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I'm confused. My dear wolf is crying and begging my forgiveness. I want to know why; he never cries. Then I feel the trails of dried tears on my own cheeks. He believes he made me cry. He did, but not for the reason he believes.

I wrap my arms around him comfortingly. "Shh, shh, it's all right," I murmur.

"I-I never meant to hurt you!" he sobs brokenly.

"You didn't. I cried out of pleasure," I assure him. "I may be sore tomorrow, but it was worth it."

He looks up at me with hopeful, amber eyes. "Really?" his voice is so unsure and hopeful that I laugh and kiss him gently.

"Oh my dear Moony, you're such a delight. Did you enjoy being in command?" I ask softly.

He blushes brightly, despite the intimate moment we have just shared. I like the way he looks when he blushes, so young and innocent looking.

"I…enjoyed it while I was in command, but now it frightens me; that I could get such pleasure merely from control…"

He burrows into my arms and I give him a comforting squeeze. "It was the change," I reply softly. "It amazes me how good it can feel to not be in control."

And it's true. I felt perfectly safe when my wolf was overpowering me, and I experienced just as much pleasure as ever I did with him.

He's watching me curiously. I smile down at him. "Perhaps we should switch roles more often," I say and lick my lips languidly.

I am rewarded with a flare of desire in his amber eyes as he rolls on top of me. The sheer strength of him has me breathing faster.

"I think I'd like that," he growls affectionately.

We spend the rest of the evening experimenting with each other, learning new ways to balance the control. Oh my dear, sweet, kind wolf, how much I love you.



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