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Well here we go, this is the last big hurrah for Slade and his group, bar one side project I know i'm doing at some point once this movie is over, and all of my digimon characters will be turned over to Kanius and Ford.

I know it's been quite a while since my last update, too much real life stuff going on to focus on this.

This story takes place in the fall of the YYDGM-01 verse following Apophis Rising, but is also right before Kai's Battle of Gods.

I will have some notes after the end of this.

Finale: Accel Towards the Future, A New Beginning.

Chaotic Space Sphere/?

When the light from Zeno's attack finally died down, and the toddler king vanished, Slade opened his eyes to a sight that surprised him, although both Zeed X and Dramon X were in enough pain to kill over at the slightest touch, neither one of them would let thier bodies fall over. "Fucking shit Kuraz, you had to summon him!? At least now our bodies have adapted and that little shit can't kill us, same goes for his digimon counterpart." Zeed X muttered as Dramon X's body recoiled in more pain for a moment. "That's what you get for using the Kaio-Ken you fuck." however before he could do anything, the portal next to Slade glowed again as did Dramon X's eyes, and from it came a large gunbarrel being held by a large giant six winged demon lord, Zeed X was plowed into a wall and held down by the barrel as he identified the demon. "Satanael!?" Slade only palmed his head.

"Not my doing." Zeed X began squirming against the gun barrel, but he was too weak to get loose.

(insert song-Breaking Benjamin-Blow Me Away)

"YOU ASSHOLES! YOU THINK THIS WILL KILL ME, I'LL SURVIVE THIS AND COME BACK! SO HELP ME WHEN I DO I'LL TEAR YOU TO PEICES!" Slade started laughing as a smaller gun formed in Dramon X's right hand.

"You shouldn't focus on him alone, what about the others, they may not catch up to him completely, but thier powers will grow as well." this only made Zeed X angrier as his eyes glowed, a stone duel monster tablet formed above Dramon X, Slade could not see it.


"Then I suggest you be the first one to die!" he pulled the trigger on his gun, causing the larger gun to be fired, however right when this happened, the stone tablet from above slammed down into the back of his neck knocking him unconcious as a large bullet penatrated Zeed X blowing him into peices, the tablet also broke revealing a card. Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon which quickly entered Dramon X's body before Slade could see it.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS DRAMON X, NEXT TIME I'LL FUCKING MURDER YOU AND ALL YOU HOLD DEAR, YOU MADE THIS PERSONAL!" That was the last thing to come out of Zeed X's mouth as his essecence evaporated, the bullet broke down the sphere around them and tore out nearly hitting GranDracmon before vanishing from sight.

(song ends)

"What the fuck was that!?" GranDracmon demanded as he let go of X to avoid being shot, at this moment the barriers on both sides completely vanished. "Oh shit."

"It's over GranDracmon, hand over the xros loader!" Omega X demanded.

"I will fuck your loved ones and make you watch me do it before giving in!" he shot back, this only prevoked Omega X to shoot him with a Super Terra Beam, however to the surprise of all he was still standing after the attack, but all could tell he was beginning to evaporate. "You've won this round, but don't think this is over, cause it only gets worse from here for you." he said in a mocking tone.

"No one likes a sore loser, disapear already." Brunhilde said, however GranDracmon kept laughing.

"This has nothing to do with you valkyrie, only those from this dimension, if Kenny didn't wake him already, I know his nap time is coming to an end soon regardless, and when he finds out what you have all been doing, he'll be paying you a visit, such a shame I won't get to watch him kick your asses." this confused everyone, except for X because he knew who GranDracmon was referring too.

"Who is this person you speak of?" Omega X demanded.

"Why don't you ask X, cause i'm sure he knows." All turned to X who didn't say anything.

Beerusmon...if he does awaken...I may have to... Grandracmon kept laughing more, Omega X had enough of this and blasted him with another Terra Beam.

"I'll enjoy watching you all suffer from the other side, and i'll see you in hell!" he called out before vanishing the apophis loader flying from his hands as he disappeared.

"Was that necessary Tai!?" Angemon X asked as Omega X grabbed the xros loader, as he did the loader broke and spirits erupted from it, entering a portal that was formed and then disappeared.

