Things look bleak for Autobot doctor Ratchet. Sick of the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, he left the ark, hoping to live among the humans, who he thought got along. It wasn't until he met Joe, a human medic, that he realized that no one lives in peace, and war is something you have to put up with. He may have realized his duty too late, though, because Decepticon warriors Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust located Ratchet and wish to end his life functions. Unknown to Ratchet, Autobots Optimus Prime, Tracks, and Wheeljack, are attempting to get to him before the Decepticons cause any damage.

"Looks like this is the end of the road for you, Autobot!" exclaimed Dirge.

"Well," began Ratchet, "Do what you must to me, but at least spare the humans! They've done you no harm!"

"We MIGHT spare them," Dirge began, "But we're not guaranteeing anything, though…"

Ratchet turned to Joe, "You and your fellow humans best run away!" he said, "They might let you live, and they might not, you never know with these Decepticons!"

"We'll do that." Said Joe, "but what about you, Ratchet?"

"Don't worry about me, my friend," Ratchet began, "Whatever my fate is, I will meet it like an Autobot!"

"Alright, then!" Joe said, running off.

"Maybe you should have thought about saving yourself first, Autobot." Dirge said.

"I would rather perish than endanger the lives of the innocent." Ratchet said.

"You Autobots," Dirge began, "You're all to stupid to realize that the only person that matters is yourself!"

"No," replied Ratchet, "We realize that all life is important. Maybe you Decepticons are the stupid ones…"

"You will die for that, Autobot!" Dirge shouted, shooting his arm cannon.

Dirge's blast hits Ratchet in the arm. He draws back in pain holding his arm. "If I don't get them out of here," he thought, "They'll destroy the whole city! I've got to lead them to a more open space." He transformed into an ambulance and sped off.

"He's getting away!" Ramjet exclaimed, "What are we going to do, Dirge?"

"We'll let him have one last ride," Dirge began, "But when he stops, we blow him to ashes!"

The three Decepticon warriors transformed and flew off after Ratchet.

TIME: A few minutes later. PLACE: Where the aforementioned events took place. Optimus Prime, Tracks, and Wheeljack pull up to the exact location that Ratchet was at just minutes ago.

"Are we too late?" asked Tracks.

"I don't think so," answered Wheeljack, "Those tire tracks look like Ratchets. I think he's okay… for now…"

"Then we'd best hurry along, then!" Optimus said.

Optimus, Tracks, and Wheeljack then sped off in the direction of Ratchet's tire tracks.

TIME: That very moment. PLACE: A wide open field. Ratchet feels he has lead his pursuers far enough. He transforms into robot mode, awaiting the arrival of the Decepticons. He doesn't have to wait long, for they arrive in a few seconds. They transform and prepare to exterminate Ratchet.

"Enough play, Autobot," Dirge said, "Now you die!"

"I'm not running anymore." Ratchet said, standing tall, "Maybe this is what I deserve for abandoning my duty."

"So be it." said Dirge, "You really are a fool Autobot."

"I might be a fool now," said Ratchet, reaching for his laser scalpel, "But I guarantee, after this ordeal, I'll learn a lot!" Ratchet raised his laser scalpel and shot Dirge right in the eye.

"Arrrrrrrrrgh!" exclaimed Dirge, writhing in pain.

Ratchet transformed into ambulance mode and accelerated. He rammed Ramjet. Thrust began to fire at him. Ratchet avoided Thrust's shots and rammed him as well. Unknown to him, though, Dirge had recovered. Dirge blasted Ratchet on his side. Ratchet fell on his other side and transformed to robot mode. He got to his knees, only to see Dirge standing before him, his arm cannon aimed at his head.

"No more games, Autobot!" Dirge exclaimed, "I've had enough of you, now you will DIE!"

"Not so fast, Dirge!" a voice from behind said.

Dirge nervously turned around, and couldn't believe his optics when he saw Optimus Prime, Tracks, and Wheeljack standing before him.

"Surprised?" asked Optimus.

"You can't stop me now!" Dirge exclaimed, shooting at the three Autobots.

Optimus, Tracks, and Wheeljack leapt out of the way. When they got back on their feet, they fired at Dirge. Dirge, under a barrage of laser fire, decides to make a hasty retreat, quickly followed by Ramjet and Thrust.

"See! See!" shouted Thrust, "I warned you this was a trap!"

"Just SHUT UP, Thrust!" Dirge exclaimed as the three Decepticons flew out of sight.

Optimus walked over to Ratchet. "Are you okay, Ratchet?" he asked.

"I've felt better," Ratchet replied, "But my pride hurts the most, I made a bonehead move by leaving, I'm sorry, Optimus."

"I understand, Ratchet." Optimus began, "I know it's hard to be a pacifist among warriors, but you shouldn't do something extreme like just running off without telling anyone."

"I know, Optimus" said Ratchet.

"It's no problem, Ratchet." Optimus said, "Just don't do anything like this again."

"Don't worry, Optimus," Ratchet said, "It won't"

"Well," Tracks began, "I hate to break up this touching moment and all, but I'd really like to get back to the Ark now!"

"For once," began Ratchet, "I'm going to have to go with Tracks on that one."

"Alright then," said Optimus, "Autobots… Roll out!"

The four Autobots Transformed and sped for home