In the Ark's medical center, Autobot doctor Ratchet is working on the injuries that Hound received in a recent battle with the Decepticons.

"How did you get all this?" Ratchet asked, reaching for his laser scalpel

"It's a long story, Ratchet," Hound replied, "There I was, locked in combat with Skywarp, when all of a sudden, Thrust comes up blasts be in the back…"

"Well," Ratchet said, deactivating his laser scalpel, "You're all done, Hound, and be a little more careful next time!"

"I'll try," Hound said, walking away "But I'm not promising anything…"

Ratchet sighed and put up his tools. He was just about to leave when Prowl ran into the room.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!" Ratchet said, stepping back, "What's the big idea, Prowl?"

"It's Gears!" Prowl began, "While we on a patrol mission, we ran into some Decepticons! We held them off, but Gears took heavy damage and is in pretty bad shape. You think there's anything you can do?"

"Let me see him…" Ratchet said, frustrated.

Prowl wheeled Gears in, and Ratchet looked him over.

"It's bad," Ratchet said, "But he's fixable. Don't worry, I'll have him up and running again."

"Thanks, Ratchet." Prowl said, walking out.

Ratchet was just about to get started, but was interrupted by Tracks, who walked in holding his arm.

"Hey Ratchet," Tracks began, "I got my arm messed up fighting Decepticons. You think you can do anything?"

Ratchet looked at Tracks with an angry look. "If you haven't already noticed, Tracks, I'm already working on someone!" he exclaimed with an angry tone, "If you'd stop thinking of yourself for a moment, you'd see that!"

"Okay, Okay, man," Tracks began, "It's no problem, I'll go see if Wheeljack's busy…"

"You do that, Tracks!" Ratchet yelled, "Now leave!"

"Hey man, don't blow your circuits…" Tracks said, walking out.

Ratchet sighed, picked up his tools, and began to work on Gears. "Why does everyone have this passion of fighting?" he asked himself, "Don't they realize violence only leads to more violence? The Autobots and the Decepticons have killed each other for millenniums. Why? What's the point of it all? Why can't we live in peace like the humans? I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sick of it all…"

Ratchet ponders the meaning of this war for hours, all the while working on Gears.

"Well, Gears," Ratchet began, putting his tools up, "You're as good as new. Just try to be a little more careful, Okay?"

"Yeah, whatever," Gears began, "You should have just let me die, I hate this place! Anywhere's better than here!"

"Whatever, Gears," Ratchet said in an angry tone, "Just get out before you put me in a worse mood than I'm already in!"

"What the hell did I do now?" Gears asked.

"Just get out!" Ratchet yelled.

"Alright, alright!" Gears said, walking away.

"I don't see why I try," Ratchet said with a sigh, "Even when I repair them, they just go back out and injure themselves again, and this war shows no signs of stopping anytime soon."

Ratchet put his tools away and walked out of the room. He walked down the hallway and then walked to the entrance. He looks out the door, and looks back inside the Ark. He stands there a few minutes, deep in thought of what to do

"I don't know what to do," he thought to himself, "If I leave, there'd be no one to repair the wounded, but if I stay, I'll go crazy…"

Ratchet spent several minutes thinking, and then made up his mind. Without any more thought, he transformed and sped away from the Ark.

EPOLOUGE: Many hours later, Autobot leader Optimus Prime has just discovered that Ratchet has gone missing and is asking around to see if anyone knows what happened to him. He stops Tracks and asks him.

"Tracks," Optimus began, "Do you have any idea where Ratchet could be?"

"None, Optimus," Tracks began, "He was acting very strange today, also."

"What do you mean by 'strange'?" Optimus asked.

"Well," Tracks replied, "He seemed really pissed off when I went to see him, it really surprised me, he's not usually like that."

"That is strange for him," Optimus began, "Maybe Wheeljack can track him down, let's find out."

Meanwhile, in the skies above, Decepticons Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust pick up a signal on their radar.

"Hold on guys!" Dirge said, "I've just picked up Autobot movement away from the Ark!"

"How many are there?" Thrust asked.

"Only one!" Dirge exclaimed, "And it's moving pretty slow, too, the perfect target!"

"Just when I thought this was going to be a boring night!" Ramjet exclaimed.

And with that said, the three Decepticons flew off in Ratchet's direction…