AN: This is, well, dark, but in a gothic, seductive way. Also, I am quite aware of the fact that people don't actually talk like that. It's for dramatic effect. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I don't own these two, which in the long run is probably a good thing.


I pride myself in my ability to see beauty, wherever it exists.

And it exists now, before me, in his lovely face, strong handsome and breathless. In his long, soft brown hair, in those deep amber eyes that look as if they hold the entire universe.

His body trembles beneath mine, and it excites me to know that I am making him tremble so.

He is so much stronger than I. I can feel it in his taught muscles. He could easily end this; push me away, as a wolf pushes away an errant cub. And yet he does not.

Instead he lies there, helpless beneath my soft, curious touch. The simplest caress of my fingers and he shivers like a blade of grass on a windy day.

"Please," he begs me, his voice a mere husky whisper. The pleading tone sends a thrill of pleasure down my spine.

"Please what?" I ask, in a voice I don't even recognize as my own. It is low and breathy…and seductive.

He doesn't answer, so I lean down and nibble on his jaw. He trembles and a low, guttural moan escapes him.

This power I have over him, is intoxicating. It rushes through my blood and makes me feel lightheaded.

"Why…are you doing this…to me?" he asked, barely able to speak. His voice is breathy, deep, primitive and it strikes a primal chord within me.

"Because," I murmur, "You're beautiful."