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Chapter Eight: I Hope You Suffer

They can't get me on Privet Drive, I know that now.

They can't get me in Headquarters, either.

But they can get me at Hogwarts, even though we usually have a great deal of warning.

They can get me in the car, I guess.

But...this time they got me on the train this time.

Funny, it's the same trick we played on Draco's goons during the second year—well not exactly, I wouldn't eat anything that I happened to find that looked tasty—and was floating mid air.

But it was the same tact, a drugged treat.

Shortly after I saved Mr.Weasley's life Snape and Dumbledore both warned me not to eat anything I was not sure of until I got to Hogwarts. Things in Grimmauld Place were fine, but I should be wary otherwise.

I thought the wrapped treats on Hogwarts Express were perfectly fine.

Stupid me.

Turns out Voldemort, notified of our mental connection, had Snape cook him up some eclectic potion that would knock me out and control reality in my dreams.

Consequently I missed about a month of classes.

Fudge said I had some sort of magical allergic reaction or something even after they showed him the damn thing was tainted. He had the gall to accuse Dumbledore of doing it. Pffft!

He had to drop his accusation anyways—and cover up the evidence, because if it went to the Wizengamot Snape would get to show off his shiny and good as new Dark Mark off, and that would really screw the Minister over.

I wonder if he has any leprechaun in his family?

In any case during that month I was out like a light and completely open to Voldemort's control, well it was a great deal longer than a month to me. I'm almost certain of how it works too.

See, no one remembers things like a string of information, right? I mean who remembers what happened five minutes ago? So all he did was give me the specifics and helped my mind fill in the blanks, that's how complicated Impercio commands work.

Bastard still made me do all my homework AND detentions, I remember it!

At least I don't have the scars.

The toad lady isn't the DADA teacher at least. She was going to be it but Dumbledore pulled some strings and magiced a few paperwork disasters and we got this wimpy little paper pusher that taught us from the same Ministry prescribed book as the toad did in my dream world, though he did brighten things up with a few real Auror reports now and then before the Ministry made him stop.

Shortly after I woke up we drove him out of school, and now we don't have a DADA teacher.

Professor McGonagall said that Dumbledore was buying time. I asked for what. And she...she said that...well.

At least my friends are still my friends.

In my dreams they were not so forgiving, I drove them away with my temper tantrums. They yelled back, we fought, I was abandoned, Second year and the last all over again.

I suspect that he had an idea to mess with my mind so much that I believed it so would do something stupid. But with Snape working on a counter, and telling LV about it, well he tried to make me distrust my friends as much as possible. The brain does not lead the heart.

I think the greasy git fudged it as much as possible for as long as possible.

However long it was was hell for me. Hexes and curses and curses of the verbal kind. I was...it was worse than on Privet Drive and school with Dudley. I was used to being alone then, being hated then, and knowing that people were only mean because otherwise Dudley and his gang would beat them up.

Now...Now they all hated me for me.

But no, NO! That is in the past, what's more it didn't happen. It was...like the exact opposite of the mirror of Erised. It was what I most feared and most hated and I experienced it.

It left it's marks on me. Bad and good.

Voldemort did me a favor though he didn't mean to—even though I have to learn to trust them again he also rather rudely broke me of my rather nasty yelling habit. Thinking back I was a right awful ass. Keeping your head down is so much better than making yourself into a target. Better to think twice than not at all.

Because of that I know what McGonagall meant rather than what she said.

Dumbledore didn't know what he was buying time for.


How the hell did he know to wait for something if he didn't know what it was?!