31 October, 1981

"Lily! Take Harry! Collect everything important! Quickly! He is coming! Voldemort is coming! I can feel the intrusion in the wards!" Shouted a dark haired man as he jumped from the comfy armchair, the book he was reading flipping to the floor.

"What? But that means Peter…" After several seconds, a red haired woman ran downstairs, her hair wet from the shower she was taking and all over the place.

"There is no time to think about that, Lily" James interrupted his wife, getting his wand from the pocket of his robe. Waving it, he quickly made a large cabinet that was hiding in the corner of the room visible. As James opened, the so called "Doomsday Box", his eyes spread over all the artefacts, they had gathered over the years; he smiled, Voldemort and his friends were going to get a nasty surprise when he used some of his toys.

"James, what are you doing?" Lily asked her husband, who was hastily digging through the cabinet, clearly looking for something. "I will slow them down, honey. I can feel death eater presence all around the village, we are surrounded. I will buy you enough time to get the cloak from upstairs and hopefully escape…" he replied, putting on bracelets with inscribed crimson runes on them "Aha! Found you, you little buggers!" James said as he took two small metallic balls out of the box and put them in his pockets.

"But what about you?" Lily asked, her voice weak.

James turned around to her, putting on a protective amulet which burned with blue fire. Smiling reassuringly, he said "I'm going to be fine, hun. Do you really think with all this toys, I can't take the Dark Lord and his dogs?"

"Yes, but…"

"There is no time, Lily, now go! Get Harry, I think the cloak was somewhere in the closet. Hide under it and run." He quickly closed the distance between them and gave her a last quick kiss, before heading out to meet his unwanted guests.

Lily took one last look at him, before turning away and running upstairs.

"Well, let's get the party started…" James muttered to himself as he put a concealment charm on himself.

Quietly, but quickly moving through the fields of the Potter Manor, James found the group of death eaters quickly moving through the extensive gardens, right towards were Lily was. Cursing under his breath, James knew he had to intercept them before, they reach the walls of the manor, where fighting them with his current setup would be quiet difficult.

Forgetting the concealment techniques, James ran to the group of death eaters, taking the metallic spheres out balls out of his pockets, before snapping them in his fists. The balls snapped, cutting through his hand, making his hands glow vibrant red, before breaking into unnoticeable mist which healed his small wounds and covered his entire body like armour. Scowling, rather brutishly, James finally reached his opponents. "Just in time…" he thought to himself as the walls of the manor stood tall behind him.

Looking at the garden, James finally saw the group, he was looking for; 22 death eaters, who wore simple black robes and masks. Understanding that the enemies in front of him were complete newbies, James frowned slightly; it was clear that they had back up and it was somewhere close.

Scanning through the landscape of the Manor once again, James noticed a group much a bigger group, entering the wards. Quickly calculating in his mind, he realized that he had about ten minutes to get rid of the hooded figures in front of him, before their probably more skilled backup arrived, James knew that he had no time to waste.

"Hey, Clowns in black!" James taunted, attracting the group's attention "Did you get lost? Azkaban is the other way! But don't worry… I will help you get the justice you deserve"

The group of death eaters turned to him, without a reply. Taking the positions they practiced many times, with 11 wizards forward and 11 in the back, the death eaters started their attacks.

"Crucio!" the front row of the death eaters shouted, sending sick-looking yellow spells towards James, while the second row quickly stepped forward rising powerful shields.

To the death eaters' surprise, their target did not even try to evade the lethal dosage of spell they send his way. To their even bigger surprise the man who supposed to be on the ground shacking and screaming in pain, took the spells, smirked and said "What happened? Having problems finishing? if you know what I mean… Why don't you try again?"

The death eaters repeated their actions from before, only this time, they shouted "Avada Kedavra!".

And again, the supposed unblockable curses were simply absorbed, making death eaters look at each other with shock. One of them stood in the corner of their formation, probably the leader, quickly commanded "Don't panic, He can't last long like this… fire all at once, at my command… FIRE!"

