Summary: This is the story of an adventurer named Bell Cranel. Bell isn't your typical day adventurer either; no, he is, in fact, an unblessed one. No one would accept him into their familia due to his weak-looking self. Leaving Bell with one last option to secure his dreams. Watch as Bell becomes the first unblessed adventurer to enter the dungeon. Tread carefully, young hero...The gods are not with you here...Yet.

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Story: Somebody Up There Likes Me

Chapter Seventeen: A Tale Lost in Time

She waited patiently for the guest of honor to arrive. Unlike when she had met Bell, she was not wearing her armor. No, she was wearing her normal state of dress. Her black long-sleeved dress has a high collar that covered most of her neck. There was also a small black cape-like piece that covered her back. It was an attractive design as it hugged her form tightly and showed off her curves in an engaging manner. There was a flap part of the dress where her chest was and was buttoned on her shoulders. A small part of her black bra could be seen on the side of the chest flap. Her sleeves pointed out at the biceps. The dress's lining was in red, much like Freya's own dress. Black gloves on her hands and high heels on her feet. Her long grey hair was swept over her right eye while the left part was cut so her black colored eye could be seen. Two small silver hooped earrings were on her left ear. There was a black hairband on the top of her head with red frills that pointed out on the sides.

The wind was a little chilly, but nothing she couldn't handle. She crossed her armors under her chest and took a seat on the hard oak bench covered by a lovely shade of trees overhead—her black eyes watching the front gate.

She could hear the swords and various other weapons clashing against one another from the training fields. She could also hear the grunting and yelling that could be associated with the sounds of battle. She noticed some movement from the front gate. A figure's form was wholly hidden in a dark green cloak that covered most of their face too. The person looked over at Her and gave a friendly wave. She nodded her head towards the figure. 'That has to be Syr.' The young women thought. The figure approached her. It unnerved Her how much Syr looked like Freya and herself. Syr could be as threatening as Freya and yet kinder than even Allen's sister. She stood up as gazed down at the smaller Syr. "Hello, Lady Minor."

"Hiya, Helun. It is good to see you again. How have you been?"

She gave a weak smile, "I have been better. I'm sure you know why." She wanted to tell Lady Minor just how much she was not happy about the entire situation regarding the dungeon ban due to Bell's recruitment.

The girl chuckled, "Yep!"

She rolled her eyes. 'This goddess,' She complained, "Come on, Lady Minor, Lady Major wants to see us."

"As if I didn't realize," Syr sang. She wanted to sigh at the woman's response but stopped herself. With their greeting complete, she motion for Syr to follow after her. She led Syr through the sizeable courtyard. Freya had told her to meet Syr here, and so she did. They had entered into the sizeable longhouse of Folkvangr quietly. The familia members moved out of their way as they went through the left side path. Some held their gazes, trying to see who was under the cloak. Of course, one look from her told them the opposite, and they would look away.

Syr eyed the reactions, "Hm; it seems they have respect for you, Goddess's Attendant." Syr said with that pleasant smile she knew Syr was giving her.

She knew how she looked as she was hesitant to return a smile of her own. That didn't seem to affect Syr as Syr kept up that sweet smile, knowing how much she was unnerving her. Syr knew that she had to play the part to 'hide' Syr's identity until they reached Freya. Once they were through the crowded living quarters, they moved to a more secluded area moving straight to Falcon's peak.

"Now that we are away from the familia," Syr started taking off her hood, "You can drop the act Helun; no one is around to see it."

'Of course, she would notice,' She turned to smile down at Syr. "As you say, lady Minor. It has been too long since you have been to Folkvangr."

"It has, hasn't it? But I never really leave," Syr pause and smirks, "since I'm in three places at once, no?" Syr laughed lightheartedly; she knew better though and knew what she meant.

She joined Syr's mirthful laugh, "Very accurate, Lady Minor."

The was a lull in the conversation, but Syr found a way to re-spark it. "Do you fully understand what is going on?" Syr asked, taking in Her form. She merely raised an eyebrow. Was Syr trying to say that she would need to transform?

"I only know that Freya wanted to see you and me. I was not transformed at the time." She told Syr.

Syr nodded, and her grin becomes amused, "Oh, then this should be a fun surprise for you!" Syr said, clapping her hands together.

She gained a worried look all of a sudden when Syr said that. "Y-yes, I can feel your excitement." They both step on to the platform of the massive snake. The stepping on the snake's head, the platform started to rise.

Syr clicks her tongue playfully, "Not one of your best dodges, but that will do." The platform reached the top level, and Syr took the lead. She sent Syr a displeased look, which Syr just smiled at her back. Syr opened the door, and the sitting at the table was Freya. She had her head held in her left hand, and her right was held in her lap. On the table was a journal.

'When did Lady Major start keeping a journal.' She thought, eyeing the book.

"Splendid, we are all here." The head goddess announced. "Now Syr already knows of what is being planned, but I had a change of heart in that matter."

Syr actually looked shocked, "What?"

"We will not merge; I want you to stay at the Hostess for now."

"Raven, damn it! Thor! Are you trying to make me go blind in my last remaining eye!?" That was the first time I had ever heard that voice. It was deep, riddled with confusion and anger.

"Releasing the raven!" By the time the second new voice announced a bird's release, my vision was back to normal. It was dark, not due to the night, but due to the raging storm overhead. Black clouds, the wind raged, massive waves, a downpour, and ocean water rushed over the sides. The boat rocked; however, for some peculiar reason, I kept my equilibrium. Some magical spell kept me anchored to the old wooden planks of the ship. It was the only way I could explain how I wasn't being thrown around or even into the ocean. We had teleported onto a boat in the middle of a storm!