"After what he said no, and it looks like the souls of the future children have returned to where they belong." he then turned to X. "Who was he talking about X?" X sighed.

"I'll tell you later Tai, now is not the time." he said as all turned and saw Dramon X power down to Ken and Veemon who was sucked into his xros loader.

"Brother!" Sedna called out concerned as she flew up to him, when he came too though, something seemed wrong.

"What just happened, was I in a fight!?" he wondered, this concerned all, but Slade spoke up from his portal.

"No of course not." he said lying, before thinking. Given what just transpired, it's best he doesn't access his full potential again for a while, for a first timer, that was freaking brutal how many dimensions were effected, and he's only going to get stronger.

"We need to get backt to the others." Brunhilde said as the other Young Guns showed up, and promptly laughed at Slade's predicament.

"Shut the fuck up and get me out of here, if he wasn't half dead i'd kick his ass for this." Slade swore at Ken, everyone sweatdropped as X opened a portal.

"Good news, looks like there's only one enemy left." he said looking through it.


DF-616/Real World/Odaiba

Indeed the only enemy remaining was Splashmon who had taken on his beastial lion form, starring him down was Ranamon, who seemed deep in though. "Are you going to fight or stare at me!?" he yelled leaping at her, but she dodged it.

He doesn't care at all about his appearance, that's what i've been lacking all this time, i've been so busy worrying over how my beast form looks that I refused to use it when in battle looks don't matter.

(Insert Song-Ecco the Dolphin ost- Hanging Waters)

"EXECUTE! SLIDE EVOLUTION!" Ranamon turned into Calmaramon, however when she did everyone noticed her appearance had changed, she was less greyish and almost a white color similar to Gesomon, the eyeballs on her center area had been replaced by beautiful sapphires, the only real aspect of her that didn't really change was her face, but she didn't care. "Titanic Tempest!" she called out spinning like a tornado and hitting Splashmon so hard he went flying back, however he got back up.

"Ok that hurt girl but now..." he stopped when Apollomon Kai landed behind him. "What do you...want?" he stopped when felt something coming.

(Song Change-Bastard Ost-Duel)

"Burning in the depths of the pits of darkness, let the fires of hell take you!" Splashmon realized at this point he was screwed.

"No you can't do this, help me somebody!"

"Let the fires become my sword and strike you down, VENOM!" Splashmon's body combusted, and water was blasted everywhere before evaporating.

(Song ends)

"I thought Ken was scary enough..." Tike muttered having eaten a few digi-vitamins to heal his wounds, and his lower area, as if on cue a portal opened and the digital world group appeared.

"Momma, Pappa your back!" Athena ran up to them, but then became concerned whe she saw the state Ken was in. "What happened to Uncle Ken?" she asked, they sighed.

"To be honest we don't know." Angemon X said powering down, the only ones who had any notion of what happened were Rei and the Houou.

I think it's best we keep what happened to ourselves, even Slade seemed to want that.

I can't believe how much power he has, I hope he can keep it in check.

He should be able to, but if he doesn't we might have to stop him, but to be honest I don't know if we could alone.

He's that powerful?

Those who come from the Light Legacy and Dark Dynasty are not to be triffled with, not only is thier power cosmic level, but it is not bound by dimensions as you no doubt sensed during the fight.

I'm surprised you know about that?

I have been around for a long time you know, besides i'm more worried about who GranDracmon was referring too.

Is it that Beerusmon digimon you mentioned before.

Yes, as much as we should warn our friends, I believe that they can handle this, besides knowing how Omega X is he'll no doubt want to face him.

I hope that's the best course of action, cause we really can't afford to lose such great allies. Mars thought, X looked over at her nervously, but she gave him an assuring nod that she would not speak of the matter, his nerves were calmed.

"So what happens now?" David asked, another portal opened and from it came the Young Guns, Kiva immediantly walked over to Apollomon Kai for another "chat" regarding his usage of magic.

"We should head on back to our world to check on the others, besides we've got Athena's birthday party to..." Dimitri tried to cover Kotori's mouth, but it was too late.

"It's ok pappa, I knew something was going on." Athena said with a smile.

