MeMories of Flash

On hot pursuit of a Speedster's trail ~ !


Barry Allen dies in the Infinity Crisis of Earth. How his friends, fiance, and his family try to cope of his absence in the aftermath. Wally West tries to pick up the mantel of The Flash but not everybody is too pleased about him doing so. Could Barry still be alive? Or could he be gone for good? Join as the Justice League investigates.


She was unaware that Dawn had been watching her. The young girl had finished scooping up the last bit of crumb of cake she could find on her plate and then hopped down from her stool. "I'm gonna go brush my teeth now," she declared to her mother, her feet pitter-pattering to the lavatory.

Iris heard the front door squeaking open and shut. She sniffled again, recollecting her memories. "Okay, sweetie," she called after her, "I'll come to tuck you in a moment!"

There was another roll of thunder. She returned the photograph to back where it was on the endside table by the couch. "Wally? That you? That was quick. Even for you." She sniggered at her own inside joke. "So, what's the verdict? Is my boy going to be alright?"

When Wally didn't answer, she was starting to get a bit suspicious. She got up off the couch and started walking toward the front room. "Wally?"

But a tall, shadowy figure was standing right in between the archway of the front room to the living room, made her stop dead in her tracks. The lightning flashed, illuminating his face.

Her breathe caught in her lungs. She sucked in an unbelievable gasp...!

And Now...

Chapter One


When Wally didn't answer, she was starting to get a bit suspicious. She got up off the couch and started walking toward the front room. "Wally?"

But a tall, shadowy figure was standing right in between the archway of the front room to the living room, made her stop dead in her tracks. The lightning flashed, illuminating his face.

Her breathe caught in her lungs. She sucked in an unbelievable gasp, "... Barry?"

It was unmistakingly Barry with his dark honey-blonde hair, his eyes just as blue as she remembered them being, but his clothes were different. His face was different. Younger. But Iris didn't care. He was here. Alive. She could feel her waterworks acting up again as she immediately flung her arms around him. "Barry? This is really you, isn't? You are here, aren't you? I'm not just hallucinating?"

It had been a long time since she left this safe in his arms. She heard his nerd chuckle that she missed so much. "Why would you be hallucinating? Of course I'm really here, silly."

As soon as she heard that confirmation, she kissed him. Hungrily. Passionate. Desperate longing - the feelings that she held onto for him the past seven years he's been away. It was like that time he kissed her several years ago now, she felt her world spinning. All the emotions that she bottled up inside herself unleashed with her tears. The overwhelming joy of seeing him alive again, she used her tongue to trace his jawline, her lips trailed down his throat… She could tell that he was trying to pull away, but she was all the more desperate to hold onto him. Never to let him go again. Never to let him disappear from her life the way he did. Her fingers traveled down to his torso and tried tugging at his jean-zipper, but his fingers stopped her. "Iris! Whoaa, what's the rush? What's wrong? This isn't you," he said, pulling her back to earth again.

'What's wrong he says!?' Only that Barry disappeared forever from her life just when they were about to get married and start a life together, only to reappear in front of her and act like he and she were never an item. The world can be so cruel sometimes because, as much as she hated to admit, this wasn't her Barry. Her Barry wouldn't have stopped her.

Barry's 1st P.O.V.

I opened the door to my house, and closed it behind me. The first thing I heard was Iris's beautiful voice call, "Okay, sweetie, I'll come to tuck you in a moment!" At first, I felt irritation. Who was this, 'Sweetie'? Then I heard the thunder. And her voice voice again, "Wally? That you? That was quick. Even for you," Her laughter when she was annoyed about something; she always tried to make it sound manly, but it always had the opposite effect… at least in my opinion. And did she just mention, 'Wally? Was he still around?' "So, what's the verdict? Is my boy going to be alright?"

… 'Her boy!?' So, she was together with someone. That much I knew for sure. I didn't know why, but why would I feel… tightness.. in my chest? I wanted to punch something. So much, but… it was a good thing I didn't because… Iris just walked into the room then. "Wally?" She repeated, coming into the light.

