely as he smashed through her beaten cervix to contact her womb, her inner flesh clenching insensately against his achingly hard cock as it desperately sought his thick, hot seed.

"You want me…" he broke away from the kiss, but was quickly drawn back in. "...To fill you with my seed, Davis?" She moaned wildly into his mouth, her breasts pressing against his pectorals and causing her to squirm as her sensitive nipples were drawn tantalizingly across the hard muscles.

"You want your tight little pussy to drown in it?" Harry demanded, nipping her lower lips and drawing it in his mouth to sooth the swollen flesh with his tongue.

Tracey moaned. "I want you to pump my tiny snatch so full of cum that it'll be dripping for weeks," she told him, before being forced to suck in a breath as he hit a rough patch of nerves in her core twice in rapid succession.

His thrusts began to grow more jerky as he approached his own climax. As if sensing the impending moment, Tracey's core began frantically clenching against Harry's invading rod, attempting to draw out his thick seed.

"Tracey, I'm coming," Harry told her, gritting his teeth as his orgasm ran at him full speed.

"Then fucking come in me you son of a bitch!" Tracey screamed as she was forced into another orgasm as Harry's thick white seed impacted against the quivering walls of her uterus, filling her womb with hot, slippery seed. Her inner walls clenched rhythmically against him, milking him and drawing out every drop they could manage. Tracey purred as she felt the liquid move and slosh within her, her belly growing warm as she released her own clear nectar.

They panted together under the stream of water, Tracey's face resting against the crook of his neck as he continued to thrust into her in short, slow strokes, the afterglow of their coupling sending pulses of warm bliss through their bodies.

Eventually, Harry withdrew from her swollen core. Tracey allowed a disappointed groan to escape her as she felt a void in her from the loss. True to his word, Harry's thick, white seed began to slowly trickle out from between her lower lips. The sensation was intensely arousing to Tracey, and she made no move to stop it as she lowered herself to the floor to rest her head against the wall.

She looked at Harry, who was watching her carefully from where he sat, leaned against the opposite wall. Deciding to go with her gut, Tracey smiled beatifically at him, her eyes still dilated and dazed from the insane bout of sex she'd been through. "So, Potter. Am I better than Granger?" She asked him.

Harry snorted, "I'm not stupid enough to answer that Davis."

Pushing herself towards him, she climbed into his lap to press herself against him. "Good answer," she said, their lips engaging in a passionate kiss as he wrapped his arms around her, their bodies coming together in a feral embrace once more.


My apologies, for those of you who had expected another installment of 'I Walk the Path of the Seductress.' While I do have that story essentially planned out, it just hasn't wanted to be written, and I've been lazy for the last month and a half. I'll be working on the next chapter right after this goes up, so hopefully you will all have something to read while I'm in Japan for the next week ^.^

Let me know if you'd like to see another chapter to this installment. While I was writing it I alluded to Harry and Hermione often, and I don't believe there is a single Tracey/Hermione story on fanfiction at this time.

Farewell, dear readers, and have a Merry Afterglow.

-Valasania the Pale