"You know in all the chaos, I almost forgot about that." Keke said rubbing her head as Slade opened portals to send the three remaining pokemon back to thier world, before Solgaleo left however a ball of light formed above it and fell into Philippe's hands, the light formed into an orange flute with a sun symbol on it.

"What's this?" he wondered.

"It's a sun flute, used to summon him, that thing must really like you." Slade said walking up, soon the others gathered around along with most of the other digi-destined.

"Wow Jaarin your beast form looks so cute now!" Henry said, Calmaramon nodded before turning back to her human form.

"I know, I realized from fighting splashmon looks don't matter in battle, I guess by finally excepting my beast form, it became more beautiful anyway as a gift, I can't wait to show Sam." the joyous atmosphere however wouldn't last long as Rika walked up holding Takato, who seemed to be out of it more than Ken.

"We need to get Takato back home, he needs rest." Tai however noted the expression on Takato's face.

I don't think rest is what he needs...i'm going to have to talk to him.

After getting everyone together, the large group headed back to the YYDGM-01 verse



Upon arriving the group was greeted by the others, the future children were at the front. "Thanks for saving us you guys." RJ said.

"No problem, though Ken and Tai did most of the heavy stuff." Tyra said in response, Ken woke up by this point.

"Don't put it all on me, it was a group effort...I think.." he said rubbing his head, Karin wanted to say something but Slade gave her a look telling her not to do it.

"Uh ok..." Neo-Moon said sweatdropping, Pluto nearby was tired from having to keep thier bodies safe, but she nodded greatfully to the hereos for saving the future children, and Christina was still shaking after her encounter with the ultra beast, though not as bad. Jaarin also showed the others her new beast form and Sam was stupefied by how beautiful it had become.

"So are we going to start this party or what!?" Matt demanded. Kaiba wanted to retort to his tone, but didn't as Lyn stopped him, it wasn't long before Athena's party was in full swing, at one point though Ryuuhi and Koori were both confused with Hiei actually pulled a chair out for Rei for her to sit in.

That poor bastard is never going to heal from what happened, damn that woman. Slade muttered as Athena went to Tai.

"Thanks for the gifts uncle Tai." she said hugging him, Tai smirked.

"No problem kiddo, but uh can you go chill with your grandpa for just abit, i've got to go take care of something." Athena nodded and headed off, Tai and Agumon started to leave the party, passing by Rika and Renamon on the way out.

"Where does he live?" Rika sighed.

"So you saw him leave too, I really don't know what to do right now, he wouldn't even say a word when he left." Tai sighed.

"I'm just going to talk to him real quick then i'll come back." he replied walking off, Rika sighed.

"What do you want to do Rika, should we follow?" Renamon asked, Rika shook her head.

"I don't know, gogglehead needs space, he hasn't been the same since Suzaku was..." Renamon nodded.

"Let Tai deal with it for now, he might be able to get through to him." she responded, with that the two returned to the party.


Shinjuku Park/YYDGM-01

Distancing himself from the others, Takato stared off into the park's lake. He mentally cut himself off from everything around him. Guilmon stood beside Takato hoping for a conversation, but to no avail.

"Hey, Guilmon!" Agumon called out.

Guilmon looked up to see Tai and Agumon behind them.

"Tai, Agumon! Takato won't talk to me. He hasn't said a word to anyone!" Guilmon pleaded to them. "Maybe you can talk to him?"

"That's why we're here, Guilmon," Tai smiled, patting Guilmon as he walked by him. "Takato, it's me."

Takato said nothing.

"I know you can hear me, Takato. Rika and your other friends kept asking for you. You have them worried."

Takato closed his eyes and sighed. "Yeah? Let them worry about me."

"C'mon now, don't act like nothing matters. And don't cut yourself off from your friends. I heard you've been like this since Suzaku died," Tai said. "I know what happened with you out there! Rika and the others told me what happened. Puckmon used some dark spell to corrupt Grani and forced a dark fusion with you to form NegaMegidramon Crimson Mode!"

"And I was turned loose on my own friends! I almost murdered my friends, but most of all I could've killed Rika!"

"But you didn't."

"But I almost did!"

Tai grabbed Takato's shoulders. "But you didn't. Kensuke made sure of it! And we're all still here alive. Doesn't that at least count for something?! We're all still alive to breath another day."