Immediately I felt entranced with her. She was… breathtaking…! Her brunette hair was shorter than what I was used to, but I liked it. I wouldn't care if she grew it out or cut her hair because I loved her with my entire existence. No matter what. Her hair was not a big feature of why I love her so much, but, it was one of many reasons. My eyes moved to what she was wearing, it was my old High School red-and-yellow soccer jersey shirt I used to wear. It was long enough, for her, to wear as P.J.'s. Her sexy long legs were showing, and her tan skin was simply radiating off a warm glow I was aching to touch. I slowly became aware that I was smiling at her like an idiot.

"Barry?" She asks like she's just seen a ghost. 'Was that… awe… in her voice?'

This was why I was so surprised when she was being so affectionate with me. It's a fantasy of every man's dream, at least to my knowledge. To have the girl - Wait, scratch that last- women of your dreams suddenly comes over to-the-man-fantasizing- and touches him with her skin. That's usually followed by Rated-R Mature Adult scenes afterwards. "Barry? This is really you, isn't? You are here, aren't you? I'm not just hallucinating?"

No kidding!? I may be fantasizing, but the Iris I knew definitely did not 'hallucinate' about the same thing. Which was why I laughed, "Why would you be hallucinating? Of course I'm really here, silly."

And then she kissed me. Totally taking me off my guard. 'My dream becoming reality!?' I thought. That… That couldn't be right… I mean, it's ME we're talking about here, NOT the playboy Oliver Queen. Yet, here I was returning her kiss. By Cupid 's Bow and Arrow, it felt AMAZING, btw… (Psst: Don't tell Oliver that I thought Cupid's shot was better).

When her her tongue licked my jawline, I thought, 'Could this be real?'

But then I noticed her crying. My fantasy was crushed by reality in that instant. I knew something was wrong then. How could an angel of her celestial being cry!? It wasn't right and I wanted to make sure she was happy. Her warm lips trailed down my throat and, though I moaned with her touch, I could still feel her coldness somehow. Like her heart was the one trapped in the Speed force. I know that probably didn't make much sense. But it needed to be stopped. So I tried to pull away, put some distance between us, but Iris hugged me tighter all the more. In fact, she even tried to pull down my fly zipper. This got me confused. My Iris would never want to have, y'know… Sexual intercourse… with me. She was my Iris, but she wasn't my Iris… If that made any sense at all. My Iris still only saw me as a best friend and nothing more, probably never will. So my fingers stopped hers. "Iris! Whoaa, what's the rush? What's wrong?" I asked her, concerned, "This isn't you."

Once again, my Iris has never even confessed her feelings to me. Well, OK, there was that one time where she did but then I ran back in time ONE DAY and altered the timeline, but that's irrelevant.

… Recalling that, the thought struck me, 'Maybe it is irrelevant. Am I …. On another Earth?! Whoaaa.' Followed by, 'Cisco is so going to kill me.'

"This isn't me?" Her accusing tone brought me back to Earth. Ha, oh the irony. "Who do you see me as, Barry!?"

Whoops. Did I just make her mad? That was unintentional. I smoothed it over with, "My best friend?"

She rolled her eyes, "I thought we well established that." But then she became serious when she asked, "What year are you from?"

Her inquiry was cut off by a high pitched squeal. Our attention turned to a small girl with blonde pigtails who had just entered the room. Suddenly, I got this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. 'Was this girl Iris's daughter!?'

"DADDY!" She squeaked, running over and flinging her arms around me like she never before. 'Daddy!?' I repeated in my thought, more alarmed. At first. My eyes sought Iris's, "Is she y- ?!"

Iris probably noted the panicked expression on my face. She quickly shook her head be then hastily explained, "This is my daughter, Dawn. She, umm, has never met her father but she's seen pictures of him and must have mistaken him for you," She walked over and placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders, "Dawn, sweetie, this isn't your daddy. This is Barry, who was my best friend."

I started getting a headache. 'Was? I WAS Iris's best friend? I still am her best friend, always will be. What had happened here in this world that had stopped me from being her best friend?'

"Oh," says Dawn simply, backing up some distance between us. She was still staring up at me with her blue eyes in wonder. Blue eyes? Iris didn't have blue eyes. This made me more curious as to who this girl's father was, 'It couldn't be…' Dawn stuck out her hand as if to shake mine, "Hi, I am Dawn West." She had a haughty, bossy sort of tone in her voice.

