"Did it work?"

"I don't know. She seems to be responding."


"We've confirmed it, sir. She has bonded with the sample."

"The unknown sample?"


"But...that's not supposed to happen! Did you find out what the sample was?"

{These voices...}

"No, sir."

"Damn it! Who the hell gave her an unknown sample before we tested it? It could have killed her! She's the one who's showing the most promise. That other one...she's all but a failure."

{Another? I don't understand...}

"How is the boy progressing, sir?"

"Alpha Splicer H? He is on schedule. But we are not attempting the bonding with him. He is undergoing...different procedures than the other two. But I repeat, my question: How did that sample get in her?!?"

{A...boy? Another? But there is only I...}

"Sir, we came in here, and the sample had already been injected. But she's responding to it. The two DNA sections, they're...bonding."

"Is it too late to reverse the process?"


"Fuck! Well, wait and see what happens. We CANNOT lose Alpha Rogue In-Experimentation."

{That's all I am? An experiment? That cannot be...}

* * * * * * * * * * *

_Arie! Arie, wake up! It's okay. Don't worry, it's not real. Arie?_

A 15 year old girl shot up, releasing herself from sleep. Her shoulder length blonde hair, with streaks of lavender that looked brown in the moonlight, was in disarray. She looked around, confused. Where were the voices? The voices who had no names or faces, only those horrible words.
And they spoke of strange things, Alphas, and experiments. They spoke of two others, yet those others could not exist. They could not!

_Arie? Are you okay? Having those dreams again?_

She turned and sighed, "Yeah, Shadowflame. But don't worry about it. I'm alright."

_Was it the same one?_

"Kind of...the voices. They said more. They said...something about...others . A boy. And a girl. About...different procedures, and bonding and... I dunno, Shadow .It's foggy. A blur. And when I wake up, it's like, something is keeping my dreams from me. Trying to keep me from remembering on purpose. I just don't get it."

_You'll figure it out. And I'll be right there to help you. We all will._

"Thanks, buddy" she replied lying back down. That frantic feeling that she had when she woke up from the dream was fading, and she realized it was the middle of the night. Groaning, she rolled over.

Shadowflame said nothing, putting his head back down. In a few minutes he was back asleep. Arie, however, was having so such luck. The dream, it was right there, but every time she tried to remember, it was gone.

Sitting back up, she looked around. Her friends were sleeping all around her. The Houndoom, Shadowflame, was sleeping beside her. On her other side was Esper, a female Espeon. A Scizor, a Pidgeot, a Dragonair and a Raichu completed the team. Her bonded partners. The seven of them formed a team.

And not just a normal human/trainer-Pokemon relationship either. These six Pokemon she could not trade, or let go. No more Pokemon could she ever catch either. These were not normal Pokemon. Then again, she wasn't a normal human.

Finally deciding she could get no more sleep that night, she sat up contemplating both herself and her dream.

She knew it wasn't just a dream, those dreams never were. It was a memory, a memory that her unexplainable mental block could not filter out. Each time she had a dream, which was about once or twice a week, they would be different. But the voices...they were always the same.

Arie shook her head. Whatever it was it wasn't coming. {Why bother trying to remember ,when I already know more about myself than I really want to?} That was definitely true. Through her fragmented dreams/memories, and her own sleuthing, Arie had managed to come up with a faint outline of her life.

She had been a genetic experiment, that much she was certain. The things she did...they had to be a result of somebody messing around with her genes. And it had to be when she was young. When she was little, three or four, she had been put in a lab. Where she came from before that, she didn't know. The function (or at least one of them) had been to bond a Pokemon with a human, creating a genetic mix.

Arie had been the result of those experiments. What Pokemon she had bonded with, she wasn't sure. But the scientists were not done there. They had given a her variety of other powers. Then, they went too far. They tried to add even more Pokemon into her. But the Pokemon that was already half of her, bonded inside her, had not been big on sharing. It had lashed out, destroying the room she was in. The bits of Pokemon that the now dead scientists had tried to add to her took physical form, becoming the six Pokemon she now had with her. They shared a mental and somewhat physical bond.

After that, Arie's life sped up. She quickly realized she was not normal, her first clue being when she shot a Flamethrower at the school bully when she was eight. After that her and her Pokemon had wandered, and Arie had grown up mainly alone.

For a while. But apparently. Someone knew that she had escaped the lab, because they started coming after her. The Morgulle, they were called. They were so ruthless and cold they made Team Rocket look like a bunch of Caterpies. And they were after her.