Gritting, Takato tried not to cry. "Ken probably should've killed me." A few tear drops fell from his eyes.

"Dude, are you even hearing yourself, Takato?! None of us wants that. Most of all, your friends wouldn't be able to take it, especially Rika! Look at me, Takato." As Takato faced Tai, the Tamer dried his already wet tears. "Don't ever blame yourself for what happened out there. We all saved the day. Kensuke was able to save you. Next time you see him, thank him. But, can you also do me another favor?"


"Go see your friends and sit with Rika. Otherwise, they're gonna keep asking for ya," Tai smiled genuinely.

Agumon and Guilmon exchanged nods and smiles.

"Thanks, Tai... I really needed that."

"Just don't dwell on stuff like this or you might succumb to some other unwelcome darkness. Can you avoid that for me?"

Takato chuckled modestly. "Sure thing, Tai. I promise."

"Now how about we go back to that party?" The Bearer of Courage said as he and the Digimon escorted Takato from the park.


Back at the party, Dimitri and Karin sat down with Slade as Ken was talking with the other Young Guns. "Why can't we tell Ken what happened in there?" Dimitri asked, "He remembers everything up to that point but even so." Slade sighed.

"I wasn't expecting him to unleash his full potential so soon, it's true I wanted to unlock his ability to go max, but he was pushed in that fight to unleash it all against that weird opponent, and I have no doubt this foe will come back some time in the future for vengence." Karin became concerned. "Besides the fight got a point where the two of them nearly obliterated this world, and several others had I not intervened." this made thier eyes widen. "I can't not interfere any further, that's why i'm not telling you the name of who he was fighting, unless he remembers himself, Ken will tell you or the asshole will appear someday." Karin and Dimitri both shook thier heads as Karin spoke again.

"Why are you so concerned about him reaching his max potential so quickly?" Slade sighed.

"Because there are beings out there...with powers akin to gods like ourselves, and I for one don't like it, used to think that other powers like sayian's were dangerous and along came these new ones which make even super sayian 3, or what you would call ascendant level 3 nothing in comparison." this shocked them.

"Could there be a being like that in Tai's universe?" Karin asked since due to passing through dimensions she knew what he was getting at, Slade hesitated to answer but then nodded.

"Unforunately yes, and I get the feeling that he might appear soon, and he will be more impulsive than the one Ken fought, but enough about that, I've asked Sarge to amplify Ken's power restraints, so that until he can control his power completely, his max potential will be locked down unless the restraints deem a potential threat enough to unlock, of course if you or a kupier should fall in battle they'll also come off, not changing that." Karin sweatdropped.

"I won't let that happen, but still won't this make it harder for Ken to fight?" Slade shook his head.

"Not really, he'll still be able to unleash some of his god potential but not all of it, it's just that if he used his max at this point, no one would be able to stop him once he got going, not even the houou, I figure by the time that asshole he beat the shit out of returns he'll be ready." Dimitri sighed.

"Speaking of which, why won't you tell us about that?" he asked before stopping. "Oh right...you don't want to interfere as you put it." Slade sighed

"I can't hold your hands on this, if me and my buddies did then all conflicts coming your way would've already been dealt with, besides the dick wasn't even using his real body so what's the point, besides he was being rather cryptic during the fight so even if I told you about him now, there's no gaurantee he'll be the same later, and I would appreaciate it if you don't tell Ken what happened in there, cause if he remembers it's going to cause problems." The two reluctantly nodded before hearing the rev of an engine, turning they all saw Ken now on a dragon styled duel runner akin to Crow's from the future. "You gotta be kidding me."


Unknown Location/?

(insert song-Blues Saraceno-Dogs of War)

"To think they could do this to you master..." Puckmon said in awe as he watched the dark chaotic esscense that was once Zeed X pulling itself back together but slowly.

I underestimated him, he showed me the concept of fear which i've never experianced before, and what's worse he'll only get stronger and just as Kuraz said, the others will surely get stronger too, I may not be able to take them all head on.

"But your not going to give up are you master?"

Of course not, i'll just have to outwit them, besides i've already planted my revenge inside that boy, wait till he gets the fourth one off that psychic bitch...

