Consciousness seeped into Waverly's body, reluctantly pulling her from a so lovely dream. The images were fleeting, only the feeling of warmth and love lingered, lulling her back into sleep, but an insistent noise kept her from following it. Her eyes fluttered open and her face scrunched up in confusion when all she saw at first was black fuzz. Lifting her head up showed Willy curled up on the pillow besides her head.

The insistent noise continued, but Waverly was barely able to pinpoint it coming from the living room before it stopped. With a relieved sigh, she relaxed back into the bed, noticing for the first time she and Nicole had shifted sometime in the night. She was resting on her stomach now, with Nicole draped along her back. It reminded Waverly of the thick, heavy comforter Gus would wrap her in when she was young and having a panic attack. Having Nicole wrapped around her like this made all her worries seem miles away.

It was strange to imagine that less then twelve hours ago so much had been pressing down on her shoulders, that so much had changed with a single, impulsive move. Well…impulsive for her. She was a planner after all, had been that way her entire life. It had been a result of the tumultuous childhood she'd had, needing to control what she could in life. Plans made her comfortable because she knew what was coming, what was needed, and what she had to do. The thought of doing anything off-the-cuff usually sent a cold sweat down her neck. Checklists and calendars were her tools of choice and could knock them out like a champ. Then Nicole Haught had wandered in and certainty went out the window.

And she loved every minute of it.

The brush of a thumb across the back of her hand brought Waverly from her thoughts. She turned her head to see a soft, sleepy smile and bleary eyes so very close to her own. "Morning," She said, a soft whisper beneath the quiet of the morning.


They came together, lips pressed together, sweet and soft.

"How'd you sleep?" Nicole asked against her lips, pulling away slightly to brush a lock of hair that fell across Waverly's forehead.

Waverly started to turn over, Nicole moving to accommodate her so they were now face to face, arms quickly finding place around hips and shoulders. "Horribly. You snore and hogged all the covers."

"I snore? Bull. I thought they had moved the trains overnight."

Waverly's face dropped in shock. "Brat!" She yelped, fingers flying out to dig into ribs and flanks. Almost immediately Waverly squeaked when fingers retaliated almost immediately, digging into her sides and ribs and she wiggled to try and doge them. Laughter filled the air, punctuated by an annoyed Willy who jumped off the bed to keep from being squished. Deciding to change tactics, she paused and surged up, capturing Nicole's lips with her own. The long form above her froze then melted into her. Her fingers threaded through the dark red curls, scratching the woman's scalp and earning a rumble of pleasure. Waverly felt a heat start low in her belly at the sound. A part of her wanted to keep going, to press against Nicole until nothing separated them, until the heat that simmered in her stomach flowed out, flushing and sensitizing skin and pooling heavy between her legs.

But she held back. As much as her body trembled with desire there was a fissure of fear. She needed time, time to adjust to this new facet. She was a planner, she liked orderly and predictable. Nicole Haught had blown orderly out of the equation that first morning and it had left Waverly feeling excited and unsure. She wanted to see where this would go, how far it would go, but the realist/pessimistic side of her mind supplied the area between here and then with things that could go wrong. Her family flashed first and foremost in her mind.

On a whim she pivoted her hips and switched their positions, laughing at the surprised look on Nicole's face.


Long arms reached around Waverly's waist, pulling their bodies close once more. "That you do. Now what are you going to do with me?"

While she may not have been ready to go any farther than this, that didn't stop the little primal part of her mind from eliciting very interesting images from the statement. Heat suffused her body and blood ran to parts further south. She sat back on her haunches, taking a deep breath to calm herself. The playfulness immediately dropped from Nicole's face and she sat up.

"You okay Wave?"

"Yeah just…you are a little dangerous Nicole Haught," Waverly joked, touched by the concern she saw on her girlfriend's face. Girlfriend…it was different, but she found she liked the feeling. She wrapped her arms around Nicole's shoulders and snuggled into her, sighing happily when arms wrapped around her back and warm lips kissed her chin and jaw.

"Umm, I'm sorry?" Nicole said, earning a laugh from Waverly.

She pulled back to look at the adorably confused expression on Nicole's face. "No you're not." This earned a unrepentant smirk that Waverly kissed away, melting like a second skin into the long, lean form below her.

"You're right, I'm not," Nicole replied with a shrug as she wrapped her arms around Waverly's waist. She tilted her head to look at the clock and let out a small groan when she saw the time. "Why are we up so early?"

"I heard something." Almost immediately any sleep or softness disappeared from Nicole's face and her posture now screamed cop. Waverly felt the change and shook her head. "No not like anyone was in here. Like a ringing. I think it was my phone."

