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"...She's back..."

"..Where did she go?..."

"...She's always just disappearing and re-appearing like that..."

She listened to the snippets of conversation as she walked by. It was always the same thing, the new arrivals wondering at her comings and goings, the experienced ones, who had been around for a while, patiently explaining it to them.

She continued walking down the hall, before turning sharply into a room on the left. Unlike the corridor, which had been dimly lit and dirty, which had the feeling it was not usually used, and had not been used in many years, this room was bright and clean, the complete opposite to the rest of the building.

Computers lined two of the walls, the other two being floor-to ceiling bookshelves full of files, papers and books. People milled around the room, some at the computers, others looking up things from the shelves.

"What did I miss?"

The room went slient as soon as she began speaking. A man, about 25, stood up from one of the computers and walked over to her.

"You were gone for like, 4 hours. And those 4 hours were from like 1 til 5 in the morning. What the hell do you think you missed?"

The girl only shook her head and laughed, "Wow, you're a little cranky at 5:30 in the morning, aren't you Kehl? I'm guessing that nothing's happened, by your cheerful atittude."

Kehl stared at her for a moment, then shook his head and walked away, grumbling.

"I'll be in my quarters cleaning up. Ugh, I feel so mucky."

_And you look 'mucky' as well. You have been popping in and out of here so much, you haven't showered or changed in several days. There has been nothing of importance happening here. Howver, you cleaning up is becoming a rather pressing matter._

The person turned, and saw an Umbreon sitting calmy behind her. The circles in its head and legs were silver, and it had silver eyes. It cocked its head. _Well? Aren't you going to greet me?_

"Oh, sorry, Orgoth, it's just been a busy few days. I think the Morgulle are planning something. Now let's go up to our room and get that cleaning up you suggested. By the way, where are Anubis and Eagle?"

_Eagle is patrolling. There have been some..suspicious reports lately. And my brother is doing a ground sweep. They will be back by dawn._

She nodded and led the Umbreon out of the room. They went upstairs, stopping in front of a brownish door. The paint was peeling and the door looked very old, but the wood was strong and not rotten. Despite the fact that the while building loooked like it was going to collapse any minute, and inside it was a falling-down mess, it had been designed to look that way. In reality, it was one of the most secure places in the whole of Johto.

The girl opened the door. Inside was perhaps the total opposite of outside. The walls were freshly painted a light blue, the single bed's mattress was not saggy or chewed, and the dresser was a fairly high quality one.

"Home sweet home," she sighed, flopping onto the bed. There was a peaceful feeling about coming into her room. It always made her feel safe.

"You said Eagle would be coming back soon?" she asked, not waiting for her companion's response, as she walked over the the large window and opened it, "There. Now he doesn't have to bother me while I'm having a shower."

Half an hour later, the same person emerged from the bathroom. Only this time, she seemed to be transformed. She was of medium height, with long legs and arms. She was well-muscled, but not buff, the type of body that befit someone who spent much of their life on the move. Her pure blonde hair was long, reaching mid-way down her back, and had sky-blue hilights in it.

She wore low-rise blue jeans, a black tank top, and a white leather vest over top of it. A belt with a swirled silver and gold ying-yang completed the outfit. All in all, this did not look like a person that you would want to mess with.

_That is much better. You look like the leader of the Warehouse 0-1 now, not some tramp._

She turned and laughed, staring at the Umbreon sitting on her bed, "Yeah, and I fell way better. Have they come back yet?"


An object smashed into her from behind. She laughed and turned over, as the object, wriggling happily, licked her face.

"Hello to you too, Anubis. Was I really gone that long?"

The Umbreon, whose leg and head circles and eyes were gold, sat up and comtemplated the question, _Yes. Yes you were. Next time can you take me with you?_

"Maybe. But this time it was important. A new one emerged, and they needed my help."

_Who was this new one?_

Brix turned and looked at the massive Fearow sitting on the windowsill. It was a dark one, the usually grey feathers black, and its colour was mainly a chocolate-brown, "Oh, hey Eagle. Didn't hear you get back. Anyways, the new one was a boy. His abilities aren't that strong, yet. Usually I would leave it to someone else to contact him, but I happened to be in the area, and I sensed the Morgulle, so I figured it was only fair to warn him."

_And you just left him like that?_

"No, there was another Experiment nearby. I made sure she found him, then left. I figure she can take care of him. I have more important things to do than monitor new emergences."

_A girl? Was it one of ours?_

"No, actually. It was that one...Arie, I believe. We've been monitoring her, and I have a special interest in her. I f they need help, I will offer it to them."

_You cannot expect to be able to save every new Experiment. You are needed here. You are the leader, the organizer of Warehouse 0-1. Let the others deal with them._

"Lay off, Orgoth. I told you I was in the area anyways. I needed to do some business with Warehouse 0-7. And I couldn't just leave and not help him. I had to make sure he was okay. And like I said, I have a special interest in the girl."

_Very well._ said Orgoth, but he still looked rather annoyed.

Brix sighed, "I'm going to go check with Kehl, see if he needs any help. By the way, has Hacker contacted you at all?"

_Hacker? Not since you left. The last I heard, everything was on schedule. I have no reason to suspect any changes. Hacker will get the job done. She always does._ replied Orgoth.

_Umm, I heard that there were some problems with her. Rumor has is that someone's been snooping around her place. I dunno if it's true though._

Orgoth, nearly out the door, whirled and glared at his twin brother, _I heard nothing of this! When did you hear this rumor of yours?_

_Easy, Orgoth. I heard of it as well. You have been preoccupied lately. Everyone knows how much you help to keep this Warehouse running. Just as Brix cannot know everything, nor can you._ Eagle attempted to soothe his friend's bruised ego.