The ship was made from wood. Lamps were lit on the front and back of the vessel.

"What?! No- You blind fool! Look what you did, Thor! Now we can't use the raven for days!" I finally caught sight of the man in the back of the ship. He was wearing a black-furred cloak with a hood over his head. White wavy long hair fell out of the hood, and a black eye patch over his left eye.

"Hey, I'm not completely blind, you prick!" I turned back to the other voice and had to hold in a gasp. Another hood figure was there rowing the bloody boat in this monster of a storm! Yet that wasn't why I had gasped. No, hidden in that dark hood was a skull. Skeletal hands gripped the paddle as he pushed the boat forward.

"In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king." The one-eyed man grinned with triumph.

"Har, har, Odin, you bastard." The skeleton ranted, waving its hands above its head, still not turning to look back at the white hair god. "You have been on my ship for hundreds of years and have only paid once! I should have that raven eat your other eye!"

"I believe it only costs once to get on? You never did say I had to get off. It wasn't clarified." The man said with a shrug of his shoulders. He kept his grin in place, "You should know better; that raven would never touch me."

Thor decided to enter the convention, "Hello, father! Are you so glad to see me that you must shout it?"

"Be glad," the man frowned at the younger-looking god, "you mean provoked by not being able to see."

"You joke too much, father." Thor dismissed Odin's anger.

"Son…, Oh nevermind." Odin shakes his head.

The skeleton popped right behind Thor, which kind of spooked me. I didn't even see him move. "Welcome, back Thor, oh-ho!" He turns to look at Zeus and me. "You brought guests!" The skeleton laughed excitedly.

"Odin, my friend, how are you?" Zeus opens his arms like he was going to bearhug him.

Odin only looks at Zeus with a lengthy critical stare. "Are you still going by Jupiter, or should I call you Zeus?" Zeus almost fell over the side of the boat at that. My eyes widened as I managed to support him from falling off. Zeus finally gets a grip on himself and looks back at Odin. Said god was chuckling at Zeus's expense.

Zeus becomes nervous for some odd reason. "Zeus is fine." Why on Earth would Zeus want to be called Jupiter? There was something else the man was hiding, wasn't there?

"Then Zeus, I was bored out of my mind," Odin answers looking somewhat palled. "I thought this was a Carnival Cruise?" Odin said, sending his gaze to Kharon.

"Oh, you want entertainment? I can start-" The skeleton was cut off.

"NO!" All three gods yelled in unison. The sheer volume in their voice was enough to drown out the storm for a time. The mere denial in their voice told me that whatever the skeleton wanted to do wouldn't end well for everyone else on the craft.

"Kharon, if I hear you sing row row row your boat one more time!" Odin complained as he stood up and pointed at the skeleton called Kharon.

"What? It's a classic." Kharon said like it was the most obvious thing.

"IT IS THE ONLY SONG YOU KNOW!" Odin raged, glaring fully at Kharon. "I have one eye left. I do not wish to be deaf either, you tone-deaf pile of bones!"

"Well, it's not like my lungs are what they used to be," Kharon answered back. I started laughing. No one else seemed as amused as me, however.

"That's some snake dung if I have ever heard it." Odin rejected the idea.

"How have you heard snake shit?" The skeleton shook its undead head. Kharon rubbed the bottom of its white jaw. His index finger pointed upwards; an idea had been sprung. "I might not be able to sing true, but at least I don't enjoy being eaten by a wolf like you."

"IT HAPPENED ONE TIME, AND NOW EVERYONE SAYS I'M INTO BEING EATEN!" The hood flew off Odin's head, and I could get a better look at the man's face. He raised his fist at the boat rower. "Why does no one make fun of the first group of gods! Most of Zeus's family was eaten by his father! Yet even one makes a spectral of me!" Everyone just looked at the tall god who was complaining about his past experiences.

"Because it gets under your skin, and you remember that. It's not like all the gods remember their first lives." Kharon interrupted Odin. Thor chuckled lightly at that. It seems he knew what was about to happen.


"Anyway," Kharon spoke up, getting the attention of everyone else as Odin continued to rant and wave. "Welcome to Kharon's Carnival Cruise! That will be one obol, please." A skeletal hand reached out, waiting for its coins.

"I have the coins for the three of us," Zeus places the three coins into the hands of Kharon.

"Wonderful! Are you here for a safe haven like that fool?" Kharon points towards Odin, who was still going off at the back of the boat.

"Woah, he's still going at it…" I Trail off in awe. Most would have stopped by now. Surely he would have noticed nobody was listening to him?

"No, we have a destination," Zeus answers, becoming severe all of a sudden. Odin stops mid-sentence and has a stern look take over. Kharon's head looks up at the god.

"For real?" The skeleton God asks? "You're pulling my femur, are you?"

Zeus snorts with delight, "There wouldn't be much to pull."

"You gods wound me, so if I take any more of this, I will become nothing but bones!" Kharon acts as if someone stabbed him in the heart.

"Aren't you bones already?" I ask, clearly stating the obvious.

"Oh, great, even the mortal is getting at me!" The boat rower grunts. He looks back at Zeus, "Where do you wish to go?"

"Coldroot Island." Zeus declares as a massive wave rolls over the boat. We went under the waves, but no one floated away; no one was pulled off or anything of the sort. Why am I not wet? Better yet, why wasn't I feeling the rain? What was this boat?!

"Coldroot?!" Both Kharon and Odin yelled out in surprise. Nobody else even bats an eye to that wave? Ir the fact that we were underwater- nevermind, we back on the surface. This ship is pretty awesome. We could go underwater and not drown or be affected by water.