And again the green spells were simply absorbed, however this time a blue fire covered the man who just nodded to himself.

"My turn" The man stated, darkly, feeling the he had gathered enough power. Swinging his wand over his head, felt the bracelets burn into his hand as he conjured a giant, flaming whip which cut through the powerful shields and decimated the death eaters' front line. Panicking, the death eaters broke formation and began to spread around the man, whose eyes were burning with fire.

Still sending dangerous spells, although not unforgivables, at what looked like a spawn of the demon, himself, the hooded figures were quickly losing their numbers advantage.

"So? This isn't as easy as killing defenceless muggles or taking someone 10 to one is it?" James asked, ignoring another wave of spells, while swinging his whip once again at his enemies, the smell of burned flash hitting his nostrils, ones more.

Quickly, understanding that the man in front of them was invincible to common magic and even became stronger with every spell they threw at him, the leader of the, now five man group shouted "Stop!"

"And why would you do that? Do you think that the Aurors, which by the way, are going arrive any moment, will give you mercy?"

"Dream on, you blood traitor." Replied the leader, he was hoping that his lord and the backup were getting close to them "Don't hope for the help from the Aurors. Anti-apparion shields we raised aren't letting anyone in or out… Better give up, before it is too late. The Dark Lord is going to kill you for this show no doubt, but your mudblood wife and son may survive… My lord is very interested in all those artefacts you found over the years…"

"Well, he is not getting them… just like I'm not getting my Aurors, I guess." James interrupted the man "But that means one thing… I will have to kill you all… and you know what? I'm not even sad about it."

Smiling a feral smile, James raised his whip one last time, killing all the death eaters who were careless enough to group up around their leader who tried to dodge the attack, but was not fast enough… the man's burned hand, now, lied on the grass, motionless.

Falling to his knees, the man grabbed the burned end of his right hand with his left hand and screamed from pain that ripped through his body.

When suddenly, the death eater heard a calming, soothing voice say "Stand up, my loyal death eater… today, you proved me, your loyalty… by the time this is over… expect yourself to be the part of my inner circle…"

The man turned behind himself to see his master appear from behind the shadows of the gardens.

"My Lord, I tried…" The man said, standing up, shakily "I really tried…"

"And you will be rewarded for your efforts…" Voldemort stopped in surprise as one of his most promising followers eyes turned glassy. Gasping for his last breath, the death eater fell dead.

"Not a chance in hell!" Said James Potter calmly, his wand, still emitting a green light of a killing curse.

"Bravo! Potter! Bravo!" Voldemort said, stepping over the dead body of his already forgotten follower "You just slaughtered many of my well-trained men, but you also used dark battle magic while at it… Not good, Potter, not good…" Voldemort waggled his finger at the supposed 'good' wizard "What will Dumbledore say, hmm, Potter? or the Ministry? I did not know that aurors were allowed to cast unforgivables…"

"Slaughter? You of all people have no right to judge me." James replied, his voice calm "And if anyone will understand me, it will be Dumbledore… or you have forgotten how he killed 50 of your men and then escaped when you found the location of his laboratory? As for the black magic… the fact that I'm using it, does not mean I'm like you... The executioner's axe may cut the heads of innocent in the wrong hands… but in the right hands it can administer justice… it only depends on the person who is using it." James continued their conversation, trying to win more time for Lily to escape.

"That does not matter, Potter" Voldemort smirked "You can't dig in dirt without becoming dirty… Sooner or later… if you survive this night, of course… you will feel the call of your dark side and it will consume you."

"It all depends on the goal, Tom" James said, looking at every motion that Voldemort made. "Unlike you… I can control the dark side of my soul."

