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A good day in Konoha, if you're not a 6-year old Naruto Uzumaki that is. He was being chased by a large mob getting more people by the second. They were chasing Naruto into a place called the forest of death. The mob was about to go in until an Anbu stopped them. A guy yelled " What are you doing let us get that demon". The Anbu responded with an evil smile, "That's the forest to Death, the demon won't get out alive"

*Inside then forest of death*

Naruto was jumping branch to branch crying while thinking " why do they hate me" when a branch broke and made him down on the ground before the ground broke and naruto fell into a lab of some sort. Naruto yelled afraid "h-hello, anyone there?" Then, the lights activated and the monitor the wall showed a man in a lab coat with a suit behind him. " Hello is is Hank Pym and you are chosen to be the next ant-man."

"Ant-Man" Naruto Thought. That's when a floor panel rose up and showed the suit. (Think of the Ant-Man movie style of the suit) Naruto looked at it in awe. He put it on but it didn't fit. He would have to wait until he was old enough. " Learn about ants, study them, they are your allies now!" The monitor turned off. " I guess I can learn about ants while I wait to fit in the suit" Naruto thought.

Sorry its short. New chapter probably tomorrow.