"Why do you want to go to the top of the world?" Odin asks aloud, taking his seat at the back of the boat. Thor sits beside him.

"Zona has taken an interest in Bell here." Zeus puts his big hand on my shoulder. "I believe the council of weird will know why." All eyes on the boat look towards me. "Bell tells us what you know."

I sighed, "Yeah, well, a lot has happened, grandfather."

"Grandfather!" Odin called out, "You have been breaking a lot of rules, I see!" Odin starts laughing out joyfully. "How many other rules of Ouranos have you broken?"

"Not many, regretfully. Bell is more of an adopted child than of my blood." Zeus explained, taking him and off of me and sits down as well.

Odin frowns, "I see if that is the case. Anyway, boy, tell us why Zona wants you." The other god states.

I nod at him, "Okay, it's a long story, so I don't want anyone to interrupt as I tell it."

"Got it," Kharon said and moved to the front, "I'll get us rowing!"

I looked away from Kharon to the other gods, "I don't know the full story. I also don't think the monsters know the full story either. You see, I was exploring the Dungeon. On the fifth level, Zeus had told me about the story of Goblin Rock. Long story short, I should not have tried to fight him. I got saved by an Amazon woman, and we ended up on the eighteenth floor. Floor seventeenth has what was supposed to be the first monster rex. I could not fight that thing either. So I trained with the amazon for a month to just be able to fight it."

"After a month, we went to go fight the monster rex, but another group of adventurers beats us to it. On our way out, we got overwhelmed as a horde of monsters kept coming at us. We ended up getting saved by rabbit monsters. They told me that I am this protector of rabbit kind, and Zona created me. Well, my species, that is. Apparently, I'm a jackalope, and for some reason, I don't know Zona wants me dead or wants to meet me. I'm not really sure just yet."

"What do you think, father?" Thor speaks up, looking toward his father.

Odin crosses his arms as he ponders. A moment passes, and he looks back towards me, "Yes, I believe it is wise to hear more about this. Janus will have the answers we seek."

"So, what happens now?" I ask up, "How long will it take us to reach Coldroot?"

All the gods laughed at me openly, "WEEKS!"

"W-Weeks?" I stuttered out. Weeks. I Couldn't believe it. It would take weeks to get to this Coldroot Island. Said it was at the top of the world. Wait? Where the hell are we? "Hey, where are we right now?"

Kharon decides to answer this question for me, "We are currently in the Northern Iceatoll Ocean! Pretty good luck you got here when you did! We were planning to go southward! The old god in the back has to be on the move, or else the Valkyries will find him."

Zeus shares a grin with Odin, "I see you are still having problems with your harem."

"And you're not, Jupiter?" Odin points out. Both gods laugh out loud good-naturedly.

I let the two gods' conversation pass by as I wonder about the information given to me. If what the rower had said is true, that means… 'Thor just jumped us across Siberia into the Iceatoll Ocean! That's fucking insane.'

"Oh good, goddess. Could this trip get any longer?" I wonder completely among my fellow companions. Much to my surprise, a black raven flies down and lands on top of the lamp at the back of the boat. 'That must have been that raven Odin was yelling about when we first got here.' I deduced.

An idea strikes me, "Wait, Can't you teleport us to this Coldroot Island?" I inquire, Thor.

Thor pondered this for a moment rubbing his chin. He gives me a cocky smirk and a thumbs up, "I could, but what's the rush? Enjoy this little trip!" All four gods laughed knowingly. There was something I was missing here.

"Trust me, boy," Odin starts up, "Once you get a woman or women after you, you will begging to get back on this ship."

I blink, and my mouth drops as I point at the two of them, "Wait, you use Kharon's boat as a hideaway spot from women?!"

"They would never expect it!" Zeus explains, "They think we are out chasing tail, but here we are!"

"Is Hera still chasing you?" Odin questions learning forward.

"You act as if she would stop!" Zeus sighs out, running a hand through his white hair. "She was hot on my heels. Hermes led her to me!"

"Hermes led her to you?" Thor looked disbelieving, "Zeus, you are as subtle as a punch in the face. Hell, Kharon could track you."

"That's right- Hey, was that a blind joke?!" The skeleton god fumed.

"And you're not? God of blinding people as I arrive." Zeus counters backs.

"Details," Thor grumbles dejectedly.

Odin claps his hand together, amused by his son, "There it is, the line."

"Line," I ask and look to Kharon.

Kharon doesn't even look at me as he continues to row the boat, "Whenever you stump Thor, he says 'Details.' Quite humours, no? It just tickles my funny bone."

Zeus looks proud if that smirk was anything to go by. "Maybe one day you can hang with Adults."

"Oh skies above, if you are considered an adult, I feel for Hermes," I say, shaking my head.

Odin barks out a laugh as Zeus sends me a betrayed look, "He has you pegged Zeus!" Heck, Thor and Kharon had joined in.

Kharon, however, stopped what he was doing. "Oh, great! What do you want to stowaway?"

I point at the Kharon, "Does he see things?" Thor, Zeus, and Odin all crackle at that.

"The god with no eyes seeing anything! That's a good one!" Odin reaches over and punches Zeus's arm, "You got yourself a good grandson! I'm Jealous!"

"Father!" Thor stops laughing and looks on in horror.

Odin gives him a deadpan stare, "I said grandson, not son, you fool!"

For once, we all felt a sudden jerk of the boat, and we were almost flung from our spots. "You trashy eel! Stop rocking my ship! I have paying customers this time!" Kharon yells, waving his paddle around.

