Sugar and Spice

By Todd Fan

Disclaimer: "You know, you're really quite a decorator. It's amazing what you've done with such a modest budget. I like that boulder. That is a NICE boulder".

Here we are again, my friends, on the final chapter of this fic. I never DREAMED it would get up to 25 chapters, like Baby Blues, it really was a shot in the dark, completely unplaned and just thrown together at the last minute. Thanks to everyone who reviewed it. *Hugs* The next Sidney chronicle, as promised, is also up.

Chapter 25 - Girls just wanna have fun


The girls, by some utterly amazing miracle, had managed to survive the night. After getting lost a few hundred times and Amanda and Tabitha trying to kill each other, both ending up in a river, they had finally made it to the bus pick up area. To find it empty.

"Maybe we're early", said Jean hopefully.

"They've gone without us, lets face it", snapped Amara, "all that traveling for nothing. NOTHING!".

Birds fluttered up from the tree's as Amara's yell echoed through the wood. There was a silence that hung over everyone.

"What do we do now?", asked Tabby, still a little wet.

Everyone turned to look at Jean.

"What?!", snapped Jean, "now you WANT my advice. Hah!. Well i don't know, so there!".

As if to make things worse, it started to rain.

"I wanna go home!", said Kitty, sitting down in a puddle with a whimper.

"We all wanna go home", snapped Amanda, "this SUCKS!".

"I think we've been punished enough", said Wanda, "i would give ANYTHING to go home, anything".

As if by magic, a whiring sound came from overhead, and the Velocity came into view.

"My God, the witches magic worked!", said Rogue, "Wanda, you are the BEST!".

"I didn't do any..", started Wanda, before shrugging, "okay, fine i did it".

The Velocity landed and Beast stepped out.

"We figured you'd miss the bus", he said, "Charles decided you've suffered enough, get in".

The girls hustled into the Velocity like their lives depended on it. Each settled into a chair with a sigh. Hank chuckled and started up the copter, starting back towards Bayville, civilisation...and the guys.


Inside the mansion, Kurt, Roberto and Scott were scrubbing away at the danger room. Jamie was sitting in the control room with a smirk on his face, Sam, Bobby and Ray watching with him.

"Scrub scrub scrub scrub, scrub scrub scrub scrub", sang Jamie happily.

"I'll scrub YOU when i get a hold of you", said Roberto, casting him a glare.

"Ah have to admit, a'hm enjoying watching someone else suffer for a change", said Sam.

"Yeah", said Bobby, "i can't belive you guys actually WENT to Las Vegas".

"I can't believe you didn't bring me anything back", said Ray sulkily.

"Yeah", said Jamie, "i would have expected a souviner".

"The only souviner i have is a tattoo of Evlis", muttered Roberto under his breath, "father was NOT happy with it".

"All i got was no sleep", said Scott, "and a crick in my neck, whenether i do this, my eye twitches".

To prove his point, he tilted his head to the side, indeed, his eye did twitch, unfortunately, no one could see this fact from under his visor. The others decided not to point this out and chose to nod sympathetically. A sleep-deprived teenager was not the type of person to disagree with.


A few hours later, after the girls had taken many, many showers and eaten half of the mansions stock of food. Tabby, Kitty and Amara were sitting in the common room, enjoying the peace and quiet. Amanda had gone home to be locked in her room for three months, Wanda had gone back to the Brotherhood house, claiming her brother would die a painful death for sending her to the camp in the first place. Jean had said she had gone to bed....except that she had gone into Scott's room and not her own.

"What do we do now?", asked Kitty with a sigh, "i'm actually bored now".

"Yeah, said Amara, "at least back at the camp, we HAD things to do, now...zilch".

"There is ONE thing we can do", said Tabby, a smirk crossing her features.



Forge flinched as the door to his lab was slammed open. He looked down at the thing he had been working on for three hours. The thing that had taken presison engineering and required his full conentration. The thing that had just disintergrated and was now a pile of dust on his worksurface. His eye twitched. He gave a groan as he turned around.

"This had better be important", he said with a sigh, raising his eyebrow as Tabby and Amara argued with each other.

He blinked and cast a confused look at Kitty, who shrugged. Tabby walked over to him and crossed her arms.

"Tell Miss Perfect there that you are thirty five and NOT twenty seven", she said, "go on, tell her!".

"Oh, she is sooooooo wrong!", snapped back Amara, "you're twenty seven, right?".

"That's why you're here?", said Forge, before shaking his head, "you HONESTLY beleive i'm going to tell you how old i am?".

"Yes", replied the girls in unison.

Forge looked at them for a second. They smiled sweetly at him.

"Bye bye", said Forge with a wave of his hand, "the door's that way. Have a nice day".

With that, he steered the three towards the door and closed it behind them.

"Hey, he just kicked us out!", said Tabby, stating the obvious.

"Well, it is HIS lab", pointed out Kitty.

"Yeah, but we didn't find out....", started Amara.

"Oh just leave it", said Tabby, "we'll find out one day. You hear me in there, Gadget Boy? We will learn. No matter how long you hide in your little lab. We will find out the truth! Whoahahhahahahahhahaha! And there's nothing you can do about it!"

The sprinkler system suddenly came on.

"Run away!", shouted Tabby, running from the lab like a thing possesed, Kitty and Amara hot on her heels.


"Wanda, please, stop it, i SAID i was sorry".

Pietro gave a nervous laugh from his predicatment. He was currently hung upside down from the roof of the Brotherhood house, suspended only by a thin rope. Wanda smiled at him.

"I'll let you down tomorow", she said, "now, if you excuse me, i have a date with a certain Frog-Boy. Ta ta".

"Date?", said Pietro, "what date? What date? Wanda, come on, let me down. YouareNOTdatingtheToad, nonononononono!".

"Bye Pie", sang Wanda as she headed off to the front door, "don't wait up...oh wait, you won't have much choice, will you?".

"Wanda, PLEASE!", screamed Pietro, "i really really really don'tlikeheights!".

Lance and Freddy were watching this from the kitchen.

"Should we get him down?", asked Fred.

"Nah", said Lance, "i want to see him suffer for a bit. Besides, i don't want to end up in Wanda's bad books for letting him down".

Pietro started to whimper.

"Guys, it's getting cold out here...i think it's gonna rain", he said, "please come and get me in. Please?....guys? guys?. Oh....piddle".


Pietro:'re just gonna LEAVE me there?


Pietro: I loathe you

Too bad.


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