"Are you sure that's wise, Z-Arc isn't exactly easily controlled and is unstable to the point where he could destroy universes like you and that boy.

That's what i'm counting on. Zeed X said with a demonic laughter as he continued to reconstruct himself.

(Song ends)



"So in the future, card games get played on motorcycles." Kotori muttered while sweatdropping. "Also, I can't believe how skilled you are at driving this thing, your only 17 right?" Ken nodded.

"Yeah, gotta wait a couple months before I hit the right age, still this rocks." he said, Sarge smirked.

"You won't have to worry about fueling it either, it runs off a powerful engine that I designed that won't drain out for a long time." Naturally being interested in tech, this caught the attention of Ami's two children who started a chat with Sarge, Ken got off the bike to check on Christina.

"Are you ok now?" he asked concerned, she nodded.

"Whatever that thing was, it was creepy, sure it didn't sting me but still..." Slade walked by.

Your lucky it didn't absorb you whole, last time it did that to someone she went compelely insane and her pokemon all got power boosts from hell, then again that woman was never normal, wanted to save pokemon so she had them freaking frozen..." he stopped when he felt someone starring at him, Ken did as well, turning they both saw Kari looking at them, but not in a romantic way, rather a curious way. "That thing inside her must be drawn to our powers." Ken nodded as the other kupiers came to check on Christina.

"Yeah, maybe we could help her power up, since she lost some of her powers awhile back." Slade was going to say something but stopped and turned to Karin once again, she was holding a breifcase. what now?"

"Are you really sure about this, this is alot of money..." she said, Slade sighed.

"Look, this guy can't stay in his world's digital world forever, and besides it's not like I need all that cash anyway, most of it's from jewels and stuff i've found going through various worlds, as well as my own, this will help cover his living expenses." Athena walked up showing them all a necklace.

"Look at at what Hina gave me momma!" Mimi walked up as Tai and Agumon finally returned with Takato and Guilmon who went off to see Rika and Renamon, before anyone could say anything a few people noticed Faith and PinkPatamon fighting over a peice of cake next to the doll Ken had bought for Athena, but what no one noticed was that the doll grew irratated of thier fighting and kicked Faith into Pinkpatamon knocking them both off the table.

"Hey you two be more careful." Sora warned them, but they were confused.

"I felt like something kicked me, did you notice that!?" Faith asked.

"Well it did feel like you were pushed into me, but what could've done it." PinkPatamon replied confused as well, neither realizing it was the doll as Athena showed her necklace off.

"It's beautiful dear." Mimi said as fireworks went off, i'm surprised Kaiba was willing to do this." Ken shrugged.

"I understand the future kids talked him into it, why are you so into it." he asked, she smirked.

"My birthday's coming up soon too, and i'm going to make it even more grand than this!" Tai sweatdropped.

"May have to miss it, cause I plan on going to train with X." Sora overheard this and walked up.

"Tai when are you going to learn there's more to life than training." she growled at him. Others laughed at this as the party went on into the night.


(Insert Song-Linkin Park-My December.)

Kensuke here, well that was one chaotic event in my life that ended on a peaceful note. Course nothing can ever stay that way, I wish I could remember what went down after I went after GranDracmon, but I don't and no one will say anything, Tai killed him anyway so I guess it's fine, since we saved the future senshi children at least.

A couple of months later Mimi did in fact have her party, but true to Slade's worlds that sis told me, some purpe anubis bastard calling himself Beerusmon, one of the gods of destruction he mentioned showed up at the present day Mimi's party while me, sis, and Athena accompanied Dimitri to his mother's timeline for hers, but due to flux of energies we decided to go check things out, when we arrived we found out Tai had accessed some kind of god power of his own, and I got into a fist fight with that prick, luckly for him we both would've died if we went all out so he withdrew, but that wouldn't be the last time we'd see that pompus asshole.

Sometime after that I finally moved in with sis in thier world, left Maki in charge of the group from my former home, it feels nice to be back in the human world more, but of course since I was forced to abandon school in my world, Sis agreed to homeschool me to catch up.