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the sssstream!" All of our heads turned towards the left side of the boat. Two massive glowing red slitted eyes raised from the waves. The head of a gigantic, giant serpent was before them. Its teeth were as big as oak trees. Massive green, blue, and Black scales covered the beast. It had a bunch of fins that ran along it's back. "merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life issss but a dream."

"Stop singing my song stowaway!"

"Now, this is epic!" Janus couldn't help but have a happy grin on his face, which was just as quickly replaced with a deep frown. "Finally, the plan has been set in motion." A far look was in the god's eye. It would seem the time has finally come for the council of weird to action. The Jackalope has finally started making its way to them. This event would finally begin to get the wheels of fate turning. Zona's bidding was finally coming to pass. After so long, the Jackalope was finally fulfilling the great quest. "Luckily, it was far earlier than expected!" His cheerfulness was whipped away as another image appeared in his head. "Ugh, it's earlier than expected." Janus moaned in despair. That would mean the timeline was fucked once more.

Janus was a tall god standing at six foot six inches, with a pretty average build. He has shoulder-length curly dirty blond hair, with his left eye being silver and his right being gold. He has a large long curly beard and was draped in a long thick blue robe with brown leather sandals on his feet. There was a small crown of golden leaves on his head, and around his neck was a necklace with a coin of a man with two faces facing in different directions.

With a quick snap of his head, he looks towards the other two gods. Eunomia was reading over a scroll that had come in from that Valkyrie messenger named Herfjötur. He already foresaw the reason as to why the Valkyrie was here. Frigg was starting to get worried for Odin, which wasn't suitable for 'lost' at sea god. The Valkyrie was covered in armor from head to toe. She waited patiently for a message back to Frigg. Janus walked up to the figure, "You may as well take rest."

She looked up at the god since she was just three inches shorter than himself, "Will this take longer than usual?"

Janus grinned at her, "The wait will be worth it, I believe." The valkyrie pulled her helmet off, and her straight glowing white hair fell to her back. Her bright green eyes had surprise written in them. "You know where Lord Odin is?!"

Janus grew depressed, "No, not entirely."

The young-looking woman's face twisted in utter confusion, "What?"

He slapped her back, gleefully stunning the valkyrie, "I will explain it to you later! I have to talk with my 'fellow' council members." All that happiness died, and his left hand covered his face while he pointed down the hallway, "Go rest in one of the guestrooms." He sighed shooed her off.

Herfjötur nodded quickly, stepping away from him with an uneasy smile on her face, "Uh, yes, I will do that after I allow my steed cover for the night in the stables," and like that she took to leave from the god at a hurried pace outside.

"Quite odd that one is," Janus said in a neutral tone. He turned his gaze to his fellow gods that laid around the room in different places.

He found Eunomia sitting on the couch and had a perplexed look over her soft face as she read over Frigg's message. Eunomia was relatively slender; she didn't stand very tall at around five foot four. Dark brown long curly hair, hazel color eyes, a lovely gown was wrapped around her, along with a gold circlet with green jades for leaves and red rubies as fruits were atop her head.

'Loki' was lying down on the carpet. Eyes watching the embers burn brightly amidst the darkness of the room. Looking closer, you could 'his' lips moving subtly. It was clear that 'he' was talking to someone on the other side of the flames. Well, clear to Janus anyway. For all the smarts that Eunomia had, she was very dense on all matters related to Loki. Loki stood at five feet five inches and has light red hair and red eyes that fall to his shoulders. He was wearing a dark fur cloak and a baggy green and red tunic. His eyes had been more open rather than his 'normal' narrowed, but who would notice such a small detail such as the eye shape or the fact that Loki had always lacked the apple of the neck that all males had. Even now, that seemed to be true. No one would have noticed. Surely not Janus. Oh no, he would never see such small details. He also surely 'wouldn't' cover for Loki either.

It's not like he needed Loki to be 'out' of Coldroot Island to spy on Ouranos and the other gods on Zona's doorstep. It was not like he 'enjoyed' the death plots that Eunomia and Loki would attempt on each other. They were screaming about justice or chaos. Indeed, not Janus. No, he was 'not' happy or took immense joy that the plots seemed to have stopped for the last hundreds of years.

His mind wanders back to Frigg. He wanted to snort at the thought. That goddess had no idea that she was practically strangling her poor husband. The valkyries were not helping much either. Poor Odin, that fucker. "Eunomia, Loki, come." Janus waves them over cheerfully. His cheer died right after; another far off look appeared in his eyes, "We have dreadful things to discuss. It is time."

Loki looks up from 'his' position by the fireplace. "Must you always try to be mysterious? It is quite annoying. Almost as bad as your mood swings, or Eunomia's pompous, self-righteous attitude."

"Excuse me; I think you forgot to add your unbearable lack of common sense." Eunomia put her two coins into the conversation, not even glancing up from the message.

"Ah, yes, the forgotten child of Zeus, when was the last time he wrote to you?" Eunomia threw her scroll at Loki, but he caught it without looking, "I'll take it as he 'forgot' again? Right?"

She stands up from the seat and places her hands on her hips, "Oh, and when was the last time your kids wanted to see you?" Loki frowns as he stares into the fireplace away from her. Janus would admit that 'Loki' was upset about that line but for the reasons that Eunomia thought. "Wait, that's right, they all like Thor more! Go figure. I'm sure it's that 'rebellious phase,' right?"

"Hm, did you say something of note? I wasn't listening." Loki dismissed her insult uncaringly.

"Feminine bastard," she glared down at him.

Janus sighed, 'Here we go again.'

"Forgotten cunt," and the catfight began not a second later as they both tried to throw each other into the fireplace.

He heard the loud armored footfalls of the valkyrie rushing into the room from outside. Janus smiled at her, which caused her to stop dead in her tracks. "Welcome back!"