I smiled at her and gently shook her hand, "Nice to meet you, Dawn. My name is Barry Allen."

Iris bent down to her daughter's eye level, "Now, Dawn, honey, why don't you go back to bed and we'll come tuck you in a moment, yeah?"

Dawn crossed her arms together, huffed, and started ambling to return to her room, grumbling as she went, "... Alright. I'll leave you two alone for FIVE minutes so you can make kissy-kissy faces at each other like fishes or whatever. But! Only for five minutes, ya hear me? I'll be back when you've reached your time-limit." She left the room.

Iris and I stared after her until Iris giggled and I turned to her and she had my full attention. "Heh, heh. She is such a kidder! I wonder who she got that from?" She punched me in the shoulder and battered her eyelashes.

"Oww. Why?" I complained, rubbing the spot where she had hit me. "Who is her father, anyway?"

Iris waved her pointer finger repeatedly in my front of my face for a few times, "Nuh-uh-uh! You, buster, do not get to play 20 questions until you answer mine. What year are you from?"

I let my arm fall to my side, "2015. Why? Isn't this the same year?"

Iris's mouth fell open, agape. "20-2015?! Wow. My gosh, that's young. I mean, far, far-" she stuttered, still staring at me like I'm from another planet.

"Iris? You okay?" I waved my hand in front of her face, "You look like you've seen a ghost or somethin'."

"I think I have," she muttered. Then she blinked, coming back to her senses. "Yes, yes! I'm okay. Wow, been awhile since I've said those words about myself out loud and actually meant it. But yes, right now, with you here with me, I'm okay."

It was my turn to blink. 'What did she mean by that?' She continued, "But Barry… are you sure you're going to be okay? This is the year 2032."

My turn to let my mouth fall wide open. I raised my hands to grip my hair, "If that's true, Iris… I - I -Oh, gosh. I think I know what happen-"

I was cut off by the front door opening and two people entered through the threshold. One I easily recognized by his short, dark brown tousled hair that I couldn't contain my gasp, "Wally West!" I looked him up and down, "You sure have gotten older," was my observation.

His chocolate orbit eyes bulged at the sight of me.

Wally West 1st P.O.V.

"H-H-Ho- How is it possible that you're here!? In this house!?" I stuttered, pointing a shaking finger at him.

He was looking at me like I was crazy. "... I live here?" was his unbelievable response. Can you believe it? He actually responded to me. Maybe I am, or maybe I'm going crazy?

I was just registering what was happening when the small boy next to me, who I had almost completely forgotten about, rushed past and flung into Barry's arms, screaming, "DADDY! I just knew who weren't being chased by a scary monster! I knew it!"

Then the full-impact of what I was seeing hit me. Barry Allen was Alive, here in this house. My feet moved on their own as I also fist-bump him and joined in on the hug. "I don't even care that you just insulted me.." I was literally in tears from being so happy.

"Th-that does sound like I ins-insulted you, doesn't it? What I mean was, or what I meant was, you seem like you really.. matured? There, is that a better way to phrase it?" Barry mumbled, squeezed by a heap of affection of the West household.

It's been a long time since I've really laughed, for real, but laugh I did in his embrace. I could almost feel the radiation shifting off him in his warmth.

The noise arouse Dawn once more. She was by the door's archway, her arms crossed, on-looking the scene before her… "It's been five minutes," she declared accusingly, "So instead of kissy-kissy, it's huggy-huggy? Me too! Me hug, too!" And the third body pressed in on the pile.

"Just don't be kissy-kissy yet," Barry joked, somewhat serious, "You're not old enough."

They all laughed even if Don didn't know why he was laughing.

Iris cleared her throat, "Ahem. Wally, meet Barry Allen… from Earth-2."

I froze, and pulled away slightly to observe him more closely. "He does look younger… a bit. But who cares? He's here, ain't he?" I resumed hugging him.

"Wally!" my sister hissed at me, "Shhh! We… can't… say… anything."

So she says, but she joins in on the hug all the same.

Iris 3rd P.O.V.

