This is a one shot fic about FF7, and it hints towards Tifa/Sephiroth. I haven´t beaten the game yet, so don´t blame me if there´s anything strange in this that doesn´t occur in the game. Heck, let´s just say it´s a re-write of the end.

Tifa Lockheart was standing on the Highwind, leaning against a wall.
It had only been a few minutes since the defeat of Sephiroth, and everyone was weary. Looking out through a window, she stood for some time, not really seeing anything, for her thoughts were occupied with a certain silver-haired villain.

After Cloud had beaten Sephiroth, the man had been lying on the ground, covered in his own blood, but still alive, if barely. Tifa had turned to leave, when he stopped her.
" Tifa?" He had whispered. Something had made her turn back to him and listen.
" What?" She had asked, trusting him about as far as she could throw him, expecting that he would rise up and strike her with the Masamune at any minute. However, he did nothing of the sort, he only opened his Mako-glowing eyes, and looked at her. By now, she was alone with him, the others had gone ahead to the Highwind.
" What do you want?" She asked again. He closed his eyes, and when he spoke, his voice was shaking and weak.
" We can rush and we can run, but we can´t undo what has been done." His eyelids flickered.
" I´m sick of hearing my own lies." He continued.
" Sephiroth, what are you talking about?" Tifa asked, confused by the silver-haired mans words. He wasn´t listening to her, though.
" I´ll see you on the other side." The words were a mere whisper, and she had to strain her ears to hear it. Then Sephiroths eyelids had flickered for the second time, and before she knew it, he was dead.

What had he meaned about seeing her on the other side? And about beeing sick of his own lies? Why had he told her? Why-
She was broken from her thoughts by Yuffie, who came walking up to her. The little ninja looked green, and they hadn´t been flying for more than a couple of minutes.
" Hi, Tif! Watcha´ doin´?" She asked.
" Oh, just thinking...." Tfa answered. Yuffie grinned.
" Who about? Cloud?" When Tifa shook her head, her brow furrowed.
" Who then?"
" Sephiroth." That nearly knocked Yuffie of her seat, or would have, had she been sitting.
" Why? Who´d want to think about that sicko?" She demanded, then she grinned again." Or is there something you haven´t told me?" Tifa shook her head.
" It was something he said to me before he died."
" Oh? `I love you´, or what?" The ninja replied sarcasticly.
" No. It´s not important, anyway." Tifa turned away from the window. " Nothing important."

Weeeeell? What do you think? Should I leave it there, or should I make a sequel?
Tell me.
- Metallicafangirl.