She looked at Janus then at the two gods that were trying to kill each other. "I can see why they call this the council of weird."

Janus sighed once more, saddened by the fact that she figured it out, "We get that a lot." Then he grinned threateningly, "I'm sure you will see more while you are here, no?"

"Ah-um, rest, yes! That's it! I'll go rest!"

"Good Idea," Janus waved as she zoomed off to one of the guestrooms. Janus turned to the two that were pulling at each other's hair. He went over to the table and refilled the bucket he had used to collect the water in the first place. The water was from the water doorway Janus had made to see the Jackalope out at sea. He took a bucket, filled it with water, and threw it into the fireplace while also soaking the two fighting gods.

They both shrieked as the freezing water was dumped on them. The gods leaping to their feet; they sent their heated glares to Janus. Janus was unphased by the two. "Enough of this tomfoolery, the Jackalope approaches Coldroot Island. Go get dressed; we must prepare for his arrival."

"Jörmungandr!" Thor yells over the crashing waves.

"Thor, it hassss been too long! Odin, sssstill hiding from Frigg, I ssssee."

"Do not speak her name, for surely she will appear to drag me back!" The old god threw his hood over his head as if it would help to hide him.

Seeing that the massive snake knew Thor and Odin, I relaxed as best as I possibly could after seeing an enormous sea monster appear before us. I leaned close to Zeus, "Are we going to be okay?"

"Hm," Zeus looks at me and smirks with a dismissive wave of his hand; he rejects my worries. "Don't worry, Jörmungandr is harmless. It not like he, his sister, and his brother are going to destroy the world again."

"Oh, I see, wait!" I wanted to leap out of my seat, "What do you mean again?!"

Zeus sighs, "I perhaps shouldn't have said that. No, I know I shouldn't have. Damnit, I hate all of these restrictive 'rules'!" Zeus complains to no one.

I wasn't going to get anything more from him. I knew better than to try. My gaze went back to the enormous snake that talked openly with Odin and Thor. My eyes widened in realization, Jörmungandr platform! This snake was the snake on the bloody platform at Folkvangr! "You won't have to worry about that. It was a giant serpent." Yet here it still was!

My ears picked up on something, "Oh no, we are actually doing something important this time around!"

"Ssssomething important? Why grandfather, at the pacccce you are going that ssssomething important will be done by itssss own accccccccord."

"I doubt Coldroot island will be moving away," Odin informed Jörmungandr of our destination. Jörmungandr frowned. How that was possible was beyond me.

"Sssseeing the ccccounssssel are you? Ssssoundssss important yet you dally?" The snake turned its head to Thor, "Why not hurry with your power?"

Thor waved his hand, "Sightseeing."

I pinched the bridge of my nose. Jörmungandr shook its colossal head.

"Ssssightsssseeing? In the middle of the Occccean?" I was happy that I wasn't the only that found this whole mess to be ridiculous.

"Hey, they paid for the trip!" The skeleton cried from his spot, "I ain't gonna let you take my customers!"

"My apologiessss, boat rower." Jörmungandr bowed its head. Said boat rower grumbled something under its…, breath? I had no idea if the god could even breathe.

"So have you talked to your father," Odin had started to say, but I noticed that Jörmungandr cringed at the word father? I blinked at that. Maybe Jörmungandr and his father didn't get along? "lately," Odin finished.

Before Jörmungandr could talk, Thor joins in, "Yes, how is my brother?" the snake cringed once more specifically at the word brother. I narrowed my eyes. It would seem Jörmungandr dislike his father, who was the brother to Thor, or there was something else more confusing going on.

Zeus also added, "Yes, it has been a long time since I have talked with him," Once more, the snake cringed. This time it was at the word him. Okay, this was a gender thing. "I hope he hasn't sent my daughter back to heaven with their constant plots with one another."

"Ssssome God of lightning you are. Sssslow in body and mind now, are you?"

"Is that a challenge to a race, you speech impediment bastard?" Thor raised his hand at the sea serpent.

The enormous serpent's eyes narrowed at the insult. "A racccce issss when two opponentssss have an even cccchancccce. How do you exxxxpecccct to beat me, brainlessssssss?"

"Fine then! If it is a race you want, it is a race you will get!" Thor declared loudly as thunder boomed and lightning-sparked throughout the stormy skies. In a second, Thor was there, and now he was gone as he arced away.

Odin slapped his forehead an irritation. A sigh escaped him. I couldn't help but chuckle, but that small laugh died when the boat was picked up out of the water. Rocking everybody around. "The Hell?!" I let out a scream.

"Nice job Thor! We were supposed to take our time, and now you and Jörmungandr are racing to Coldroot Island!" Odin roared from the back of the boat.

I managed to hear the skeleton god, "Damn this overgrown garden snake! You are worst than the Kraken! Get my ship off of your back!" Kharon kept slamming down his paddle on the snake's back as ineffective as it was. I watch as we flew past the storm at blinding speeds; the storm disappears beyond the horizon, as we were now under the sun's gaze of the setting. Even though I couldn't feel the effect of the winds or the speed we were going, I noticed that we were getting faster as the lightning blot that Thor had become was not too far ahead of us. We were almost at the same speed as lightning!

"Ho-ho! Now this boat racing!" Zeus said from beside me. I sent him a glare. Of course, he was having fun.

"What happens when we reach the finish line?" I asked up. Odin, Zeus, and Kharon paused to think about what I had said for a moment. Odin and Zeus's eyes widen in realization. Kharon hit the water snake harder and faster in a panic.

Zeus put an arm around me. "Brace yourself, grandson. We will end up being in a rough crash."