"Ok so here we go." Ken said sitting at a table with school materials when Karin walked in dressed in attire that made her look like a teacher and made him blink several times. "Sis are you cosplaying? You look like that woman from the Read or Die anime, Yomiko I think her name was." Karin giggled abit.

"This is what I wear when I go to my museum job, but let's take this seriously now ok." Ken nodded.

She's a strict teacher, but not too strict.

Besides that i've spent free time in proffesional dueling, trying to get back to having a normal life, and Christina comes with me to watch, found a sponser that is a fan of dueling as well as Hatsune Miku who Chris likes to cosplay has (she won't die her hair though) so it works out, i've won most of my matches but there have been a few i've lost, but it's ok, winning isn't everything.

The next big event was when I was in the states with Yugi and Jaden at a big dueling tournament, seems Kotori's time to fufill her mission came up, and abunch of these big shot warriors tried to attack the event, needless to say they were cannon fodder at best, since Tai and Matt showed up and we sent them all packing like the bitches they were, and my whore senses were tingling the whole time, first Andes, now Charon, now who could this new one be...then again I think Kotori's group got her. Then again despite not remembering what went down after facing NeoGranDracmon, I feel satisfied, like I got someone or something in exchange for not pounding this new whore's face in.

Anyway, some time has passed since then and the tournament finals have been relocated to seattle, I think that's where the west coasters live, in any case i'm on my way there right now to try and compete in the finals, could've flown myself but that would've caused problems, and I missed getting on a plane since they were using em to evacuate people during the realm invader incident, at least Jaden and Yugi got on board to get there and make sure no one else would get hurt, I can't help but feel that i'm being followed though as I pull into Washington, in any case peace out.


"Hey Slade, i've been thinking, if he summoned Satanael, and it fired it's gun and the bullet vanished, where did it end up?" Blazer asked Slade when they were out on patrol.

"I don't have the foggiest idea dude, nor do I care." he replied.


Lucifer's Realm/Character Corner.

Those Valkyries made me thirsty, time for some wine. Lucifer said as he poured a goblet of wine, only for Satanael's bullet to come out of nowhere, break his glass and blow a hole through his chest. "Can take on Valkyries, but forced to work with mask wearing teens who enter people's hearts and mess with them, thank you Igor." he muttered sarcastically before turning into a white mask that dropped to the ground.


Well that's it, the last big hurrah for Ken, but as you can probably tell, i'm not quite done yet.

I will still be writing some scenes for Kanius involving Ken (As you can no doubt tell he will be encountering Psyren at some point...), but as you can tell, i've got one more "Side project" as well, that involves dealing with a certain someone in a duel, but that will come later, for now i've got a tournament to focus on, after that perhaps it's time to get back on working with Slade proper, to be honest to all he used to go by the name Jack Striker (a pun on Ash's name) and was different from how he is now, i even had up to four stories written about him, but the problem is someone (who i will not name) interfered heavily in my work without contributing much himself so I was forced to scrap all the stories after we broke off contact from each other.

Hopefully when I start up his series again, i'll be better prepared, and ftr his origin isn't coming first, I feel like I still need experience working on crossover fiction, and i've always intended that to be my last fanfic.

Thanks to Kanius and Ford for all thier help in this series, especially in this chapter since Kanius wrote the scene where Tai talks to Takato, and Ford helped me choose a song for Jaarin's "Transformation" (which was one of the reasons I was hesitant to do this chapter.)

There are some plots that will be resolved later on (such as the doll situation, can't wait to see how Karin reacts to that.) also worth noting that you now all know where Ken got the duel runner he used in the recent CG arc.

I've also kind of spoiled abit of Valkyrie Advent, but not much with the main plot, hopefully Kainus and Ford your not angry.

I also tortured Zeed X but i don't care he'll be back, and as for raiding the character corner that Ford and Kanius write I couldn't help myself, i've played persona 5 5 times by now, so anytime i see one demon lord i think of the others. (Considering Lucifer is part of Satanael it makes sense the latter would be stronger.)

I simply write what I feel like wanting to write, if people like it fine, if they don't that's also fine, people write for thier own reasons.

not really planning on doing a questionaire that's not really my style, but if you want to mention favorite moments from any of Ken's adventures feel free.

until my next story or project peace out.