Standing at the podium up on the little stage in the front of the auditorium was a rather unexpected sight. It was a bear that was white and black with red eyes though one of them seemed to be closed. It also had one of the creepiest smiles I've ever seen. "Well it's time to get started everyone" the little bear announced. "well it's not the cutest I've ever seen" Mei noted in her drowsy voice off to my left leaving me to wonder just how she could find anything cute about that bear. "Woah Amigo this pretty trippy we're being talked to by a stuffed animal" Rio remarked though he seemed to be laughing a bit as he said it. "I'M A BEAR not some stuffed animal!" he seemed indignant but then spoke again "I am the one and only MONOKUMA!" he seemed quite proud of himself as he spoke here.

Kara laughed a bit "Well Monokuma it's nice to meet you" she seemed rather excited to meet him. Honestly I think she has a few screws loose saying that but hey it's her choice right? "So are you some kind of reject childs toy or something dude?" Haru asked I wondered how pissed the little bear would be as a result of that comment. Just on que the bear seemed to be flushing with anger and I swear that if he had veins they'd be pulsing right now. "I AM NOT A REJECT!" he then coughed a few times to calm himself before speaking again "I'm your supervisor on this little trip that's all" this caused a bit of a stir amongst everyone. "Supervisor? For what trip?" this was Valentine speaking while he was twiddling one of the valves on that saxophone.

"Well I'm glad someone asked that" Monokuma remarked before continuing again "We are here in this merry little police station in order well the answer is easy a game of Murder!" That's it this little bear is officially insane. "Murder? Just what the hell are you talking about?" Zhen Etsuko sounded kind of guarded as he asked Monokuma that. "Upupupupu that's right Murder the rules are pretty simple, In order to graduate from here one of you must commit a murder…and get away with it Upupupupupu" does insane really describe this bear? Monokuma then waved his hands er…paws? "Get away with Murder to graduate? And what pray tell do you mean by that?" I asked sounding a bit sour as I did so. This seemed to get the little bears attention "Oh that's simple you guys are trapped in this police station and the only way out is for yall to commit murder it doesn't matter how either I mean you can mangle, strangle, torch, eviscerate, mutilate, pulverize, or even poison each other to death just remember that ya gotta get away with it too." I really don't like this bear. "Sounds simple enough really" again the drowsy voice of Mei rang out though the way she said It made it obvious she wasn't up for the idea either.

Monokuma then seemed to just disappear behind the podium as he jumped down. "That is one messed up bear" Valentine remarked. No one really seemed interested in standing around and discussing this matter further though and soon we were apparently all dispersing to the dorms. I mentioned before that the tablet had dorms, which is of course a rather peculiar thing for a police station but then again I suppose if we are to be staying here the fact that there are dorms is a blessing. I must take now to mention that according to the name plates I am neighbors with that fuzzy headed mercenary Zhen Etsuko.

The insides of the dorms are pretty nice. We have our own bathrooms too that's convenient. The beds are king size it looks like and absolutely comfortable. The desks must be mahogany. The tiling on the floor is pretty fancy too, although I must say that the steel plating on the walls where windows would be is a bit depressing. I grew bored of being in the dorm rather quickly and decided I would make my way to the cafeteria and possibly grab a snack.

Once I was at the cafeteria I noticed that everyone else seemed to already be here. "Hello everyone" I greeted receiving several warm welcomes in return. "So cutie what do you make of all this?" Haru asked with a rather skeptical tone. "I think it's ridiculous" responded Hachi with an irritated snort. "I wasn't asking you" Haru snapped back indignantly. "Well I think it's trouble" I responded while shaking my head at her. "I think that the bear is just messing with us' Sarako interjected. "I seriously want to know what Is up with that stupid bear" Zhen stated. It seems to me that the two with the most animosity towards Monokuma's idea would be Hachi and Zhen I wonder why.

"Why exactly should we believe that bear?" Akiko asked idly fiddling with the page she appeared to be reading. That was the question of the day though. "You have a point there Amiga" Rio agreed nodding. "Shouldn't we check and see if we really are stuck like he says before we get too frustrated over nothing?" Kara was making a surprisingly serious suggestion. Thus everyone split up to look for exits. When we all met back up some time later we all came to the unanimous discovery of no exits. "Well that sucks" Mei remarked drowsily. Well that's lovely we are definitely stuck here in a police station of all places.

We were all feeling down when suddenly Valentine started to play his saxophone. The tune was something really cheery and admittedly seemed to lighten the mood a bit. "That's better" Kojika noted with a smile on his lips as he stretched out relaxing a bit. Actually we were stretched out relaxing and listening to Valentine play. I soon found myself drifting off to sleep.

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