"I swear if my ship gets stuck on land again!" Kharon, I watched as the sun disappeared and the world became dark as we travel northbound. "I am going to break my contract with my ex-wife!"

Looking past the boatman, I could see the monster snake's head popped out of the water and lunged forward. The force behind thrust sent the ship flying off its back. I could see the lightning strike the ground and Thor stood there laughing, "Ha, you can not best me in terms of speed just yet, Jörmungandr!"

The enormous serpent chuckled, something I did get to hear because we had already flown past the two, and we were heading straight for an odd-shaped building. I didn't have the opportunity to get a good look at it, though with how fast we were moving. I blinked as I saw the boat heading right for an enormous doorway of the building; the next second, we were through it. We smashed right through the doors and were now sliding along the marble floor. A woman screamed from somewhere in the large room. Kharon was quick to slam his paddle down, and the boat came to a complete stop in the middle of the room.

"What is the meaning of this!?" The woman that had screamed yelled out in disbelief. "Kharon?! Why did you beach your ship in our chambers?!"

A second voice that sounded feminine to my ears spoke up, "Now, that is how you make an entrance—loud, attention-getting, and powerful. I approve, very chaotic. Didn't do too much damage, though."

I blinked, seeing the redhead. Was this god Loki? I could see the similarities right away. The hair color was the same. The height was the same, but the build was hidden by the bagginess of the clothes he was wearing. The demeanor they held themselves was the same; the only difference was the eyes. They were wide open and red like her hair. It was the only difference between the Loki he saw in

"Of course you would. What didn't have your fill destroying the second one?" The woman sent a shape glare at the red-haired god.

He sent her a cunning grin, "Oh no, I do not plan to destroy the world like Ragnarök. Only yours, my dear."

"Great, just great." Kharon yelled, throwing his boney hands up in the air, "Someone help me get this boat off the land before my ex-wife gets here and loses her head!"

Zeus said, getting up from the boat. "She can't lose something she doesn't have, Kharon."

"I know, but she still let it get to her head." Kharon shrugged as he started to try

"I will redirect you back to what I had just said." Zeus smiled as he disembarked from the boat. I followed after his lead.

"Still, I have a deal with her about not interrupting her business on land, and she doesn't bother mine on the waters," Kharon grumbled. "She will not like this. Not one bit."

I looked at him with outrage, "Are all of you guys hiding from your wives?! What the fuck?!"

"No, Bell, I am not hiding from my wife. Just my sister."

"A sister you married in a past life." A taller man said, appearing before the crowd of gods.

"Janus, you speak too much!" I blink at what the now identified Janus had said.

I stepped away from Zeus, scandalized about what I had just heard. "You did what with your sister?!"

"Mortals can't understand the way of the gods." A woman's voice spoke up. "It is best not to try and understand by using your logic. Us gods don't follow the same rules or morals."

Zeus turned to approach the woman. "Eunomia, my favorite daughter, how are you!" Zeus grinned happily, throwing his arms wide to embrace the woman.

"I'm sorry, father, I don't know how Athena is." The daughter of Zeus finished by crossing her arms.

Zeus looked outplayed as he started sweating. "Eunomia, I have been very-"

"Oh, I understand very well, Jupiter." Her eyes narrowed down at him.

"What is all this competition out here-" A tall woman with straight glowing white hair started but stopped as she stood still in the dimly lit hallway. I noticed that the woman had a white cloth shirt on, but the rest of her lower body was still in armor. It looked like she was in the process of taking the armor off. Her bright green eyes flashed over the party but stopped on Odin.

Odin didn't make a face; he kept very calm. He walked over to the Kharon's ship, picked it up with ease, and made a mad dash out of the building. 'He's making a run for it!?'

"LORD ODIN!" Came the girlish squeal from the woman as a huge smile spread across her face! I found myself pulled out the path of the woman by Janus. She barreled past us at blinding speeds.

Zeus jumped in her path, "Go, my friend, I shall cover your-" Zeus was promptly speared in his stomach by the woman's shoulders and was flung backward, almost bumping into Odin. The white-haired woman stepped on Zeus's chest and used him to spring forward. She crashed into Odin's back and wrapped her arms around his waist in a perfect tackle as they crashed into the snow. Kharon and his boat were sent flying. They soared throughout the air before smacking into the waves of the ocean.

"Thanks, Odin!" Kharon cheered from his boat out on the ocean.

"This whole ordeal is absolute chaos!" Eunomia cried out in frustrated agony.

Loki's smile only widened, "It's truly is beautiful anarchy. Sorry, you can't agree, blind justice." Eunomia only growled at Loki's teasing.

"I will kill you of these days." Eunomia's face twisted into a furious scowl.

Loki only chuckled at her threat, "Get in line." I watched as the three of them approached me.

"Bell Cranel," Janus spoke, stopping in front of me. He was looking down at me. "Come with us to the main meeting chambers. It is time for you to learn of your creation."

I scratched the back of my head, "Well, when two adults love each other-"

"Hey, this kids, riot! He just made a jest of all that heavy crap you laid on him!" Loki laughed, quite pleased with my little joke.

Janus chuckled with a smile, "I walked into that." Then he frowned and put both of his hands to his face, "I walked into that." He then looked between Loki and Eunomia then back at me. He put a finger that the other two could see and then winked at me. A second later, Eunomia exploded.

"Enough of this madness! I will have order with this council!" Eunomia barked at the other three of us. "Especially if a mortal is involved. I hate how you god play-"

Loki interrupted her triad as quickly as it started. "Yes, yes, yes, we have heard you say that every for the past one hundred thousand years. Stop mess with the mortals! They deserve peace! Stop writing their destinies! How come I can't find a boyfriend?!"