The door to the kid's room was open ajar. Iris could tell that the main room light was off, but that a nightlight was still glowing within. She peered inside the crack before actually heading in herself. What she saw brought a smile to her face. Barry rocking back and forth on a rocking chair and was reading what appeared to be a Green Arrow comic book; each kid was on one of his knees.

Don tilted his head on Barry's left shoulder, clearly sound asleep. Dawn was still awake but her eyelids were slowly drooping.

"... And everyone was there at their wedding," Barry was saying, his eyes scanning across the pages really fast, "Superman, and Batman, Green Lantern who was Oliver's best man, Flash, Martian ManHunter, WonderWoman and Aquaman. Arsenal, and of course, we can't forget about Speedy. And they lived happily ever after. The End." He closed the comic book and placed it at a nearby end-table.

"But what about… Mmmm… William," mumbled Dawn, sleepily, "He is… Oliver's son, isn't he? Shouldn't he be… at their Wedding?"

"Uhhhh-" stuttered Barry, not sure of what to say to her. Not having been at the wedding himself, "I don't know if he was or not."

Iris decided that this was her cue to walk into the room quietly. "Oh, of course William was there at the wedding," She told them in a hushed tone.

Dawn's head shot up. "Mommy!"

Iris put a finger in front of her own red lips, "Shhh, time to go to bed now, sweetie. It is wayyy past your bedtime, young lady."

Followed by a, "Awwwhh, Okayyy…" from Dawn.

Iris helped Barry put both very sleepy kids in their own proper bunk; Dawn on the top while Don on the lower. She reached up on her tippytoes to kiss her daughter's forehead, "Sweet dreams, my baby girl." The soles of her feet returned to the hardwood flooring.

"..Mmmm… Night…" they vaguely heard her reply, almost already asleep.

Barry turned off the nightlight glow while Iris crouched down to Don's lower bunk to stroke his forehead once more. "Amazing," she commented in a low, awe whisper, "His rising-high fever has decreased miraculously. Maybe it's because you're here?"

"About that," Barry began, scratching the back of his neck, "Iris, you know I can't stay here forever. I don't belong here in this world. I am not from Earth-2. I'm from Prime-Earth, the same as you… just from a different time period, apparently."

She sniffled. She was afraid of that. "You're like a time-capsule," she joked, her eyes watering. "2015, Yeah… I remember, alright. That was right after you were pulled into the biggest breach of S.T.A.R. Labs, wasn't it?"

"That's right. How'd you know?" She knew he wasn't trying, but his voice was so captivating. It's been a long, long time since she properly heard it.

"Because it was right after that, that I…" her voice trailed off, suddenly recalling happy and unpleasant memories. She shook her head, and stood up from the floor. "You'll at least stay here tonight, won't you?" She held her hand out to him, offering for him to take it.

He did. Their fingers brushed at the tips before he entwined his hand with hers. "Doesn't really look like I have any other option since I haven't figured out how exactly to get home yet. Weird saying that, considering that this is my house… but it's not. It can get really confusing."

She was having a hard time trying not to laugh, remembering to restrain herself so that her kids can continue to get some shut-eye. "You will… you always do."

They left the room, hand-in-hand. They silently tiptoed across the living room, where Wally was snoring loudly and snoozing fast asleep on the couch, and headed up the stairs to her room. They stopped just outside her doorway to catch their breath. Barry let go of her hand to place his hands on his knees. Alone together, she was free to giggle, "I… I haven't snuck around like that since… since Dad lived here."

"That was several years ago.. for me, too…" He wheezed between laughter, grinning from ear-to-ear.

It took them awhile for the both of them to calm down. "I guess… I guess this is Goodnight?" Barry bids farewell, his hand caressing her cheek. She gently placed her lips on his caressing hand and kissed it.

What she asked him next surprised him so much that he let his his mouth open agape, completely stunned. "Barry… will you sleep with me? In my room?"


Author's Note: *Gasp!* How's Barry gonna respond, how's Barry's gonna respond?! So Oh Boy. A blast from the past! Like, literally. A past Barry time jumps to the future, by accident I might add. Will he ever get back to his original timeline? Will Iris, or even Wally, let him go?!

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