"Don't call me that name!" Voldemort hissed, angrily, before quickly regaining the control over his emotions "You already surprised me, tonight… so surprise me, again. Give me what I came here for and I will leave… or even better, join me, Potter! I saw your eyes when you killed my men… you liked it! We both, we are the same… predators, we can't eat grass, we crave for blood. You are almost a dark wizard, already… Join me and stand tall above all of the weak… stand above the morals the weak willed fools made… Feel the power of controlling fate… Just think about it, me and you, we can…"

"Forget it" James said, his words dropping, like a knife of the guillotine "You and me… there is too much between us. Too many who were killed by you and your people… too many of my friends, acquaintances and even people I don't know about… I agree, I'm a predator with the dark side, but I did not become one because I wanted to. I become one to protect the once who I love… and yes, killing my enemies makes me happy… but only because when I kill an enemy I know, I save many more lives than I take. Yes, I'm a predator, but the predator only kills, when he is hungry… You and your followers on other hand… are nothing, but mindless beasts, which send death everywhere they go for fun and entertainment. And people like you… you can't change them… you can only do one thing to fix them… destroy them."

"Potter…" Voldemort took out his wand "I gave you a chance, a chance for mercy. You declined it. So let me tell you what is going to happen. First, I'm going to kill you… it is going to be a slow and a painful death… and then I'm going to work on your family. You mudblood wife is going to be raped countless times by my men… she is still young and fresh, right? And your son… him, I will take in myself and I'm going to tutor him and I will turn him into monster, next to which even Bella is going to look human… You will be so ashamed of him… that even, in hell, you will want to hang yourself."

"Am I supposed to scream "NOO!" and attack you without thinking?" James scowled "Do you not think of the other path? In which I am, may be even at the cost of my life, going to turn you into dust for which I will be given the Order of Merlin of the highest quality and the whole world will become at peace?"

"Order of Merlin?" Voldemort asked, chuckling, slightly "You wouldn't even have a grave Potter." Voldemort stated, snapping his fingers. Seven death eaters with high quality robes and silver masks appeared out of the shadows.

"Kill him." Voldemort ordered to them, lazily "But do it, slowly... make him beg for mercy."

"Crucio" Seven wizards said, calmly, stabbing their wands towards the man.

Ignoring this spells, James send the flaming whip towards one of them… this time, however, the whip bounced off on the impact, only slightly burning the clothes of death eaters. It was clear that the higher ranking death eaters wore defensive amulets and that his whip was effective, no further.

Understanding that he did not have much time, James put away his wand and started chanting, the most powerful spell he knew in an attempt to survive.

Seeing that their opponent was on full defensive, the death eaters only quickened their attacks, sending spell towards the whispering man non-stop.

Feeling his back against the wall, James finally felt that he collected enough energy from the manor around him to cast the spell. Raising his wand, James shouted with strong voice "DUGGURRMORRE!"

The grass under James feet turned to ashes; his wand that served him for years, was unable to channel the power that was pushed through it and like a bright star at the end of its cycle exploded and broke into million pieces… And then the spell started working.

Eight ghostly claws were realized from James' abdomen and dashed towards Voldemort and his followers. Voldemort managed to raise his hand and shout something before the claw reached him, but even then, he fell to the ground as the claw projectile reached him. Around him, his loyal death eaters laid dead, their blood spilling everywhere while their insides turned out and flew all over the place.

Left alone on the battlefield, stood James Potter, who didn't look better than the people he just killed. The ancient spell completely drained him. He, at only twenty just aged to look like a seventy year old man. Dropping to his knees from the exhaustion, he send the fountain of blood the last look, before turning around and whispering "I did it… I actually did it…"

Smiling at his victory, James rose, shakily, before screaming out of his lungs "LILY! I DID IT! I ACTUALLY…" James stopped, feeling that something was amiss.

"Avada Kedavra!" a green spell hit the celebrating man in his back, making him drop down like a doll. The victorious smile stayed still on his frozen lips.

"No Potter, there is only one way this is going to play out: my way." Voldemort hissed, his voice full of anger.