"THAT IT, YOU FIRE CROTCH BASTARD! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!" She lunged at the red-haired god, who easily dodged the incoming goddess. There was a crazed look on her face.

'I can see the answer for the last question!' I mentally yelled. I felt a hand be placed on my shoulder. I looked to see Janus smiling down.

"Follow me. Leave these Gods and Goddess to suffer in their own created pit of misery." Janus said, become severe, and started walking away. "This is of the utmost importance."

I followed after the god. 'It's time to learn of my family's roots finally.'

We reached the room after a couple of minutes of silence. Janus opened the large stone doors with ease allowing me to enter. Stepping into the room, I was blown away. The room was massive, and the floor only covered a small circular segment of the room's front. Crystal blue waters filled the rest of the floor like an indoor pool. There were three chairs at the same level—one to the front, one to the right, and another on the left. It was like a small pavilion. The room was large with a high ceiling. Said ceiling had a large wooden spike poking down from a purple portal that went down deep into the pool. "What is that?" I asked. It looked like a giant tree trunk. "What is this place?"

Janus didn't answer at first as he shut the doors behind us. He moved past me and sat down in the chair in front of me with the wooden thing behind him. "The stem of Terra," Janus started; his voice had changed since he told me to follow him. "Terra is the fruit of the mighty tree Yggdrasil. You stand at the top of the world or as we gods call it this realm." Janus answered my question.

"You mean, this is the top of the world. How did we get here so fast?" I asked, not believe we could have gotten here as fast as we did.

"Jörmungandr is the world serpent. His mass body wraps around the entire span of the world. Thor can beat Jörmungandr at short races, but during the long ones, Jörmungandr only has to shift his body in a way so a part of him would be at the finish line before Thor. They are both incredibly fast. Now, I shall begin. Once I start the tale of creation, you must listen completely. Do not interrupt me; save your questions for the end of the story. Can you do this?"

I nodded, "Yes, I can."

"Bell Cranel, the jackalope, the reincarnation of the god Odr, take this wisdom I bestow on you today back to the Goddess that has marked you in the second age and has claimed you once more. Awaken the fires of creation of the Goddess Zona, uphold the duties as the guardian of the roots of Yggdrasil.

Now, the world had been reformed three times. The old gods ruled the first age of man. This world, however, came to an end in the tenth century. The realm of man and monster was consumed by the colorful flames of "The World Eater." A massive entity made by man and gods' fears, hatred, cruelty, and madness. Once the plane of man was consumed, The World Eater descended to the underworld. The once thought immortal gods Hades and Osiris fell in battle. The remaining Gods fought back, but it was for naught. Even the mighty gods of the sun Amaterasu, Re, and Tonatiuh were no match. The World Eater had only gotten stronger and grew in mass from everything it had gorged on.

Gods and goddesses fell in large numbers until only one god remained, Zeus. Zeus had survived every battle with the mighty beast. Zeus knew he could not beat the beast that was now as large as a mountain range. In his most selfless act, Zeus created the Life Seed with all of his power. He planted the small seed in the ashes of the old world and soaked it in his blood. Zeus then went on to fight the creature. A mighty battle was fought far away from the life seed. Zeus, already weakened by the Life Seed's creation, finally took his last breath in the struggle and too was consumed.

The forever hungry beast roamed the ash field for something else to eat. It one day finally stumbled upon the life seed that had grown into a small sapling. The Great World Eater tried to devour it but failed in every attempt. The sapling's roots had already taken root and spread across the entire plain of the old world. Its roots were entrenched in the mountains, buried under the seas and oceans, and finally reached the depths of the underworld. The World Eater would have to eat the strong tree roots first before eating the top part of the sapling. The sapling kept growing, eventually overtaking the monster. The tree became an immense mythical tree where it held nine large fruits. These Fruits were Nine New Worlds.

The sapling had become The Tree of Life, The World Tree, Yggdrasil. The tree had first brought plant life back into existence. During this process, The World Eater's flames could not burn or eat the tree. Its current form was useless as Yggdrasil had adapted to the heat and magic of the World Eater. The World Eater cooled its body over this period of time and became a body of flesh and scales. It had become the mighty Dragon known as Níðhöggr. Níðhöggr ruthlessly eats away at the world tree's roots. Slowly, growing in strength from what it consumes from the tree.

Yggdrasil filled the nine worlds with sentient life. It also made new warrior gods to protect itself and all of the new life that was created. While there were fewer gods made, these gods were far stronger and more potent than the other gods of old. These gods had a chance at destroying Níðhöggr because the dragon had traded its old magical body for a body made up of flesh and blood to eat Yggdrasil.

However, unlike the old gods, these newer ones were always battling each other. This constant infighting would make tensions much worse. These dark emotions would feed Níðhöggr. In the fifteenth century, Níðhöggr used its magic to manipulate one of the gods, Loki. Loki had helped transpire a series of events, including a great battle that leads to several great gods' death. The nine worlds were destroyed in the fire, and all life was wiped out once the nine planets fell into the ash sea. This event was known as Ragnarök.

Freya, the Goddess of love, survived the battle and was overcome by great grief at the loss of all life. Freya wept. She fell into a deep depression full of thoughts of ending herself. Freya no longer held onto the hope of finding her long lost love that had disappeared on the waves one fateful day. These dark thoughts only worsened, and she got closer to performing the acts of killing herself.

During this time, Yggdrasil sent the lone goddess visions of what had happened before the time of the life tree. A time of the old gods, trials, and what they went through. She saw every major story, hero, and god. Then she saw the World Eater. She had seen her own creation and saw how Loki was manipulated. She grieved once more, now knowing the truth. Over these few years, she noticed that the great tree had created no new life. She asked the great tree but didn't receive an answer. She had decided she would face Níðhöggr in combat the next day and began to prepare herself for the battle.