Instantly she felt Nicole relax and ease back into the bed. "Who would be calling this early?"

"I don't know. Wynonna won't be awake for like another five hours. Maybe Shorty or Gus?"

"I hope you don't have to go in today," Nicole replied, wiggling back down into the bed to get comfortable again. Waverly smiled down at her, thinking the same. She wanted to stay in this apartment for as long as possible, cuddled up with Nicole, Willy and Wonka, and letting herself finally imagine the what ifs that she usually didn't allow herself to.

"Just let me go check my phone to see if it was."

"Right now?"

Waverly smirked when Nicole didn't immediately let her go. "Yes right now. Besides I think we have two bodies getting restless." Both looked to the end of the bed to see two pairs of eyes staring intently back at them.

"Wonka! Stop teaching Willy your bad habits. Go, shoo," Nicole flapped her hand at the two. Willy jumped in surprise, disappearing back over the edge of the bed, but Wonka only gave an uninterested mewl before disappearing as well.

"We may as well get up before they come back and start gnawing on us," Waverly said, as she started to pull away. Certain biological needs were calling and she wanted to go check her phone to see if it had been Gus or Shorty. She just wanted to know as soon as possible if she was going to have to go in, or if she'd get to spend more time with Nicole.

After a few more minute, during which Waverly enticed Nicole out of bed with the promise of food. The deep growl of her stomach kinda cinched the deal. "Fine," Nicole finally grumbled, getting up and shuffling over to her closet.

As she was rummaging Waverly got up and moved towards the main room, two furry shadows hot on her heels. "I'll go get breakfast started. You can shower first."

"You sure?" Nicole asked, her head popping around the closet door. A rakish smile crossed her face, "You could always join me?"

Waverly rolled her eyes. "Go on troublemaker," She said, swatting at the laughing redhead who picked up her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. It wasn't long before the sound of the water running was heard. Waverly stared at the door, her logical side reminding her that she wasn't ready for too much. To take it slow. Unfortunately, her imagination wasn't listening, instead supplying images of long limbs, pale in the bathroom light and glistening with steam.

'Stop stop stop,' Waverly shook her head and resolutely walked into the main room, hoping to get away from temptation. "If nothing else I could just hop outside," She grumbled to herself as she walked over to where her jacket and phone rested. Seeing how low the battery was when she powered it on she grabbed her charger as well and moved over to the couch. After plugging it in she powered it on again and saw that she had a few texts and a voicemail from Gus.

"Hey Wave. It's stopped snowing, but the roads are bad so we're closed for the day. You have fun with…whatever it is you're doing. Love you." Waverly pulled the phone away, trying to puzzle the strange way Gus had said that. With a shrug she brushed it off, instead focusing on the fact that her wish had been granted, a day to herself and Nicole.


And two hungry furballs.

"Okay you two, let's go," Waverly laughed, moving into the kitchen.

Not long after the sweet smell of French toast was filling the air, mixing with the popping of bacon grease and two hungry kittens head first in their food bowls. Waverly watched them for a moment, amused that they both could pack away so much. Willy was almost doing a handstand, so intent on eating as he was.

Long arms wrapped around her waist, momentarily startling the young woman before Nicole's voice reached her ear. "The shower's free if you'd like to hop in. Sorry," Nicole chuckled when she felt Waverly jump. "You can borrow some of my clothes." She bussed a kiss against her cheek before peering over her shoulder at what was cooking. "I have a beautiful woman making French toast to me. My weakness."

Waverly laughed, leaning back into the long form behind her. "The food or the girl?"

"Both." Nicole chirped, dropping another kiss on her cheek before moving around to the coffee maker and flipping it on. "Any word from Gus or Shorty?"

"Yeah it was Gus. She said they're staying closed because the roads are still pretty bad," Waverly replied, flipping the last piece of toast from the skillet onto a plate. She turned to go to the fridge, but was stopped by the look on Nicole's face. There was a softness there, one she really only ever saw when the officer was looking at her. There was also a contentment and happiness that pulled softly at Waverly's own heart. "What?" She asked.

Nicole shook her head, that small smile never leaving her face. "Just happy is all." Pushing off from the counter she was leaning again Nicole leaned down and pressed a kiss to Waverly's lips that was so soft and sweet that Waverly could do nothing but lean into it, prolonging the touch and savoring the emotions it stirred and cemented within her heart. As silly as it may have been, hearing that Nicole was just as happy in this moment, connected and content in this quiet, little moment, made Waverly felt almost giddy.

"Me too," She whispered.