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Chapter 12


I flung myself into my mother's arms and I cried. My brother and sister stood up from the couch and my dad looked up from his newspaper.

''What's wrong sweetheart? Why are you crying?'' I pulled back a little bit, but kept crying. I was just so happy to see her again. I felt great to hug her again.

''I'm sorry, mum.'' I said to her.

''What for, darling?'' She asked, concerned.

''For staying away for such a long time. It wasn't my intention to make you guys worried.''

''A long time? Darling, it has only been an hour.'' My mum looked confused and I became confused as well. The door opened and Ryan stepped into the room. What was he doing here?

''Hi Jess! Are you ready to come-'' He stopped talking and gave me a weird look. ''Why are you crying? Why do you look so shocked to see me?''

''Ehmm… Long story.'' I murmured. ''What are you doing here, Ryan?''

''Don't you remember? We were going to the movies together.'' He gave me a small smile, but it quickly faded when he saw that I didn't smile back. ''Jessica, what happened?'' I saw concern in his eyes. Then his eyes widened a bit, he kept staring at my face. ''There's a scar on your cheek. Jess, what has happened to you?''

''To be honest, I don't really know.''

''Okay…'' He paused for a second. ''So you still want to go? Or do you first want to tell me what has happened? If you still want to go, would you like to freshen up first?''

''Changing would be nice, but first I have to do something else.'' I ran out of the house, leaving my confused family behind.

''Doctor! Wait!'' He was about to step into the Tardis again. ''How is it possible that it has only been an hour and that my parents aren't concerned?'' I asked him.

''They don't know of the invasion of the Cybermen, Jessica. They forgot everything. I made them forget everything. You are the only one who remembers, because you were with me.'' He explained. ''But what about the time?''

''I travel through time, Jessica. I can bring you back at the same time you left, while in reality more than a month has passed.'' He gave me a small smile and moved his hand to close the door of the Tardis.

''Doctor. One more thing. Will I see you again?''

''Oh. I should think so.'' He said with a grin. ''Goodbye, Jessica Nanori.'' He shut the door and I stepped back. The Tardis began to fade away and make that significant noise I had grown to love. And all I felt was hope.

The end.

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