That night, Yggdrasil sent her a horrible nightmare that showed what would happen if she did.

She was startled by what she had seen. She finally understood what Yggdrasil was showing her. Ragnarök had severely damaged the world tree. It lost too much in the great battle, and its protectors had destroyed what they were supposed to protect. Yggdrasil showed Freya what she would have to do to repair the tree. She would have to receive the blessing of the five mighty animals that live at the top of Yggdrasil. Óónefndur the eagle, and the four stags Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór. With their blessings, she could offer her own body to repair the world tree so life could begin again.

Freya was successful in the gathering of blessings and gladly offered herself to Yggdrasil. The world tree made four new worlds; Earth for the humans, Hell for the monsters, Heaven for the Gods, and Terra for all. With this done, Yggdrasil made one god this time. Zona, a goddess of creation. She had the unique ability to recover much faster than most other gods. With this done, the tree could rest for the coming of Níðhöggr's True awakening.

Zona acted as the will of Yggdrasil. She repopulated the four worlds in the order of Hell, Earth, Terra, and Heaven. Zona had brought back all of the old gods and the newer ones. All the gods that had ever existed took breath once more. Zona had tried to reestablish the gods' old titles, which had brought confusion and chaos as some of the gods no longer wanted their old titles. Zona had tried to work with the old gods but soon became disgruntled and then enraged by gods attempting to change their new titles after she already changed them to what they wanted.

Zona had called for a gods' summit. It was here where she had laid down the law. She had told all the gods they could no longer change their titles and had to retake up the olds they held until then they could not leave Heaven. Conflict broke out between the gods and Zona. Zona was weakened by the battle and had retreated to Terra. It was here where she made a secret underground realm to protect her from the gods as she would recuperate her powers in secret.

It was during this time when the gods came to Terra. This new land of Terra was the world of champions as humans were fighting the strong monsters that lived in the world. The gods have always had a deep desire for these humans better than those on Earth who still fought with each other and didn't commit prayers to them but rather to Zona or some different variation of her.

Zona did not like how the gods treated her world and made it so gods would lose their immortality once they came to Terra. She also made it so if gods came down to the "Under Realm," the Under Realm would spawn stronger monsters capable of defeating them and sending them back to Heaven. It was also at this time when Zona finished the last of her tasks given to her by the tree of life. She had very little magic left, was drunk, and was also tired when she created the defender of Yggdrasil. A creature, so strong that it can take on Níðhöggr by itself. The Jackalope. The guardian of the roots.

The jackalope is one of the only mythical beings capable of crossing the multiple expanses of existence. The jackalope was to be raised in the Under Realm, but one of the jackalopes was interested in the upper Realm of Terra. It was here he learned more about his humanoid appearance and the personality he took after. He fell in love with a human woman, which started a spiral of events that led to its death. He died, but not without leaving a son. This birth was how the Jackalope species came into existence. However, a curse was placed on the jackalope by Zona. Until the jackalope returns to her, there may only be one jackalope.

The foreseen events lay in your hands. Take up the burden of your destiny. Bell Cranel, the jackalope, the reincarnation of the god Odr, take this wisdom I bestow on you today back to the Goddess that has marked you in the second age and has claimed you once more. Awaken the fires of creation of the Goddess Zona, uphold the duties as the guardian of the roots of Yggdrasil.

As I, Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions in, and presided over passages, doors, gates, and endings and transitional periods have foreseen; The Jackalope shall slay Níðhöggr, and that Jackalope is you, Bell Cranel."

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"I would like to call on my child Lady Falcon or better known as Syr Flova."

Loki's mouth dropped, hearing the name. There is no way that Syr from the Hostess of Fertility was Lady Falcon! Syr was Human. Lady Falcon has been around almost as long as a high elf.

Syr was brought in wearing the armor that was known to belong to the old adventurer. The girl's demeanor was completely different then what Loki had seen at the pub. This girl…, was the best actor she had ever known. When she stood next to Freya, they shared a smile. Once more, Loki was taken back by the shock.

How could this be possible? Was Syr actually a human at all? Or was she something else? Freya had emphasized that Syr was her child- Loki was quick to jump out of her seat and point at the girl.

She looked far too much like Freya! Of all things to exist, Freya had something like this hidden?! How could she miss this! How could no one see this?! "Demigod," she called out to the gathered gods. Her cry was what caused the outrage of the other gods.

Demigods. They were very rare as gods could barely have children. It was seen as a miracle, but it was also frowned upon as well. Demigods were not seen as gods as they were not affected by the laws placed on gods due to them not being immortal or as powerful. However, they didn't live as long elves or even half-elves. That meant that this was something else.

Freya hadn't given birth to a demigod. Freya might be a tease, but would she actually have a child the usual way? No, she had to have created one. Syr Flova was a created demigod. That meant she could reach immortality and eventually gain godhood unless Freya reconnected with her new self. Created demigods were given a part from the main god. That meant Freya had given up one of her titles to create Syr. The problem was depending on what title she had given Syr. Freya had many titles and to think that she would lower power by making Syr. It was unbelievable. As much as Loki hated to admit it, Freya was one of the goddess's most potent.

There was also a known fact too. If a demigod received a fanla from a god, they could also place the same fanla on others. Loki no doubt saw that this was what Freya was going to use. Freya! Freya! Freya! Freya! Freya!

Loki had forgotten how far Freya always planned! However, this might still be salvageable. All she had to do was prove that Syr was not the one that placed that Fanla on Bell.

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