"Get ready, mudblood… we are about to play a game.

His fun was only beginning.

Lily ran through the corridor of the west wing of the Potter Manor with her baby in her arms, covered by the shadow of her husband's invisibility cloak. Running past the windows she saw the brightest flash, yet come from the garden. Ignoring the feeling of dread and worry that quickly settled in her stomach, Lily continued moving, focusing on the goal in front of her: saving her child.

Finally reaching the doors that led outside, Lily reached the handle and pushed it down, but it did not bulge. Cursing under her breath, Lily took her wound out and casted "Bombarda!". A bright spell flew towards the door… but as it was about to impact, it fizzled and vanished.

Confused, Lily tried a different spell with a similar result. Feeling her throat dry up, Lily turned back to the corridor, her eyes moving around erratically, searching for a way to escape. Dashing towards the wall, she picked up a large silver torch and bashed it against a large window, only for it to bounce off.

Grunting in frustration, Lily adjusted her grip on Harry and started running back to her study in hope that there would be something that could break the shields in her collection. Reaching the room, she closed the door, pointed her wand to it and said "Carvi"

As the magic fortified the door physically and magically, Lily put Harry on her rather large study table, which was covered with parchments and papers. After making sure he was still a sleep, Lily quickly moved herself towards a large closet. Dispelling protections, Lily opened it and looked inside; it was filled with amulets, magic wands, staffs, bones, metallic disks, letters and many, many scrolls.

"Not this... this is not going to help either… this is too weak…" Lily mumbled as her panic grew; she couldn't find anything to help her and her son.

Suddenly, she heard a loud voice say behind her "Explodius!".

The shockwave that followed, snapped Lily back to the reality. Dashing back to Harry she tried for last time to apparate him and herself out, but it was a pointless attempt; the anti-apparition wards still stood strong.

"Explodius!" The voice hissed again, brutally battering at the door with a spell, slowly but surely breaking the door's fortified lock.

As another shockwave ran through the room, Lily saw a large, blue, sport bag drop from one of the top shells.

Lily looked at the large bag, her eyes widening as she remembered the item that hid within. Lily felt a cold shiver run down her back at the thought of the item, her eyeballs turning into black voids, for a single second.

Thinking about her options, Lily realized that there was the only way Harry is going to survive; she had to do what was required.

With her determination, replacing disparity, Lily flicked her wand, pushing the carpet and all the furniture away from the centre of the room. Dashing to the bag Lily opened it, taking out an item, wrapped in leather which looked suspiciously like a sword and a scroll which described the ritual she was about to perform. Opening the scroll, Lily pointed her wand at the floor and started burning the copy runes into the floor. Upon finishing the runic complex; two circles with runes making the perimeter, Lily took sleeping Harry and laid him in the center of a smaller circle.

Taking the wraps, Lily removed the covers from the top of the sword, revealing a small but extremely sharp point which Lily used to quickly cut a lightning-looking scar into her babies forehead. The boy's face quickly got red from the blood that spilled from the cuts.

Harry woke up and started crying in pain.

"I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry, but mummy has to do this." Lily said, her hands shacking slightly. In one move, Lily removed the rest of the wraps that hid the blade, revealing what at the first glance looked like a simple, but well-made Japanese Katana.

Using the blood that dripped from the wounds of her little baby, without touching the blade, Lily drew a series of symbols on the flat side of the blade which were quickly absorbed by the sword.

At the same time, Voldemort was not resting. The Dark Lord was quickly losing his patients, hammering at the door with his strongest spells. It was clearl that the enchantment Lily put on the door would not hold much longer.

Moving towards a larger circle which was covered by runes, Lily picked up the scroll and started chanting in a deep, hissing voice. The sounds she made, almost felt sharp, cutting the air in the room, making the candles in the room flicker. Each word that came from Lily's mouth connected with the screams of her baby, combining into a terrible and sinister song.