But not just her. Arie had learned that there had been others in that lab. Other experiments going on. After she had escaped, the facility had been shut down, and the experiments had been either moved destroyed, or those that were deemed 'failures' given the scientists' family, posing as adopted children.

Then the Morgulle had been established. Apparently the original financial backer of the project had not been pleased to see his investment go down the tube. So he had created the Morgulle to find and track down the experiments and bring them back 'home'.

And Arie had decided it was her rather self-appointed duty to find them to try and help. Only that wasn't going too well. Many of them did not realize what they were, and were taken unawares when the Morgulle came for them.

Beside her, Esper's eyes shot open. The red jewel set in her forehead glowed faintly. Her ears twitched. Seeing that her friend was wake, the Espeon looked at her, then nodded.

_They are coming._

"What?!?" Arie whirled, forgetting to be quiet, and stared at the Espeon. She had been too busy daydreaming to bother to sense for them, but now that she reached out her mind, she did sense them, an evil tingling in the back of her mind, "Damn it! Are they coming for us?" She could sense their presence and how near they were, but nowhere near as accurately as the Psychic type could.

_No. They are going for...another. The other is strong, but it's powers are hidden deep. It will be caught unawares._

"Great. How close are they to the other one? What can you sense about them?"

_As I said, this one is strong. If it realizes its power, it could become great. They are not far from it, and getting closer. We need go move now if we are going to help. And Arie..._

Esper's hesitation was not lost on her, "What is it?"

_The other one, the target of the Morgulles, he feels...like you._

"What!?!? That cannot be. That would mean..."

_I know. I hope it is true. For your sake, and his._

His? "Alpha Splicer H? He is on schedule..."

As the other Pokemon around Arie and Esper stirred, picking up on their distress, none of them noticed the figure, standing part way up a tree. It was only a silhouette, cloaked in shadow. It jumped up in the air, then disappeared...

* * * * * * * * * *
/Danger! There is danger! They are coming! Wake up!/

About half a kilometer away from Arie and the others, another person of 15 startled awake. That voice...it had been in his mind, loud and insistent. And it had sounded genuinely urgent, and afraid for him.

He groaned and sat up. Spiky, short black hair stuck out at odd angles. Brown eyes blinked blearily, as he tried to get his bearings. He looked around. The small clearing he and his friend were in was calm. There was no hint of the danger that the voice had spoken of.

{It was probably a dream. There's nothing here...}

/No! It was not a dream. There is danger. The Morgulle, they are coming for you. Ash, you must leave. Take your friend and your Pokemon and run. Now!/

{What? The voice, it, knew my name. I don't understand. What are...Morgulle? And how does the voice know, know what I was thinking?}

There was no time to worry about that now. He needed to leave. He couldn't take the chance that the voice was wrong. Enough weird things had been happening lately. Ever since Brock had left, back to the Pewter City gym, he had noticed hat things were slightly..off. He felt weird, had headaches and strange cramps. Sometimes, he could swear he could hear Pokemon voices. Talking.

He sighed. Whatever. They had to leave. He leaned over and nudged Misty, "Hey, Misty, we gotta go."

She awoke, confused, "Ash wha-what is it? It's like 2 in the morning. Go back to bed."

"Sorry, but we gotta go. There's something coming."

Misty was fully awake now, "What do you mean? Ash, look around, everything's asleep. Like we should be."

"NO! We have to go. Danger, danger is coming. Don't ask me how I know, just, come on! Please, Misty, you have to trust me."

She looked at Ash, not really understanding, but seeing the insistence is his voice and his eyes made her nod. She called to Togepi, who didn't look very happy that she had been woken up. Ash called to Pikachu as well, and gathered his Pokeballs together.

{Only 3 of them, ah well...}

Pikachu, Bayleef (renamed Solara), and Totodile (now Snapper) were the only Pokemon he still had. The others were back at Professor Oak's. And his new Fire-type, which he had traded for Cyndaquil, should be arriving any day now. He just didn't know what it was yet.

"Pikachu, Pikachu, wake up. We gotta go."

The rest of the gear was packed, and they were ready to go. Misty was glancing fearfully into the darkness, expecting something to jump out.

Pikachu woke up. Suddenly he was alert, looking around. He stared at Ash, looking nervous.

_Evil is coming._

Ash blinked, shaking his head. Had he just heard that? No, he decided, waking up at 2 in the morning and hearing a voice in his head telling him that danger was coming were just confusing him.

/They are here! Your delays have endangered you all. It is too late to run. They are all around you. You have no choice but to fight. Foolish child!/

Ash didn't have time to wonder about the voice, for at that moment, from across the clearing, three figures and a Flamethrower exploded into view, coming straight for them.


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