Sugar and Spice

By Todd Fan

Disclaimer: "The only true wisdom consists of knowing that you know nothing".

Here it is, the all-girls fic. Yeah, don't aske me where i go the idea from..i don't know. BTW the song Todd sings, in his own unique style, is 'Cupid' by the Drifters. Oh yeah, extra happy hoppy frog bonus points for anyone who can guess the where i got the name of the camp from.


Chapter 1 - A plot afoot.

Jean Grey eyed the suitcases in the hall wairlily. She was starting to get a little..worried. Logan had been going into each girls room, packing some of their things into suitcases and laying them out in the hall. He had done this without a word, and by the look on his face, no one had dared to ask him. Amara walked down and pointed to the suitcases.

"I asked him if i could pack my own stuff and he wouldn't let me", she said, "Tabby tried to wrestle hers away from him".

"Did it work?", asked Jean.

"See for yourself", said Amara, pointing to where Logan was carrying a suitcase, her roomate dragging behind it.

Logan deposited the suitcase, along with Tabby with the others, then muttered something about going to talk to Xavier. Rogue and Kitty came down the stairs.

"What's happening?", asked Kitty, looking at her suitcase with a worried expresion.

"Yeah", said Rogue, crossing her arms, "when a guy come into ma'h room, goes through ma'h stuff, packs it an' puts it out here..a'h would like to know what it's about".

"You will be told now, Rogue", said Xavier, wheeling up.

"WHAT?!!!!", the girls stared at Xavier like he had gone loco.

They were all in his study, looking not in the least impressed. Xavier sighed and folded his hands.

"You will be going to Camp Cold Mountain . There you will learn to work as a team, as well as bonding with members of your own...gender...which none of you are very good at".

"I'm sorry if i think that hanging around with Ray and Kurt is more fun than sitting sharing gossip stories", said Tabby, "besides, we've bonded as girls before".

" vigilanties", said Xavier, noting the girls expressions, "i AM a powerfull telepath you thought i didn't know about that?".

"Told you so", muttered Amara.

"Look, i'ts only a month", said Xavier, "and you get a day visit during that time from as many people as you like..boys included".

Jean sighed, she didn't like this idea one bit.

"So, is it just us?".

"No", said Xavier, "it is a big comunity project. The bus leaving from here will contain most of the teenage female population of Bayville in it. There will be a few girls from other towns in the Camp itself when you get there".

"I wonder who else is going that we know?", pondered Kitty.

Across town, in the Brotherhood Boarding House, Wanda Maximoff was walking downstairs to get breakfast...assuming her 'beloved' housemates had left anything edible.

"Cupid, draw back your bow, and let your arrow go, straight to my Wanda's heart, for me"

Wanda pulled a face as she heard Todd singing. God, that was anoying!. She looked up as Lance slowly walked past her, giving her a nervous smile.

"Come on Toad, we need to get groceries!", he shouted.

Todd hopped out of the kitchen after him.

"Okay, keep ya shirt on. Why we have ta get groceries so early in the mornin' is besides me, yo", he said.

"We just do, okay?", said Lance, "get a move on".

Todd rolled his eyes and went after him, stoping to give Wanda a smile.

"Good mornin' my Crimson Cuite, sleep well?", he asked, her, only getting a glare in response, "okay you too!".

He went after Lance, still protesting about getting groceries so early. Wanda shook her head and started towards the kitchen. She felt a gust of wind pass her, then form back behind her a few seconds later. Wanda turned around.

"Pietro, what are", she blinked, Pietro was holding a suitcase...her suitcase, "what's going on?".

"Okay Sis, we're only doing this because we love you", said Pietro, looking at the window, "okay Fred, Lance has taken the Toad away. NOW!".

Wanda spun around too see Fred charge at her...oh joy.

Meanwhile, the X-...girls were all sitting on the bus, waiting to go. Amanda was there, moaning about how much she was going to miss Kurt, while Teyrn sat away from the 'mutie freaks' and talked to some cheerleaders.

"Come on!", said one of the cheerleaders, "lets go already!".

"One more to wait for", said the bus driver with a sigh. Kitty blinked.

"Who could we be waiting f....".

"No!. You can't make me go!. I don't wanna go!!!!!".

The girls looked to see Fred and Pietro walking down towards the bus. Slung over Freddy's shoulder was a screaming Wanda. As Fred passed a lampost, Wanda made a grab for it and clung on for dear life. Fred stopped and looked at Pietro, who rolled his eyes.

"Come on Wanda, it's for your own good", he said, then proceeded to tickle her.

"No, she said between giggles, "i don't want to go. Ahahahaha. It's not fair. I can't stand being with...oh damn!".

She let go of the post and Fred carried on walking. When they got to the bus, Pietro smiled up at his sister.

"Come on, it'll be a fun experience", said Pietro, "plus it will be a month for us all not to live in total fear of you".

"You'll pay for this brother", said Wanda darkly as Fred pushed her into the bus, she made sure to add her darkest of looks as the doors hissed shut.

"Yeah yeah", said Pietro, handing Wanda's suitcase to the baggage man, then added in a cheery voice, "have fun sis! Love you. Kisses!".

With that, he and Fred ran off, leaving Wanda to sulkily go and sit down on a chair, by herself.

"You got tricked too, huh?", said Rogue, carefully walking over to the fuming witch.

Wanda narrowed her eyes.

"I hate my brother", she said, crossing her arms.

"A'hm surprised Toad didn't come to your rescue", said Rogue.

"He would have", said Wanda, "but Lance distracted him. I should have known something was up when he and Todd went off to get groceries...without Freddy. Now i know Lance was keeping Todd away while my 'dear' brother and Blubber Boy double teamed me".

"Okay ladies", said the bus driver through his speakerphone, "next stop, Camp Cold Mountain ".

With that, the bus pulled away, and the girls on board took the last glance of Bayville that they would see in a month...and perhaps the last of their sanity.

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