"Whatever. Let's go try and confirm this rumor."

* * * * * * * *

"Yes, it's true Brix. We lost contact with Hacker a few days ago. Shortly before that, she contacted us and told us that she suspected someone was onto her, stalking her and asking questions about her, the usual. Then, when we checked with her to see how she was progressing on Project Titan, but there was no answer. We assumed she had gone underground, but it's been three days, and no word."

"That's not like her. The odd time someone manages to track her down, she always lets us know she's fine."

_So you are thinking she's not fine?_

"Yeah, Anubis, that's pretty much it."

Seeing the quizzical look Kehl gave her, Brix explained, "He was just wondering if I thought she is in some kind of trouble."
Kehl nodded. Like the others who worked at Warehouse 0-1, he knew that Brix could communicate with Pokemon, and had some other powers as well. Hell, he was used to it. This Warehouse was dedicated to finding new Experiments (a term for people who had genetic experiments performed on them, and so exhibited unusual abilities) and keep them from the Morgulle. They were given new identities, and often stayed at a Warehouse until they were sure they were safe. Many decided to stay and help at the Warehouse, to repay those who had helped them.

"So, what are we going to do about it? We have to go and help her! If they found out even a fraction of what she knows..."

Kehl sighed and looked and Brix, who was clearly agitated. Her bonded partners picked up on this, and all three of them were twitching and shifting, "Well, she contacted us last at Goldenrod, so we assume she is around there."

"Well, them we have to go see what we can find. Eagle, Anubis, Orgoth and I will go."

"Brix, you are the leader of this Warehouse. You cannot just pop out whenever you see fit. You have responsibilities as leader. Send someone else.you cannot dod this job."

Kehl immediately knew he had gone to far. Brix, who was usually very calm and intraverted, cool and in control to the point of exasperation, DID NOT like being told she couldn't do something. Fiercely independent, she did what she wanted when she wanted.

"I wasn't really asking you, Kehl. As you said, I am the leader, and as leader, I appoint you surrogate leader of Warehouse 0-1 until I get back. Alright?"

Already knowing it was hopeless to argue, he nodded wearily, "Fine. But why are you doing this."

Brix, who was already leaving, stopped and called over her shoulder, "Before she was a co-worker, a sister in arms. She was my friend. Perhaps the only person I call friend. And because of that, I must help her. No matter what."

* * * * * * * * *

"Do I have everything?"

_Yes, I believe you have enough supplies for several days. And we will be passing over several cities, Azalea Town among them. We will be fine._

She nodded and turned, backpack strapped on her back. She picked up something from the dresser, and looked at her Umbreon twins. Upon seeing the objects in her hand, they immediately backed away.

_Brix, that's not fair! You know how much we hate going in Pokeballs. It's so...humiliating._

"I'm not asking you. I'm flying on Eagle, and it's so much faster this way. Now get in."

Orgoth sighed, _As you wish. But I am not amused._ And he disappeared in a beam of red light.

Anubis also submitted, and Brix attached the Pokeballs to her belt. One was black and silver, the other was gold and silver. They were designed so the Umbreon could escape out of them, if needed.

"Ready Eagle?"


* * * * * * * * *

Four hours later the two were flying above Azalea Town. It was about 9 in the morning, and the day was bright and sunny. Brix and Eagle flew just below the clouds, high enough not to attract any attention.

Brix looked down below her. Azalea town and the surrounding area stretched out peacefully in all directions. A river ran to the south of the town, flowing sedately.

"Hey Eagle, can we go a little lower? I'd like to get a better look around."

_Weren't you just here a few hours ago?_

"Yeah, but it was at night. Everything looks so peaceful now."

_Very well._

As they flew, lower, Eagle just happened to glance behind them. What he saw immediately sent him into evsive manuvers. He swung sharply to the side just as a Pidgeotto came streaking by him. Looking up, another Pidgeotto and a Pidgeot were hovering above them, waiting to attack as well.

_Morgulle spies!_ he hissed as he prepared for another attack, _They must have followed us above the clouds. Leaving early in the morning, I thought we could not be followed._

"Yeah, well, looks like you were wrong!" yelled Brix as she flattened herself onto Eagle's back, so not to get in his way.

_Here they come!_

The remaining Pidgeotto and the Pidgeot dove at the same time. While they were faster and more agile, the Fearow was larger, tougher and stronger. He dropped down, only a few hundred meters above the ground, above the river Brix had been looking at only a few minutes before.

He whirled to one side, feeling the wind rush beside him as the Pidgeot whipped by at unbelieveable speeds. With out missing a beat, Eagle threw himself to the other side, as the Pidgeotto buzzed by. Unfortunately, he had overcompensated, and sent then both him and Brix into a dizzying spin.

They fell fast, and Eagle struggled to right himself. Unfortunately, he had forgotten one thing. The other Pidgeotto. As he tumbled through the air, it hit him in the back, knocking the wind out of him.

Through his pain, he realized something far more serious. The weight of Brix on his back was gone. Finally righting himself, panting and wheezing for breath, he seached frantically for Brix. With a sinking heart, he realized he could not see her.

_Looking for your mistress? Keep looking, because she's fallen in the river!_

Eagle gasped and looked up at the Pidgeot, who was hovering above him. {Brix? No...I have failed her...I have failed her again. I promised it would not happen again. I promised...}

Eagle did not even feel the Pidgeotto slam into his back again, only the dark bliss of unconciousness...


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