And the longer she read, the stronger the evil presence in the room became. The shadows in the room which started moving in the temp with Lily's words, slowly, swirled their way towards the small runic circle in the middle of the room.

And then, suddenly, everything went quiet.

No longer chanting, Lily removed the wraps which covered the sword and picked it up. Adjusting the blade so that the sharp end pointed right underneath her left shoulder, Lily turned around and gave a last look to her son. Her eyes reflected everything; her hate, her determination, her well hidden fear… but also love and care.

"Live, Harry" She said her last words, and thrust the sword into her own heart.

The sword easily pierced right through her and came out of her back, creating a fountain of a red, arterial blood, which quickly covered the floor, hiding the glowing runes as the ritual completed itself.

Lily took a last gasp of air, before falling to the ground, face forward, making the sword's blade go even deeper into her.

Behind her a small baby cried, somehow understanding the meaning of what had just happened.


Entering the room quickly, Voldemort raised his shield, preparing for a fight. What he saw however surprised him.

"Bah" Voldemort voice sounded abashed, but happy "I hope you see this, Potter?" Voldemort laughed "Your mudblood wife is so weak and pathetic, she chose to commit suicide and leave your son in the hands of fate. Ha! Mother's love is the strongest power in the universe, they said? Ha! Just wonderful…" Voldemort laughed, shaking his head, slightly.

Looking around the room, Voldemort saw the cabinet with artefacts. Picking up a few, Voldemort muttered to himself "Good, very good. After some tweaks, this trinkets will serve me well…" The hooded figure was very happy with his findings "Only this crying brat left… I'm sorry, Potter, but I don't need your son, even if I turn him into my servant."

"Avada Kedavra!" The green flame of a spell flew towards the baby and hit him.

Or did it?

The sword that sheathed itself in Lily suddenly came to life, jumping in the air, blocking the path of the curse, before redirecting it towards the stunned and confused Voldemort.

The spell hit the man right into his chest.

"NO!" Voldemort roared, before exploding in a bright light, leaving only ashes behind him.

The sword that just saved little boys live, flew out the window and dropped on the tall grass, invisible to anyone who was not searching.

Lying on his bed, a teenage boy opened his eyes, waking up from his dream. His tearing eyes were filled with determination.


This chapter is a combination of the two chapters which were posted before. (Thanks to Mussing Soul for the advice on combining both chapters)

So, i guess i will repeat what i said last time i uploaded, this is a first chapter of the story. I always found the way Lily and James died in "canon" very disappointing. We were made to believe that they were "great wizards"(this is a reply to that reviewer who asked a question about this) and that they are great fighters (you have to be, you can't escape Voldemort 3 times if you are not a good fighter; 1 time can be luck, 2 times can be coincidence, but 3 times is a pattern), so i decided to make my take on how it went, while also setting up my story.

I also realise that James may look overpowered in this prologue, but i intend on making every wizard very powerful (not just Dumbledore, Voldemort and Harry) , so the playing ground will be equal (And not just the "good" guys, but bad guys as well.

Also, it would not be Harry just destroying both Dumbledore and Voldemort; in most stories it feels like Harry is playing chess against no one, since Voldemort and Dumbledore are usually just so passive, letting Harry do whatever Harry wants. In this story all of them would make their own moves (and it would not be a dumb attack on diagon alley that accomplishes nothing, either; Voldemort while bloodthirsty, will not be a stupid psychopath who just wants to kill; i will try to give him a proper motivation. Same with Dumbledore, he would not be a pacifist; no in this story i hope to make him a general that commands his troops into the battle.)

And i hoped you noticed that death eaters are actually trained group of fighters as well; they used formations and such... while of course many would argue that they just used unforgivables and did not really showed any duelling skills, i would argue that they used most powerful weapon in their arsenal. Same with the order.

Thank you for reading. TheyCallMeTheJoker...

Ps. I hope my English isn't too terrible. I have a beta now and his edits were a huge help.